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Eldar Announcement


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The ddog doctrine

1. Eldar reserves the right to defend who we feel deserve to be defended.

2. Eldar reserves the right to join in a aggressive war if we feel the reason is good enough.

3. Eldar loves cookies, bring us cookies.

4. amsg spam in our chan equals a kick/ban

5. Eldar loves beer, bring us beer please

6. Eldar loves Halloween, Halloween is fun. and we rather enjoy saran wrapping houses with our friends. and our right to saran wrap houses Shall Not Be Infringed

7. we wish you a happy Halloween


King of the Eldar- The Corrupt Teacher

Prince of the Eldar- ddog

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I love it, and I hope this is a sign of a new trend in CN.

Also, we ELDAR needs to sign a MSWP (Mutual saran wrapping pact) with the NADC. We can go hit Freddie's house together some time.

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