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TYR Celebrates One Year

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(Thanks to Jtpizzalover of CSN for the images!)

And so it started.

Through Yggdrasil's Roots


We've been dancing on that world tree for a year and we're proud to say that we're gonna keep on moving to our rhythms!

TYR would like to thank all of its members, former and current, for their very much appreciated service to the alliance. Without you, we wouldn't be here today. Thanks,

Adnon of VentureCorp (founder, current member)

Albert J Hookman of NeoMetal (founder, former government member, former member)

aletheia of Aletheia Union (current member)

big black of Phi Sigma Kappa 1 (founder, former member)

chasebase of Perfect World (former government member, former member)

chefjeff05 of Camaro (former government member, current member)

Cleon of Romana (founder, former member)

CreativName of Marjasian Islands (former government member, current member)

Czar Higgins of Nipopolis (former member)

Darkan of Silber (current member)

death1090 of Barti (former member)

Eshen Iceman of Mados (former member)

Eternal Abyss of Heavens Forge (current member)

Folktale of Detassi (former member)

foreignboy of Didgeridoos (founder, former government member, former member)

Fyrer of Hyperboria (current member)

Gods Own Son of Union of Angels (former member)

Graelin Knight of Graelin (former member)

Howardmock of Russellvania (former member)

iKrolm of Selenarctos (current government member)

Iustinius Magnus of Sanctus Imperium Dei (current member)

James Armadado of New Gandolf (current member)

jtpizzalover of Musak (former government member, former member)

Kaiser Kent of Drachen (former government member, former member)

KaneTheMessiah of Death Reign (former member)

KINGTREE of Gangster City (former member)

LegendoftheSkies of Cumulon (former government member, former member)

Lord Hextor of Infernal Battlefield (current government member)

Lord Vachon of House of Rus (founder, former government member, former member)

LORDSTATUS of All Mines (former member)

Lottario of Viltvodle VI (current member)

Lylia Kinkaydia Rose of Star Gazing (founder, current government member)

Mein Morgenstern of Islamland (founder, former government member, former member)

Nahochin of kaloais (former member)

OhSoFly of Aslavash (former member)

Penetica of Penetica (former member)

RavenWolf09 of New Amsterdam (founder, former member)

Sir Goode of Kukamunga (former government member, current member)

Soy Sauce of Bevelle (current member)

Stryker of Stryker (current Best Poledancer)

SuperAlan of Rotkappchen (former member)

syracuseblue of Syracuseblue (former member)

Tannersama of Neocom (former government member, former member)

thecooljuice of Noellae (founder, former government member, former member)

Tornado of Disaster Land (current Chief Awesome Member)

waszzer of Waszzer (current member)

Workers Unite of The Council Republic (former member)

Xanis of Xinair (current member)

TYR is an alliance that pride itself in the culture and community that our members bring when they joined. Go anywhere else, and you'll never find an alliance with nicknames like "Touching Your Rectum" and "The Undead Revolution." You'll never find an alliance with a secret empire that comes with an Imperial Concubine (yay, niciplatt! :wub:). You'll never find an alliance with an olive for a member... not to mention, the olive owns the world's biggest oven and a giant pink bunny! You'll never find an alliance that worships the loser DirtDiver. Please don't kill me, DD! I didn't use your name for good, see? You'll never find an alliance that protects its forum emoticons like it protects its members. We even passed a bill to make this official. Nowhere else, will you find an alliance that is based on poledancing and prodding. We are home to the hugglepervprod, and the Nine Worlds.

The members of TYR would like to give thanks to the following friends for the massive amount of love and support that we have received:

Amazon Nation

Coalition of Royal Allied Powers

Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

The Immortals

The Order of Halsa

The Templar Knights

Teen Titans & SuperFriends


To Complete Before We Turn 2:

- Find the remaining worlds for our collection

- Do something about our strength

- Turn Creativ into a real tiger... we're so tired of the costume!

- Redesign Lanna's whip to be more forceful

- Declare war on love

- Organize an underwear battle

- Teach Lord Hextor how to be a better tyrant

Last, but not least... AzN will be hosting our birthday party tonight when Randalla comes home from a day's work of being an alliance leader. Drop by #AzN for cake, juice and chocolate mousse. Please be respectful and leave all clothes at the door... TYR has... allergies.

Edited by Star Gazing
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In all bad things, there is rarely one single person responsible for them. I must apologize to the community at large for the support I've given to Lanna and TYR. Their continued existence is a thorn in the side of all the world. Through encouraging and protecting TYR over the year, I have helped to promote and preserve their perverted ways. For this I am sorry.

Aww... Who am I kidding. Congratulations Lanna, and the rest of TYR!

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Sheck, you have known me since 2007... why do you keep thinking gentle is possible? ;)

I'm like Christopher Columbus, people keep telling me that you being gentle is impossible but I still think it is and will sail halfway across the world to prove it... ;)

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