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Generalissimo has gone missing in Arctic waters


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Savoonga Municipal School, Savoonga Village, Saint Lawrence Island, Procinctia

In the courtyard outside of Savoonga Municipal School Liska Atka, Procinctia's Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, called a press conference. It was the school’s lunch hour, but faculty and students alike avoided the press announcement by more than a considerable distance. Attired in her usual school uniform Liska stood behind a podium next to a pile of textbooks,

“Whilst search for Cyneriice Northan’s Queen Cybil Generalissimo’s C-130 was caught in an ice storm and apparently struck an iceberg. Generalissimo was flying alone without a flight plan, transponder, black box, or positioning device of any sort as such his current whereabouts remain unknown; furthermore he was intentionally flying at a low enough level where radar tacking would be beyond Procinctia's technological capabilities.

While previous commitments in assistance to Cyneriice Northan will be upheld, Procinctian civil and military units will begin operations to locate Generalissimo. Procinctia has chartered thirteen additional C-130 aircraft to assist in search and rescue operations regarding our wayward leader.

Until, or if, Generalissimo is found as I will maintain the position of acting Generalissimo of Procinctia; in accordance with Procinctia’s articles of succession, in circumstances where the entire legislature as been killed before the four year legislative elections, the position of Generalissimo defaults to the highest ranking military or government official according an unnecessarily algorithm. As Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, and senior Commodore in Procinctia’s navy I occupy the top three active positions to succeed Generalissimo. If Generalissimo is still unaccounted for at the end of the next to weeks I will immediately resign my position as Generalissimo and the position of Generalissimo will default to Isara Gunther, current commander of Procinctia’s militia.

I will be answering questions, but I have to be in class by the end of the hour, my diplomatic work has done enough damage to my attendance.


Liska Atka, acting Generalissimo of Procinctia


Generalissimo, Procinctia’s missing Generalissimo

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In an amazing poll that over 5% of the population took part in, the Holy Imperium posted the news report on an Imperial Website to garner a proper handle of public opinion concerning the disappearance of Generalissimo.

"I went searching for a Queen in the arctic today, without a transponder or any way for people to know where I am. I crashed and now I'm freezing to death just because I wanted to look for somebody I hardly know. FML.

Results are anticipated to say the least, for every 10 'I agree, your life sucks' votes there were at least 200 YTDI votes; short for 'You Totally Deserved It.'

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There was stunned silence from everybody in the Communications Room of Castle Northanholde. Everyone's eyes focused in on the weakly-coloured television screen, faces blank as the reporter went on. Eventually, a few managed to raise their hands, rubbing the bridges of their noses. Others shook their heads, facepalmed or both, and some...well, some just kept staring.

"...Somebody go tell Queen Selena," said a General in the room, one Eli J. Joannes. He was in charge of all that went on the room, and was no stranger to headache-causing situations. This, however, had to take the cake.


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Fully four Dranaggan nomads have decided to aid the search for Generalissimo, the others are searching for the missing queen, and can be picked up by any willing transportation service at Port Dranagg by small plane or small vessel.

They also have the requirement that anything they find besides Generalissimo belongs to them.

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