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Which wonder should I get?

King Irwin

Which wonder should I get?  

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First, I apologize for another tiresome poll of which wonder is best. But, I'm really undecided which one to get in a couple days when I'm up for my next wonder.

I already have every economic wonder (including all the Moon ones), and many of the military ones. I'm split between these 3.

If it helps, I've been a stable member of a generally neutral alliance, so I'm not one to go seeking a fight, but obviously war comes to just about everyone from time to time and I want whatever wonder is likely to best prepare me for this eventuality.

Thanks for any advice you may have!

Edit: And yes, I just posted this without a poll. This is my second attempt, so hopefully it goes a little better this time. I'm an idiot... <_<

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I'd go for the FAB first. +5 nukes are nice, but in the age of SDIs those will be gone within 2 days anyway (if you ever get as low as 5 nukes chances are the war is not going well for you), whereas the FAB always does its job (assuming you buy planes).

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Wow, still getting some good feedback here! I guess it makes sense that most prefer the FAB to the AADN, since it benefits both offense and defense. I'd be curious to look into how the battle odds are calculated though, as I'm admittedly a little ignorant in this area. As for the Nuke Silo, part of my thought there is that the airforce wonders can help from Day 1 of the war. Hopefully, my 20 nukes can last for some time, even in a beatdown. Probably not for a month until I can buy the wonder, but at least some of that time.

Some folks mentioned cost as a factor, but really that doesn't matter at all since I intend to eventually buy all 3 and I'm not exactly strapped for cash right now.

Generally Neutral!??!?!?! Bah. Humbug. chunters. mumbles.

So, Cyphon...are you saying we need to start some wars so I can play with my shiny new Wonder toy?

Too bad WRC wasn't a choice. That would've been a slam-dunk.

Absolutely. That and the SDI were much higher priority than the ones listed here.

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