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Good day from the TBC, I am Jakina filling in for Halama.

Topping the news today is the major rise in passports to Dragonisia from last year where it lied just below 5.00% of all passports. The new rate is now at the second highest of all passports with a rate of 11.08%, just behind the amount of 13.85% to New England which is expected to fall to a rate of around 9.28% since the major attraction to New England is the autumn weather and the great views of the changing leafs. Skeptics say that it will not last for long, most say the increase is due to the rainy season setting in Taiwan.

The expected rainfall for this season is set to range anywhere from 300 to 600 Millimeters, a slight increase from the last season.

In other news, Karumba is set to have a new Zoo opening up next summer. It is set to be a 300+ acre Zoo, including many animals from Africa which have been granted to be captured by the appropriate government. It also includes an American Alligator exhibit.

Taiwan is also getting an overhaul in the military, we have heard there will be 10 new military training bases, along with new weapon upgrades which include new tanks and anti-aircraft's.

We also see new shopping plazas opening up all over Taiwan, it is with a hope that this is a new era for the Taiwanese Economy. Skeptics say that the boom will not last long and will not do much for the economy.

Signing off, Jakina.

OOC: Yes, I know I said I gave Taiwan to Draov, but I miss understood him when he said he wanted it. Sarah has agreed to make the the change of power void which puts Nebu II back in control of Taiwan.

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