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And that's the end of that chapter.

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I'm not a fan of making a big fuss about things, but for some reasons this is one of those things that people just like in the public domain.

The Forsaken Ones had been running for the last 300 days roughly (Originally under the name Orange Islands) and was basically as good a remake of the original Realm of Titans (RoT) as any that has come before it, and the longest running so far to my knowledge.

The alliance started well and reached about 700k NS at it's peak, and shortly thereafter was very lucky to be able to stand by it's allies, Poison Clan and Internet Superheroes, among others in fighting TPF, Avalon, TSI and SOLDIER. Of course during this period the alliance saw a peak in activity and everyone was having a good old time beating each others brains out, but then again, nothing lasts forever and after losing our Minister of Foreign Affairs (Shigh707) along with a lack of willpower, the alliance went into a slump.

The alliance remained in this state for quite some time, but now I know that enough is enough and it is time for everyone to move on to something better. I hope everyone who I have had the honour of working with will find a good home to prosper in, whilst I will extend a hand from PC, offering for the experienced nations to join me, amongst their ranks.

We had our ups and our downs, but this experience is just another feather in our cap, and I am glad that we in TFO all got this far and I salute you all.



~Jens of the desert

Also, Poison Clan have graciously decided to protect TFO until each member has left/joined another alliance and I thank them for that.

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Seeing alliance disband is always a sad thing. This is especially true when a lot of work has gone into them.

Incoming Poachers in 5... 4... 3...

Good thing we are protecting the AA indefinitely, until the entire membership has been relocated to new homes. As it currently sits, we have a list of the membership just incase a rogue or two wants to highjack the AA & use try to us as their protectors...we will not tolerate ghosting in any way, shape or form. Please let TFO disband peacefully, as nobody likes watching another alliance fade away into the sunset.

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