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An Announcement of The Congress of The International


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An announcement from the Congress of the International


The International Adeptus Astartes Protection Pact

A treaty affirming the protection of the Crimson Auric Legion

Article I

The reason for this protectorate is the longstanding friendship between the International (INT) and the Crimson Auric Legion (CAL), and the desire of the former for the latter to thrive.

Article II

This pact will not interfere with the internal or foreign sovereignty of the protectorate, CAL.

Article III

In case of an attack against CAL, INT will use all available military, economic and/or political power to assist its protectorate.

Article IV

If the attack on CAL has been deemed their own fault or if they ask INT not to intervene, the protector will oblige.

Article V

If INT finds itself engaged in war, it may ask CAL for financial/military aid. CAL is encouraged but not required to offer such aid.

Article VI

CAL pledges to be an outstanding group among the other residents of the cyberverse and will not make a fool out of itself or of its protector.

Article VII

CAL pledges to sell tech to INT before they attempt to sell to any third alliance.

Article VIII

This agreement may be canceled by either of the parties involved and has a 72 hour cancellation period during which the protectorate will stand valid.

Signed for the International,

The Congress of The International

Signed for The Crimson Auric Legion,

Chapter Master - Mak Stormwielder

Also, I declare in the name of the Congress of The International that protection will extend to both old Alliance Affiliation, Crimson Brigade and New Auric Armada for the duration of 30 days.

I am honored to be the first time I present a treaty. I made a special request to do this. Thank you to the Central Committee of The International for allowing me this. I'm thrilled. Seriously. :D

o/The International!

o/Crimson Auric Legion!

May your friendship last forever!

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