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O-Ye O'Ye! 'Dispatch t'the F'rontier!


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Insert your flag here. We are the only alliance which lets you keep your own standard.



A bastion of strength and security has arisen on the frontier.

Thirteen sparks have lit a great council fire, it burns at Saundustee.

Let no man (but maybe woman) determine our will; for we have liberty and will strike them for it.

In the 4th Year of Bob, sanctioned powers wrestle for control over the continent. Wars and famine have forced many to settle on the frontier, where a man can be free. A confederacy called Thirteen Fires has established a union and an outpost at Saundustee; travelers, criminals, peace-lovers, soldiers, bards, politicians and special ladies have all set-up'shoppe to protect their citizens, get rich and have hours of entertainment.

With affiliation to Thirteen Fires you will bathed in:

  • Access to over $100 million in promotional rewards and incentives.
  • The freedom to play any way you choose!
  • Benefit from one of the best nation-building systems around!
  • Contests, tech, graphics, spam and fun!
  • A community free from stagnation, we are constantly evolving.
  • Unparalleled supremacy.

13 plays its game and it is an honorable but independent one; welcome to the New World. We recognize that you are the leader of a free nation and have a right to enjoy the frontier and evolve any way you want.





Have a drink and enjoy a song:

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Q Looks cool, what are you?

13 is an alliance based on the traditional principles of the New World; themed after a period of history which created a legacy known as the North American frontier.

In particular, we seek to enjoy ourselves as much as possible and put our stamp on this game.

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Q Only 13 members?

That's a common illusion about our namesake.

We chose the number 13 because of the olde nickname given to the original colonies by their frontier neighbors.. many first nations called the original states the "Thirteen Fires".

It also has a lot of symbolism tied to it and looks pretty damn neat; so voila.

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Q. So what's the jif?

13 is not lulz based or serious business; it is about having fun and competing on Bob.

Our members can tech raid, be peaceful, forum active or simply just check their nations every other week; really, the amount of time you want to put in is up to you.

Many alliances make day to day operations seem like chores, we don't do that.

Recruit the way you want, operate your nation the way you choose, we're so confident in our nation building program that we've removed all the bureaucratic bs that other alliances hold on to.

A fun theme, experienced leadership, and endless opportunities to enjoy this game await you at 13.

Also, Happy Halloween!


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