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Vauleo-Buryatian President in hospital

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Breaking News: President Rokossovska collapses!

"Earlier today, while touring the earthquake zone in the Aldan region, President Rokossovska collapsed and was taken to the hospital for emergency medical treatment. The President has been in the Aldan region for several days overseeing the post-earthquake aid effort along with the heads of several humanitarian aid groups.

It is not known what caused the President's collapse as she was quickly rushed to hospital by aides. Doctors both inside the Office of the Presidency and inside the Aldan Regional Hospital have so far refused to comment on the President's health. Despite the lack of comment from the President's Office, we have confirmed that at 11:02 am, Deputy President Vincent Trubachev and Father Mikhail Petrov (Patriarch of the Vaulian Orthodox Church) arrived at the hospital at the request of the President.

They remained inside the hospital for several hours before emerging at 1:32pm. At that time Mr. Trubachev issued a short statement in which he announced that he had just been sworn in as President of Vauleo-Buryatia. It is unclear if this means that President Rokossovska is dead, or if she has resigned. According to the Constitution, the Deputy President may only be sworn in as President if the elected President has died, is unable to discharge his/her duties, or has voluntarily moved to relinquish his or her position.

The Office of the President has maintained that they will not comment on the health of Dr. Rokossovska."-Reporter

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A basket of fruit and a 'Get well soon' card were sent to the hospital President Rokossovska was reported to be in.

"We congratulate the newly appointed Vauleo-Buryatian President, though the circumstances are regrettable."

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Former President Rokossovska 'stable', two Government Ministers resign

"A spokesperson inside the Office of President Trubachev today released a statement saying that former President Rokossovska had undergone some form of surgical procedure in hospital and was now in a 'stable condition'. The Spokesperson did not comment on the nature of the surgery, or if President Rokossovska was recovering well. The Office of the President did however promise that they would inform the public 'as much as possible regarding the health of the Former President, as long as such information does not conflict with the wishes of Dr. Rokossovska's family.

In other news, two government Ministers resigned today citing health reasons. The Minister of Defense, and the Minister of Labor, Social Services & Trade tendered their resignations to President Trubachev shortly after 2:00 pm. Neither the two Ministers, nor the President commented on the nature of the resignations, only stating that 'the offices of Defense Minister and Labor Minister will be filled shortly'. The President's Office refused to comment on a rumor that the Minister of Education is also set to tender his resignation."

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