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A Glass Half Full...

Lord Zephyr

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OOC: Just a note, unless I specifically say that I am telling everyone about it most of this stuff is not for the entire world IC to hear. The same goes for Secrecy however, unless I specifically say its Top secret it's common knowledge in our nation, so it isn't impossible for you to hear about it, but only if your observing us specifically.

If you have anything to say, please PM me before you post it in here. Thanks.



A High Vicar, an important one in winning over the Council of vicars on the election of Matthew to the new Grand Inquisitor position, walked into a surprisingly modern office. "Matthew, we need to talk." He said, carefully eying the room.

"Yes James? What do you have on your mind." Matt replied.

"You Matthew. I've been watching you, and I'm quite suspicious about some of your activities."

"Are you referring to my office perhaps, or the acts of the inquisition?"

"Everything, your a very shifty character Mr Kayne, Allyn is worried that you might go and do something regrettable. I have a few question's personally, for one what are these things in your office?"

"Computers, very good ones at that. Yes, they are against the proscriptions obviously, but I cut no corners on security. These make it easier for me to categorize threats and organize people."

James stared at Matt with an 'Oh Really?' look and said. "Cut the crap Matthew, I may have never been to a first world nation before, but I like too keep an eye on what I'm missing out here. This is beyond even what most people consider good." Matthews office didn't look more than an average office actually, he kept a fake desktop in front of the Holographic screen, the projectors for his AI were cleverly fashioned as coasters. In fact, the only thing out of the ordinary was the wires that went off of the end of the computer didn't particularly lead any wear.

Jeez, if he thinks this is out of this world I wonder what he'll think of my lower level office. The last computer he must've seen had to be from the 80s or something. Matt thought. "James these are all actually pretty modern, in fact I may be a bit behind on my software, er, stuff that runs the computers. Theres nothing to worry about, nobody will ever find out about it." he said this time aloud.

"We aren't criticizing you, we want to endorse you. The only person that matters who wants to strictly adhere to the old proscriptions is David. Allyn and Kyvyn are both willing to gain a few sins."

Matthew couldn't help but grin, Ahhh corrupt religions, your much funner than just governments, when you combine the two you get something unique. "In that case David can be arranged to be removed. What of your other concerns?"

"Oh yes, what are you doing with those people you took up?"

"Oh, nothing really, just giving them to option to leave if they don't like the idea of out religion."

"Hmm, something tells me I don't want to know."

"It does get ugly at times."

Not Private:

A new Temple is being built in Thunder Bay. Its a Massive project about ten times bigger than the original one. Projected to be done in Five years.

Teams are being sent out to restore power to the cities, Gas is slowly starting to trickle back into the stations, Food and goods are now being brought into the cities again.

Government Radio stations are being set up for entertainment. While the Proscriptions forbid anything as advanced as the Television, Radios have been judged as just fine.

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After months of deliberating the Council of Vicars has finally chosen a new Grand Vicar. We welcome Kallyn Zhasymyn as the 45th Grand Vicar of the Church of God Awaiting.

Unfortunately with the gaining of the new Grand Vicar, David Catryn has passed away. He died peacefully in his bedroom last night. The death was sudden but not unexpected as David was nearing 90 years old. The Grand Vicar will be holding a ceremony in his honor this Sunday. In his Steed the Grand Vicar has elected James Madison, High Vicar of the House Province, to the position of Clergy Ambassador.

Current Leadership:

Grand Vicar: Kallyn Zhasymyn

Grand Inquisitor: Matthew Kayne

Head Treasurer: Allyn Magawair

Clergy Ambassador: James Madison

Minister of the People: Kyvyn Byrnstyn

Construction Updates:

Foundation for the Grand Temple At thunder bay is being Laid.

Minor Temples in the Province capitals have their structures nearly finished

Radio Towers have been established in Thunder Bay while Receiver towers are still being built in some of the provinces. They will all be linked to the main one in Thunder Bay. Broadcasts times will be from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM for religious mass. Light music will be played in between broadcast times. The system will also be used for radio announcements from the Church.

Infrastructure is mostly in tact now, Roads inside the Temple Lands are open for transit, while all outbound highways are being guarded by Inquisition officials to keep unwanted visitors out.

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Matthew walked through his half completed Lair of Doom. It wasn't quite as exotic as his old one, but you can't really top the entrance courtyard being an ancient ruin. Once the Temple at Thunder Bay was done Matthew would make sure he had a reception desk under there so he could get to his main labs in a timely fashion. Heck he might even make one of those Rail cars that Zephyr was so fond of. They certainly were fast, but Matt would have to make some adjustments so they could be more efficient than the energy consuming teleportation devices he was working on. I can leave the details to Anya he thought. Anya being his newest AI installed into the Lab.

He walked into a busy cylindrical room with a giant black tube in the middle. It was filled with many brainy looking people (they were that by design of course, specially bred so that their intellects would be unmatched) who were walking around from station to station monitoring the progress of his most important test subject. He walked up to a normal looking person, who was in fact a normal person that was only there to monitor the progress of the intellectuals.

"Whats the status on the alpha tests?" Matthew asked.

"The dark matter is holding in the container, we are just about to inject the special chemical infused with your son's torn soul(its technically his DNA)." The task manager replied.

"Good, lets see it then."

"Right." he nodded, "All clear, ready for injection, in five... four.. three... two... one..."

Matthew stood at attention, waiting anticipation. He had to go through so much to just get to this point. This was the first of many tests. Since his experiments at Raochin were partially successful(CNRP(H) reference!) and they ran away plus destroying half of his department, he had been awaiting this moment, the moment of truth. If this succeeded then the loss of his son wasn't in vain. You see, Matthew has, for a while, been looking for the key to immortality. A while ago he discovered that it was impossible for himself to become immortal, but it did not stop him from trying to create an immortal being. He definitely had time, in his quest for immortality he had happened upon many treatments to lengthen his own life. He had already lived the better part of a hundred years and was practically immune to all disease and could walk off bullet wound fairly easily. Nothing short of a massive explosion could take him out for good. And with his shields even that may be thwarted. He did consider taking the Merlin Athrawes path and become an android, but he thought it not to be cheating death, as his physical being would not exist. No, he could not achieve immortality with a mortal body. So he would create an immortal body and keep it under his influence. This was the first step.

The dark tube stood there for several seconds, the contents could not even be noticed. Then cracks appeared on the glass, a few of the scientists rushed to their key pads to try and fix it, the cracks widened and water started to pour out. The container burst and the water got on a fee of the scientists. Inside floating was a spherical ball that was bubbling erratically, soon it no longer held a sphere shape and took on a vaguely human form, at this points screams could be heard coming from it. The creature curled into the fetal position, it was black with yellow eyes. It looked up at Matthew and looked as if it was crying.

"Hmm, that went much better than expected." Matthew said. A few of the walking brains were analyzing the monster that had appeared in the room. Suddenly it screamed and imploded, creating a black hole for two seconds, a few of the scientists were sucked in with the nearest equipment, but the hole didn't have enough mass to do any major damage and exploded destroying nothing that wasn't already inside it. Matthew watched in amazement. The task manager next to him however, had a piece of metal lodged in his brain, and was unable to watch anything in his current health. "Marvelous! Rebuild it and make some modifications. Please do try and fix the explosion part, that could get a little annoying." he said as he spun around and left the lab.

"Anya, please help in the clean up of the lab, I'd like us to get started on the second phase soon." he spoke to nothing.

Nothing replied, "Of course Mr. Kayne, a clean up crew is on its way."

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November 12, Church at Thunder bay

"Today we mourn the loss of one of our dearest members. Today Mr. Mouze Or Campecuh, the eldest of the High Vicars, has died. He had been on his death bed for nearly a year, today God has finally called him to his great kingdom. Let us pray in his honor."

OOC: Not as sad as it sounds, its just the deletion of one of my old friends account on a random forum, but its still a little significant. I figured I should honor it somehow though.

IC: *private*

The group of Four sat around a table filled with food. Servants brought them fresh wine whenever glasses fell close to empty. Life as a high member of society was good.

"So," Kyvyn said between bites of food, "James, who do you think should take the old mans spot on the council?"

"Definitely Jackson, he seems loyal enough." James responded.

"I disagree, Harold is a much better choice." Allyn said.

"I agree with Allyn, Harold is much older than Jackson, he'll be more respected as a High vicar." Matthew said.

"Right, Harold it is." Kyvyn said through a turkey leg.

Matthew smirked for half a second. He loved his job, it brought such amusement. He felt like god with the kind of power he had here. While the other two didn't know it the only real people that had any influence in this group were him and Allyn. The other two were just there to feel important. And while Allyn had some power, only Matthew had the ability to make all of them disappear.

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Linda Johnson and Kyle Webbs were the greatest two man team reporting had ever seen. They could get the first scoop on the latest celeb news or be on the front lines at a bank hostage situation. They got the best news and got paid alot for it. Now they were going after something that could set them for life.

Recently there have been a few reports of missing people who were near the Temple lands borders. Nothing to serious, just a few teenagers who were out looking to make trouble. But when the search and rescue team had some of its members not come back it was headlines. They had tried to go straight to the source, legally, and contact some of the government authorities. They had met up with a well composed man who went by the name of Matthew Kayne. He pretty much gave them the typical, "We know nothing of these missing peoples, if we had found them they would've been returned to their country of origin." Linda didn't bite, so she organized some leave for her and Kyle and set off for the approximate area that the missings were last seen.

OOC: PM me if you want to be the country that they came from. Conditions, you wont go to war with me for what might happen to your reporters and missing people.

Ikrolm got it, They are officially from selenarctos now.

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Linda and Kyle had just finished interviewing some of the families of the missing peoples who had gone searching for the lost teenagers, a few were worth putting on the news back home, it'd buy them some more time while they investigated further.

The position wasn't looking too good for the Temple lands, while they did not admit they knew where the missing peoples were, people of the other nations are accusing it of knowing more than they share. Selenarctos had not officially gotten into the situation, but after they refused entrance of the private investigators the government was bound to get involved sometimes. Matthew, however, didn't care. It was the lives of a few teenagers and some foolish searchers. It was his sovereign territory, and strict religious doctrines prevented anyone from the outside from interfering with the natural daily lives of his people. While they didn't have anything more than cell phones and flash lights that would be enough to spark an interest in the old ways of doing things. He couldn't have that. While it had only been a year and a half since operation cold blanket, the population had miraculously adjusted to life the way it was 'meant' to be according to the Church. Half from the religion being there to save them in their darkest hour, half out of fear that they too will be silently taken away by the inquisitors like so many who refused to change. Matthew was doing his own business and he didn't need these things bothering him, so he took the easiest route and got rid of the problem. "Now it might get a little messy though" he thought.

OOC: write more later

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***Message to the Government of the Temple Lands***

While we have full confidence in your government, given that not only our own citizens but also an unknown number of others are now missing, we politely request to send our own team of field investigators to assist you in resolving this matter as quickly as possible. The team would, of course, consist of highly trained individuals and can act with the utmost discretion.

EDIT: fix'd

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Reply to Selenarctos: "No, thanks, but we don't want any outsiders inside the country. We have the situation under control."

OOC: It wasn't our search and rescue teams, it was the people's in the protectorates below me, I figure they dun belong to anyone. Its just the initial teenagers and soon your reporters.

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Linda and Kyle had just passed the official border line into The Temple Lands. They rode all terrain bikes to be silent and not alert the border patrol. It wasn't long before they got to a small town. It was night and nobody was out on the streets. There were no lights, which bothered the reporter and her one man crew. "How are we going to get a good shot if theres no light, Kyle did you bring the night vision camera?" Linda asked.

"Yea, let me turn it on." Kyle responded. There was an audible whine as it warmed up. He looked at the camera scree and pointed it at Linda and it lit up showing her figure. He gave her a thumbs up and she nodded. They walked with there bikes around town until they got to what looked like a hotel. Its lights were off to, however when they tried the door it opened. "No locks?" Kyle looked at Linda.

"Its a small town, they probably have that small town trust going on. Anyway, look theres a couch, we'll sleep here and question people in the morning." She replied. They left their bikes outside and took seats on the couch. Kyle turned off the camera and they both went to sleep.

They woke up early in the morning when Kyle's digital watch's alarm went off. Once they got the sleepiness out of their eyes they met a man who was sitting in an arm chair with a cup of coffee. "Good morning you two, sleep good on my sofa's?"

"Oh, we're sorry," Linda said, "We came in last night and nobody was open, so we kinda just went inside and slept."

"Oh really, your travelers then. We don't get too many travelers here anymore. Just the the inspectors and priests. Which province are you from?"

"Province?" Kyle said.

"You know, area in the Lands? Theres Northlands, Katerson, Thunder Bay, Milwaukee..."

"We're from out of the country." Linda said. "We've never been here before and though it would be a nice place to visit."

"Really... we haven't had a visitor from outside the country in a looong time. In fact, not since the dark months..." The man looked at Kyle's watch and camera, both digital, and frowned a bit. He had been one of the original Inquisitors to infiltrate the town. He'd been assigned the important job of maintaining the lodgings of the priests and inspectors that visit the town, but even more importantly he was there to watch the town for any slip ups. This was major infraction. He got up and said, "I need to go make a call, help yourself to some coffee and biscuts."

"Huh, he seems nice." Kyle said

"Yea, very." Linda replied.


Joad Rivers was the name of the inquisitor assigned to the hotel. And he made the call as brief as possible so he could get back to the two outsiders. They were going to cause a lot of trouble if he didn't get this right, hell they probably would anyway, but he knew his job and he does it well. In fact he had reported in a few more people wandering out in Mr. Kimberly's field.

"Hello, This is Agent Rivers in Pleasanton. I have two people in my hotel say they're from out of state. They are carrying two unholies as far as I can see and have a couple of bikes parked outside."

"One hour? All right, I'll try to keep them in town."

He hung up the phone and started back towards the lobby, but before he walked out the door he pause for a second, grabbed a pistol out of his drawer and hid it under his jacket. You never can be too careful when it comes to outsiders. He thought.

OOC: dun Dun DUN!

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OOC: This a is a piece of information I forgot to RP out before I started the Reporters story. I'll tie it in a bit.

IC: Matthew waited outside a locked door withe a sign on it that said, "DO NOT ENTER WHEN RED LIGHT IS ON." Currently the light was on. The door was to the recording room for the daily morning, afternoon, and in between radio sessions. When the light finally turned off the door opened and a short man with glasses and a magnificent beard walked out and almost into Matthew, who had been standing rather close to the door. "Ah Matthew," said a soft soothing, almost hypnotic voice, "I wasn't expecting you today. I assume your here to check up on the sound transmitter process?"

"Yes Thomas, I am." Matthew smiled, that voice was always so pleasing to hear, which is one reason he was picked for the important job he has now. "Have you worked out the bugs."

"Yes, your technicians are applying them now. Anyone who tunes into the radio should immediately fall under my spell, and once that happens it gets easier and easier, until its automatic. I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of the population couldn't turn back to the old ways if they wanted, even without the current adjustments. In addition to the schools and churches, we should have the entire population complacent in no more than three years."

"Good, inform me if the test subjects I provided for you start showing an increase in resistance. They're outsiders, so it will be a true test to see if your radio sessions truly are as effective as possible."

Thomas nodded and then bowed to Matthew who returned the courtesy. The test subjects in particular we're both a blessing and a bane. While the inquisitors who intercepted them had acted rashly and took the outsiders into custody before they even got to a town, it had given him the opportunity he needed to try out the new transmissions on people who had no previous exposure to the church. So far it was working out well. The poor teenagers wouldn't remember anything from their previous lives but they had already seen to much to go back to them anyway. Besides, since when did he give a sh1t about what he did to others. Matt shrugged, If the reports he was getting from the border patrol he'd have two new subjects very soon. He smiled at the thought.

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Linda and Kyle waited in the lobby for the hotel manager to return. "So, we gonna interview this guy?" Kyle asked.

"Maybe, we'll try to get some answers and see where that goes."

At that moment a man walked through the door, he wore a black fedora style hat, and an all black suit. "You two need to leave now."

"Excuse me, but who are you" Linda said, standing up to face the man at a more equal height, "and why must we leave?"

"There's not much time, but let me tell you you do not want to find out what happens when you stay here. Now come on, we have a car waiting outside, we'll get you back across quickly and then you wont have anything to worry about less you wander close to the border again."

"I'm sorry, but I still don't understand what all the fuss is about, why must we leave again? What if we don't want to."

"Bad things will happen to you both, now c'mon." This time the man grabbed them by their shoulders and threw them in front of him out the door. "Get to the car." He yelled and pointed to a car that looked like it belonged in the 1920s.

Mr. Rivers by this time had finished his phone call and had walked back into the lobby and saw what was happening. He grabbed the gun he had stashed for just such an occasion and snuck up behind the man in the black suit. The suit man was just about to walk out of the door but decided to turn around to make sure the hotel manager wasn't back yet. He discovered, quite a bit too late, that he was and only had time to begin reaching for his gun before Mr. rivers shot him twice in the stomach.

Linda and Kyle had turned around after being shoved outside, and were about to protest again about leaving with the new strange man. However the gun shots changed their minds quickly and they turned heel straight for the car. The hotel manager fired two wild shots at them, both missing, and the car door slammed shut. The driver punched it down the road and the hotel manager ran out onto the street, took one last aim, and fired at the car. One of the back lights busted open but the car was fine and continued accelerating until it was out of site. Mr. Rivers cursed and threw his gun on the ground.

Mr. Rivers went back inside and called the Inquisition officials again. "The outsiders got away. Some guy in a black suit, yes he's still here, wounded though. Twice in the stomach." There was a pause and Rivers frowned. "Yes sir, I'll report in with the officials that come."

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"I'm sorry Rivers, but you've been exposed to the outside technology, twice at that. Then you failed at capturing the outsiders carrying them. Do you realize how much damage you have caused?" A man in a tuxedo said. He had long black hair and pale white skin. At the moment, he looked fairly calm. "You'll have to be replaced."

Rivers on the other hand, was sweating profusely. He looked very nervous and about to cry. "P-p-please Matthew, have mercy." Rivers said whilst falling to his knees.

"I'm sorry, but you have been tainted, and the lord does not accept the tainted into his kingdom. And if the lord will not accept you, then I cannot." Matthew pulled out his gun and shot the insignificant worm writhing at his feet. He called for two of his inquisition guards to come in and dispose of the body. Once they left he looked at his watch and pressed a button hidden on the side. "Anya, please requisite a new Inquisitor for Pleasenton." Two blips echoed out of his watch, signifying an 'acknowledged' from his AI. "Messy business this Inquisition is." Matt said as he stepped over the pool of blood on the ground and exited the former inquisitor's office.


"Ok, who the hell are you guys, what the hell was all that about, and where are you taking us?" Linda said frantically. "Oh and Kyle did you get all of that?"

Kyle nodded, and the driver looked at them through his rear view mirror. "We are a small group of people who aren't under the control of the Temple Land government. That was an inquisition official who was going to kill you both if we didn't show up in time, and we're going to try and get you out of here safely. Oh my name is Daniel." The driver said.

"What's going on here? Inquisition? What is this the fifteen hundreds?" Linda shook her head and composed herself. "So, If your trying to get us out of here why are we heading away from the border?"

"Because, the borders will most likely be heavily guarded now that two groups people have gotten past it, and one of them escaped the inquisition. I'm taking you to our outpost along the border. From there we'll see what we can do. Any other questions you have can be answered there while we figure out how we're going to do this." Daniel replied.

Linda was about to say more, but kyle stopped her. Unlike Linda Kyle realized that this wasn't anything like the other reports they had done. He realized that they were actually in danger of being killed, but Linda brushed his arm off and talked anyway, "I still want to know whats going on here."

"Again, we can answer your questions when we get to the outpost, first I have to loose that guy behind us."

Both Linda and Kyle looked behind them and saw an all black car rapidly approaching them. "Hold on." Daniel said. The car turned violently onto another road and sped up. The other car did the same and continued to catch up with them. "Damn, it is the inquisition." He thought. His car was one of the few the resistance had that could go as fast as an inquisition car, but he had his foot to the floor and this one kept coming up on him. "New model. Faster than the usual ones." He thought again. They came up on a tall hill and Daniel knew he was getting close. Once at the top and they started down the other side he swerved left. Going as fast as he could he sped straight to the bottom of the hill, there a small entrance under the hill was open. He sped into it and looked back to make sure there was someone there to close it. It was already closed and he braked while breathing a sigh of relief. "Phew, we made it." He said aloud. "Welcome to Outpost Gamma, home of 'La Resistance'."


The driver of the black car got over the top of the hill and stopped. The car he was following had disappeared. He picked up his radio and called in. "This is Scout two-four-zero. I lost the car, recommend sweep of the area. Holding position, roger."

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"Resistance? Ok, so what are you resisting?" Linda said.

"The church. Their pretty much the incarnation of evil to us. What they did and are doing was and is brilliant, but unfair to the people. Plus the inquisition doesn't obey the churches proscriptions for the people. Its all a huge corrupt mess." Daniel replied.

"What did they do," Linda nudged Kyle to make sure he was recording this, "How are they corrupt, and what is this place?"

"Ok, I think we have the time. About five years ago there was a massive black out across the entire northern great plains. Food stopped coming in, gas, electricity, it was basically anarchy. After a few months our supplies were all but gone. Some of the people from the church started showing up and preaching about how god is punishing us for our wrong ways, and for those who would change them would be rewarded. Well they could back what they said up and people started converting to get food and basic needs. After a few more months of that some of the people who refused to join just disappeared, along with every bit of technology that wasn't a radio or lights. I don't know how but somehow they had wiped the entire country clean of all advanced tech except for a few people who hid from them. That would be us. After the sweep of technology the church declared its prominence over the land and they were hailed as saviors. Power returned and everyone was happy. At first it wasn't too bad, but then some of the people they had missed who still had cell phones and tvs started disappearing too, they hadn't even spoken out against the church they just disappeared. Then weird !@#$ started happening. The radio network went up and we lost more and more people who still wanted to retain the old tech. Now they have the whole country eating out of their palms. At the moment we can't do much, but we've been trying to gather people together. We have a leader but he never comes out of hiding. So far as I can assume theres a major faction in each province cept Thunder Bay." He looked at Linda and Kyle, "Now that I think about it, what are you doing here, and whats with the camera?"

Kyle put the camera down but linda told him to bring it back up, "We're reporters, we're investigating the disappearance of some teenagers that got lost here on vacation."

Daniel frowned, "You shouldn't have come."

"I'm aware of that now," Kyle mumbled.

"Shush Kyle, once we get out of here we can give the tapes to the selenarctos government and they'll do something about this place."

"They probably wont, if they were going to we'd have heard about tensions between the nations. I'm pretty sure the church hierarchy dodged a bullet there." Daniel interjected.

Suddenly there was an explosion and the chatter of gunfire. A man came running out of the passage they had come in from. "THE INQUISITION, THEY'VE FOUND US!" And then he was mowed down with automatic gunfire.

"!@#$!" Daniel yelled. Seeing as they never left the car, he stepped on the gas and accelerated out into the adjacent passage.


Matthew walked into the destroyed outpost. "Search the area, make sure none are alive, if there is one, bring him to me." Several Men in all black searched the small room. "Do we have a car on the one that escaped?" Matt asked a man in a Black and red suit standing next to him. "Yes sir, he's keeping his distance, if they go to another of these holes we'll know about it." Two of the inquisition soldiers grabbed an unconscious man off the ground and brought him to Matthew. One of them spoke, "Sir, this one is still breathing." The breathing man suddenly was awake and pulled a pistol on Matthew. He emptied the clip into Matt but they deflected off his shield. "I'm sorry, but the unholy cannot hurt the divine." He said with an evil grin. "Take him to interrogation chambers, I'm sure he'll enjoy it."

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"On this glorious day of days we open this new temple to the people of Thunder Bay and to that of all the Temple Lands." Kallyn said from his new Balcony high above the street level block that was highly decorated for the occasion. The three largest fountains in the pavilion were spewing water out in jets. Several smaller fountains near the grand entrance to the Temple were doing the same. An archway over the entrance to the temple displayed a magnificent sight, the founders of their religion, each holding their holy book high into the sky for people to marvel at and walk under. In the pavilion where there wasn't decorations there was people. People in the high thousands. So many that the pavilion, as big as it was, could not in fact hold them all. There were people on the streets outside the Temples grounds and the entire city of Thunder Bay had been shut down for this wondrous of occasions. "After two years of work we now stand here in front of this monument to our faith, but enough pleasantries. Let the first mass here begin!"

People filed into the massive church, it was built to hold the a good portion of the population of Thunder bay (60,000 max capacity for those interested), but many more had come. Even when all the seats were full and people stood next to each other side by side all across the ground floor of the massive complex there was still a crowd outside waiting to get in. Finally they allowed people to move into the seats in the higher terraces reserved for the High Vicars and more important people of the Temple Lands. Only one area was there not a regular citizen of the Temple lands in sight and that was in Matthews personal booth. Indeed it was one of the largest peaceful gatherings of people in the history of the Temple Lands, and quite possibly the world.

The full construction of the temple was not in fact fully complete. Only the gigantic arena where the faithful could gather was done. The living quarters for the priests, bishops, and vicars for when they gather for meetings was not yet complete. That was not expected to be completed for yet another two years, along with the massive garden that is to be at the center of those living quarters. Matthew intended this place to be as marvelous as it could possibly be, though he himself did not like the flashiness of it, Allyn had insisted that it grand, the grandest place ever conceived. So Matthew chipped in a few technological advances to speed up the building of the main temple area, as well as provided a few Ideas to support such a massive structure. He also assigned some of the finest architects he could come up with to design the decor around and in the temple. Artists, sculptors, and designers from all over the country were assembled to bring out as much beauty as possible. While such adornments was quite a waste, this was supposed to be the holiest place of his religion. Giving a few magical touches and splendor only helped to captivate his peoples even more under the glow its awesomeness.

Allyn, James, Kyvyn and a few more select members of the Vicars were having their rooms specialized to come with a few advantages of their own. The Grand Vicar was left out of it as he knew nothing other than what he and the other three told him. He was an absolute puppet, perfect for the job as a leader of a nation of puppets that Matthew constantly manipulated to his will. The advantages included TV's, air conditioning, heaters, very comfortable beds, and a multitude of other things prohibited from the main population. Matthew smiled as he listened to the magnificent performance Kallyn was giving. This evening Thomas would be giving an even more captivating one that contained the same words for those not able to make it to the Temple of Gods opening. He loved his country, and it loved him, how could it not? He protected them from the evils of the outside world. A few more years and there will be no more people left to resist him in the country. Whatever his will will be the countries. What a wonderful thing that is.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Matthews original notes for his laboratories at Novous and his subsequent plans for the ones at Raochin and the Temple Lands stored on his computer:

The structures will be underground. Reinforced to withstand hits from bunker busters. Must be fairly deep, I'd guess about 50 stories down and half a kilometer across. Square buildings. Standard defenses, but shouldn't need them. Top levels will be for the common workers, middle living quarters and the lower stories the labs. We can go as deep as we need and the levels can be rearranged quickly if the social part of the experiment works out.

End notes

New log

So far I have "recruited" about 200 young children, I don't know if I alone can handle the teaching and subtleties that I require for this experiment to be a success. However I must train the originals myself. Once they reach around the age of ten. I'll recruit more that can be taught at least by watching the previous. Honestly the hardest part is keeping track of all the babies, even with only ten of them in each room it takes most of the day to attend to all of them. The robots I programmed are just scaring them and they need to see me more than those stupid machines.

Data skip

I should have started with a lower number of Recruits. 200 five year olds is way to much. I've eliminated 3/4 of the experiment, the rest will go back to the orphanages. Come to think of it I'll check up on them every once in a while to see how the early childhood training worked out.

Data skip

The final phase of the experiment is complete. The subjects are all at child bearing ages now and they have matured enough to be useful in the training of the next generation. The early childhood training has them completely under my control. A few modifications to make it more effective and efficient and I can start mass producing. However I've run into a problem. The 50 people I kept are completely loyal to me but are in such few numbers that I cannot possibly start work on my labs with just them. I will need to expand greatly. These fifty need to turn into Five hundred atleast. I've also maintained contact with fifty of the other 200 originals. I will bring them back, but use different facilities just in case. They will need at least a year before I am certain I can use them.

Data skip

Abducting children is not something that I had originally intended to do with this project, but the circumstances have made me do so. I need a massive increase in my population. I have 100 parents and I'm getting fifty children a year, that is not a sufficient amount of growth. So I've mandated that I have a thousand babies. With the training I gave the 100 I have they should be able to handle ten each. I've also seem to run into a snag in my plans, it will now take fifteen more years than I had anticipated to reach optimal working population.

Data skip

Ah, the long thirty years of work has finally paid off, I now have a working population of 1,100 with 800 still in training. However I have finally begun building the first level to my original plans for my labs. Those 1,100 have a very busy day schedule but they don't mind, they are all loyal to me. They do everything I say. I love this kind of control. I estimate that within the next ten years I can relax on the birthing process and focus more on developing genes and making perfect soldiers, scientists, and workers. I have the perfect society being built here, well perfect for me.

Data skip

The second building of the labs is now complete. The other two are being processed. I've had to recall alot of my agents from the main population to get it done but I've run out of room, we need more living quarters and working places. I'm happy with the turnouts of the experiment. I've had to do alot, but after the initial forty years I'm finally dedicating all my time to my research. I've already increased my life expectancy by alot, but immortality still eludes me. Ah well atleast I have lots of time to study and create.

Data skip

OOC: tired, more to come, but sleep I need

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Data log restart

Due to the current situation in Novous we are making plans to move a substantial amount of the labs onto ships in order to remake them elsewhere. While we are completely concealed I'd rather have the funding of the government rather than making the labs autonomous. Besides I rather like going outside and radiation isn't very good for my skin. Zephyr has said that we will "wander" for new lands, he hasn't approached me yet but I've already picked out several new lands that would be sutible for a new nation. I've sent a few Agents to prepare all four of them. This is a good test of the experiments integrity. It will be interesting to see if we can hold the colony together while its moving. There is some unrest, but their loyalty is holding them to me. They know why their moving, so we'll see.

Data skip

We've set up the new facilities at Raochin in the middle of the desert near an underground oasis. Bonus, the reception area is some well camouflaged ancient ruins. with some modifications we won't be able to be seen unless we want to. With a full workforce of about ten thousand the construction of the base labs is going smoothly. Much faster than before. We should be done in a few more months.

Data skip

OOC: damn it, I have to do something, I'll again write more of this later.

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***Message to the Government of the Temple Lands***

The following is an automated response from Selenarctan Foreign Intelligence.

It has been (OOC: how ever long) since a file was opened on two Selenarctan citizens missing on your border. In the intervening time, two more Selenarctan citizens have gone missing in the same area and while previous communications would appear to indicate an investigation by Temple Lands authorities is underway, the lack of reported results has led to the submission of this message. We would be most grateful if the results or status of your investigation could be forwarded to Selenarctos and, should you require help to further the progress of the investigation, you do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your time.

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OOC: Yea, taking a break from that storyline, I don't have a set plotline of what I'm going to do with the nation, just vague ideas, my original intent was to do that story later after I have posted a bunch of other things, but I was too eager to get started on that, now I'm kinda out of ideas. I'm mostly doing this to improve my writing skills.

IC: We have searched diligently four your lost citizens, but our detectives and agencies cannot find a trace of your lost populace, we will continue looking until either bodies are found, or they themselves are found.

I will send you the two most popular theories given by our detectives:

They were killed by a farmer and hidden very well. However our interviews with the farmers around the areas have not shown that way.

They found life here to be easier, simpler, and decided to stay here under false Identities and ages. They were teenagers and we don't often take census.

We have also come to the assumption that if there is something to be found then any trace of it is long gone.

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Matthew, Allyn, James, and Kyvyn sat together in a room in the old cathedral in Thunder Bay. While the Main Auditorium at the Temple of God was complete, the Living quarters for the priests and temporary living quarters for the vicars that must visit the temple many times a year were still under construction.

Kyvyn started the conversation, "What are we going to do about the collapsing of Viniland. It was never official, but our relations with them was a major factor in the insurance of our safety. Now we have that hypocrite Tahoe to worry about, and the ever expanding Federated states of America. Who knows what the Great lake states are going to do."

"Relax Kyvyn, Matthew has always said that the countries safety was his priority. Hell it was in his acceptance speech." Allyn said. "Right Matthew?"

"Yes Allyn, you are correct. I don't think they have any plans to attack us, but if they did we would be perfectly fine." Matthew of course was lying, if any country decided out of the blue to attack The Temple Lands, as a country, would be horrendously defeated in a magnificent display of no real resistance at all. He'd fight, his inquisition officials did have military training, but the weapons they could use would be so ineffective. Matthew fortunately was a good lier.

OOC: Kind of a placeholder. I thought it would be natural that a meeting like this would be held due to the recent events of the world. Just a note, I'm not accepting any wars that aren't planned thoroughly or that will end with me destroyed. That doesn't come till I get modern tech again. <.< >.>

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  • 2 weeks later...

Two years had passed since Linda and Kyle had narrowly escaped being captured by the inquisition. Daniel had led them to a small town with new Identities and gave them a place to live. They lived together, they attended church, they went on their daily commutes. Life for them had changed.

The radio was going on in the background and it played classical music. Linda was making dinner, she didn't really know how to cook at first, but eventually she learned how to not burn everything. She didn't really remember much of her previous life, she knew it was filled with extravagance and much waste. A pity really, life in the Temple Lands was so much more simple. It was just so peaceful out on the plains.

Kyle had much of the same opinion. He worked at the local goods store. He vaguely remembered working with cameras, but it was so far behind him now that if he tried to go back to it he wouldn't know how the thing worked.

Ah yes what a wonderful life it was living in the temple lands. The church protected you from the evils of the outside world. Of course they do wonder what happened to Daniel, but not too much.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Matthew smiled at his new "daughter". She stared quizzically back at him. His latest attempt at creating an immortal being had been partially successful. Syphyx, the child that Matthew was smiling at, was still unstable and wouldn't last till the end of time. She was very quite, and her appearance depended on her emotions. When she was happy her skin had a peach color to it, her eyes were blue, and the Heart shaped mark on her face was pink. When she was sad her skin was a bit paler and the heart shaped mark on her face was purple. God forbid however you got her angry. When she was angry her eyes turned red as well the mark on her face. Her skin became deathly white and she gained telekinetic powers. Matthew had fortunately only seen this twice. After the second time(which nearly killed him) the girl followed Matthew everywhere because, and only Matthew knew this, she considered him her father. She would only talk while alone with Matthew, and despite knowing that her life was going to end shortly Matthew had grown attached to the child.

This got kind of awkward when she followed him into one of the Group of Four meetings. The other three were alarmed at first, and then quite confused. Matthew obviously didn't seem much like the fatherly type, especially being head of the inquisition. She had crawled into his lap and started listening to what they were talking about. James had almost refused to let the child stay during the meetings, but thought twice about speaking out against Matthew. Matthew didn't explain her presence nor did anybody ask.

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