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The End War OOC Discussion

Emperor Kameron

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If anyone has played Tom Clancy's End War for the Xbox 360 or PS3 then you know what this roleplay will encompass. I've been facinated with the concept with some time now and I wish to add to the universe with some suggestions from others who are interested in taking their chance with this roleplay.

I'm kinda new to forum roleplay since I'm used to chat roleplay so any of you want to school me very quickly in a RTS style roleplay then by all means lay the rules and suggestions on me.

This is America versus the European Union versus the Russian Federation in the year 2020. I might add other nations into the mix as well but for now I'm going with the three provided by the original universe. Also I had the idea of going by a week by week basis as far the events goes in the roleplay like in the game. Troop movements, political development, battalion progression...etc. I'll be adding my own flares to the mix to spice things up a bit.

The United States Joint Strike Forces (JSF): Built on the emphasis of 'high speed, low drag' the mobility and precision of the JSF combines the unique attributes of America's special forces including Ghost Recon, Marines, SEALs, Delta force and other special expeditionary branches. The JSF has a strength in accuracy, stealth and arguably the best drone technology.

European Federation Enforcer's Corps (EFEC): Made of elite counter-terrorist and peacekeeping forces of Europe, they excel in urban warfare and electronic warfare and boast capable energy weapons. The EFEC has the advantage of fuel economy second to none for their vehicles, high mobility and unique microwave weapons that can superheat materials. Although considered non-lethal it is considered quite cruel.

Russian Spetsnaz Guards Bridage (SGB): Hardened veterans from Russia's many regional conflicts. Arguably the most skilled soldiers in the world, they use brute force and shock tactics to win the objective at all costs. Boasting the best armor, their units however are slow with some considered antiquated as much of it is still leftovers from the Cold War with some upgrades. Their drone technology is considered crude compared to the US and EF.

I'll list the Battalions later if anyone takes interest in this. I might even add a completely new faction.

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It is possible, but how to make it possible (or practical rather) on a forum from a chat room is going to be the challenge.

My concept is that this one player makes their move against another detailing the attacks, tactics and the approach varying on the terrain and what your battalion is made of. It comes into a contest of wits and knowing possible strategies in order to overcome an opposing stategy.

For example we agree which battleground to fight on which is likely the city and type of terrain and time of day which adds modifiers as I'll soon make a a reference to go by then knowing each of your battalion's abilities.

Example situation: Battleground - Rammstien airbase.

Defender - Has limited air support aid for the next three posts. Protect uplink at all costs.

Attacker - Needs to claim airbase within three posts to sever defender's air support. Extra artillery tactical aid available. Capture uplink.

Defender's Battalion - 4 rifle platoons, 4 engineer platoons, 2 tank squadrons, 4 transport squadron and 5 gunship squadrons. Air support - light straffing run.

Attacker's Battalion - 4 rifle platoons, 4 transport squadrons, 5 tank squadrons, 1 gunship squadron, 2 artillery squadrons. Artillery aid - mortar and precision artillery.

Riflemen -> Engineers

Engineer -> Tanks, transports and gunships (in cover)

Transports -> Riflemen, Engineers (out of cover) and gunships

Tanks -> Riflemen, Engineers (out of cover) transports and artillery (close range)

Gunships -> Tanks, riflemen (out of cover), engineers (out of cover), and artillery.

I'm still toying with this idea but I might have something completely different tomorrow.

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Sorry for the bump.

You don't have to be a fan of End War to be part of this.

I've been thinking that maybe this ought to be an open ended storyline based RP instead of deciding how it should end.

We need at least 2 people per faction and we need to figure out a way to resolve exchanged fairly. I think this should be a RP of wits and the structure of your post.

Anyone else want to try this?

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