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Grey Council celebrates Halloween

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With the approach of Halloween, we have noticed that many national rulers have chosen to participate in the ancient seasonal custom of dressing up in costumes. Some of our members want to participate in the Halloween celebrations, but they wanted to do things a little bit differently.

As some of you know, we have recently been fighting a couple of nuclear rogues who took objection to us because of our neutrality and what team we choose to call home, thus regrettably forcing us to educate them in the difference between neutrality and pacificism. We have therefore decided that it would be fitting for those of us who want to participate in the Halloween party to don the robes of a different team for a few days. We have chosen the white and black teams for this event in recognition of the tradition of Halloween marking the transition between the light and dark times of the year.

While ghosts are a popular element in Halloween, those of us who choose to participate in the costume party will not be ghosting anybody and will retain the 'Grey Council' alliance affiliation.

Because this move is only temporary, our members have been asked not to vote in the senate elections in order to avoid being forced to remain on another team for longer than is planned.

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very cool idea! have fun all! (my first thought was the colors orange and black since its the colors of halloween lol) have fun guys!

As if. Grey Council is too cool to join a real sphere, they're not going to conform to your halloween colors. Take that society.


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It's been minimal for me. I'm a fairly recent member at about 3.5 months, and my income didn't change enough to matter significantly. I still get all the same bonus resources and the price cuts and such that go with them, which is the biggest factor on my income and thus my growth.

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