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and its back to the past we go! my awesome time masheen has taken me on yet another heroic journey, through the depths and murky fog of the past.

Episode #4 CLICKY

It took awhile for this episode to come out, mostly due to sheer disinterest in the period between GW1 and GW2 on my behalf. Anyway, lock the door, turn off the lights, remove all your clothes and follow me to the past, to the period between GW1 and just before Fark entered the arena.

Archived episodes:

Episode #1 - CLICKY

Episode #2 - CLICKY

Episode #3 - CLICKY

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A review in the Awesometown Times:

In the tradition of Brunel, Dali and Godard, Mr. Diorno captures the essence of the interbellum months in stunning, abstract clarity. A convocation of LOLWUT and OMG, the amalgam of personalities in this era that was destined for a cataclysmic engagement has been expertly rendered, replete with a fashionable hat that is perched atop some sort of electrically charged water soaking device. Mr. Kaos crafts another fine performance, his two frames endlessly repeated making for compelling viewing. Another triumph in historical analysis via the Flash medium, huzzah!

I give it 4 stars.

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GWI was definitely better. I didn't even know what was going on in this one, plus the music sucked.

Everyone started becoming more friendly with each other and NPO's stats skyrocketed comparatively to the other alliances. Tyga resigned (which actually happened earlier), and put electron sponge in charge of NpO, then GOONs, VE and /b/ joined the game, causing lines to be drawn.

Moldavi resigned and then Dilber was put in charge of NPO.

Then it starts to get deep and metaphorical (just like the Bible!) but you wouldn't see this without a keen eye.

Dilber shows off his strength (with the dinosaurs) by signing with new allies and building political strength, making NPO much stronger. Then the GGA coups Prodigal cheiften, putting bilrow in charge, but as he was basically a puppet of NPO, Dilber is in charge. GOONs, NPO, GGA and NpO all hang out together (at da bar), and when NpO starts making a bit of noise and trying to show off it's own strength, they are ridiculed by GATO (the whole GARO or LuE fiasco).

Then Dilber tries to coup GATTO but fails, Initiative and the league form, the end.

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Very nice!

It gave +10 to my personal experience, that I started to be around these times. A must see for all the old geezers, as well as for the new folks (but with some explanation included, such as the one Jack Diorno posted in this thread.)

I can't wait for the next episode.

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and when NpO starts making a bit of noise and trying to show off it's own strength, they are ridiculed by GATO (the whole GARO or LuE fiasco).

That was Grenval. Although GATO officially recognized the NpO as an alliance, word came out that they secretly did not recognize them.

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So what do people dislike about it then? It only took me a few hours to make this one as opposed to multiple days with the others :v:

I preferred the others as they had speech in them. If it wasn't for your synopsis earlier in this thread, I'd have no idea what was happening.

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