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Aqua - Long Term - 4BR Trade Circle

Magister Populi

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Note: This circle no longer contains steel. But it now contains URANIUM!

Sign up only if you're serious about a long term trade circle.

I send messages every day to various nations.

All you need to do is post a nation link.

And be in or willing to change to Aqua.


Cattle: Niel Jackson

Fish: Ganesh


Lumber: Luklinda

Marble: Niel Jackson

Pigs: Ganesh

Spices: Beryl

Sugar: Magister Populi

Water: Magister Populi

Wheat: Luklinda

Uranium: Beryl

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What do we get out of this? Money? cause i need that badly.

There's no wine in this circle and we already have water.

I won't be giving our money for people who join because the circle benefits everyone who's in it by increasing income and decreasing bills.

Fish & Fur


I can bring the fish in, but Fur would be a wild card if there is space for it.

Sorry, but fur blows. Since you're only 3 days old I'd suggest a reroll (delete your nation and try again) to get a better resource set. It'll help in the long run.

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