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Veritas Aequitas Foreign Affairs Dispatch


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From the Desk of the Lord Protector

So I know our beloved Lord Protector had said we wouldn't be spamming the OWF with multiple announcements...well, he lied. There is one more thing we need to pass along.

After reviewing our Foreign Embassies, I've noticed quite a few that haven't been posted in or visited for quite some time. Heck, a few that haven't been posted in since 2008. So, it's time to do some Autumn Cleaning. Since there are too many to mention (and I don't feel like writing them all out here) here's the link to our forums. Please check to see if your embassy has been visited recently. Good chance it hasn't, or if it has, visit again.

We encourage all of Planet Bob to visit us and get to know us. Yellow really isn't all that bad. We normally don't bite, unless provoked or if you're into that sorta thing. We're all about succumbing to our visitors every need...well, almost every need.

So yeah, come say hi. We miss you! (Yes, even you jenko!) :wub:


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You'd rather Jenko on your boards then me? I'm hurt Conner :(

No, no, no!! I meant that we want everyone to come to VA and visit....EVEN jenko. As in, we're lowering our standards to let him come back to visit :D

You're always welcome Casey. Even though Crinkly is on a sabbatical, we've made cookies just for you :D

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