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The Democratic Order


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The Democratic Order





irc.coldfront.net, #TDO

Mission Statement

The main philosophy of The Democratic Order is based on peace, prosperity and a fun community. We are a peace oriented neutral alliance, we fully oppose all forms of aggressive action. The nations of The Democratic Order do not, under any circumstance, initiate aggressive wars. We will however, use all necessary means to protect our member nations when attacked or threatened. The peaceful and neutral nature of The Democratic Order allows us to stay out of any inter-alliance conflicts and concentrate on our main mission, the growth and prosperity of our member nations. To help us achieve this, The Democratic Order uses a variaty of tools ranging from 1 on 1 mentoring to a comprehensive stage based aid system to help our members maintain a constant level of growth. However, The Democratic Order is not only about the growth and prosperity of our nations but also of our community. Our interactions go well beyond the game and create a strong sense of community and close friendships.


What does TDO has to offer that gives us an edge over other alliances you'll likely hear from?

Unparalleled financial assistance

We feel our alliance will grow fastest by mutual investment between us and our members. If you put in effort, we will make it more than worth your while, and you'll grow faster than anyone, anywhere.


TDO is a neutral alliance and does not engage in aggressive wars. We do, however, boast an impressive military and will tenaciously defend and aid members in need.


The TDO Nation School contains all of the information you'll need to quickly optimize your nation and manage your affairs. We have many intelligent and experienced members from around the world (read: near 24-hour support) who are invested in seeing you prosper.

TDO Senate

Who to contact for more information


High Senate


  • Knightwing
  • Macaddict
  • Mopar
  • Theo Cupier - Chancellor


Low Senate


  • BigKif
  • Bullvine
  • Captain Crozier
  • Cerridwyn
  • cscyankees
  • Custodian
  • Dave3948
  • Electric Angel
  • h4cku
  • JesterXO
  • Pbaff
  • RMarx
  • Rychro Anrise


TDO Family


  • AislinnEdana
  • Beauchamp
  • Lowenbrau
  • ScottyBoomSnick
  • Jebbie
  • Ttubrukiki


Current Ministers


  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (MoFA): RMarx
  • Minister of Finance (MoF): Bullvine
  • Minister of Defense (MoD): ARCHEIN
  • Minister of Growth (MoG) : Cerridwyn
  • Minister of Technology (MoTech): cycyankees
  • Minister of Trades (MoTrades) : Dave3948

The Democratic Order is Good for your Nation

Register here:


Read TDO's Declaration of Global Neutrality here:


Read the top 10 reasons to join TDO here:


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