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ICB wants you!


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"The Beard Has Eyes...And Nukes Treaty" - GDA-ICB Mutual Defense Pact

"The Terra-Cotta Pact" - Brown Mutual Defense Bloc


Emperor: 2Burnt2eat


Minister of Interior Affairs: GiuseppeG

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Freakwars

Minister of Defense: Nick Bar

Minister of Recruitment:rodrod

Subminister of Banking:

Subminister of Trade:

Subminister of Media:

Deputies: Prince Blundell

ICB is a unique alliance. We have a complex charter, creating many government positions, though most of it is currently out of commission due to our small size. That's why we need you, our next government member! We believe in equal opportunity, and promote people due to ability, not seniority. As a member, your word will be heard. We believe that everyone get's a say, even if you're not a government official.

We also offer the normal things, protection, aid, trades, ect. After taking a few short tests, you get 3 million dollars, and are given access to our tech deals. We are currently having a spam contest, and 6 million dollars is awarded to the person who posts the most by the end of December.

If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to post, or PM me here, or sign up on our forums at : here

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