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CNRP Poll on Navy Size [OFFICIAL]


Navy Size Poll  

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Hello, this is an official poll for the CNRP community.

It is based off the discussion found in this thread.

Your vote will only be counted if you are an RPer in CNRP and POST in this thread. I repeat, you must post for your vote to count.

Sample post:


Question 1: B

Question 2: E

Additional Information: I think the brackets should be ..blah..blah..blah

This is a no discussion thread, if you would like to make additional comments please post in this thread.

This poll will end on November 1st, 2009 at 5:00 EST.

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Question 1: B

Question 2: E

Additional Information: Some people are restricted to not have navies because of their alliances, and because they're freaking expensive. However, I also think that those that have already awesome navies, IE: BR, should be rewarded.

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Question 1: So, are you going to list the tech/infra bracket?

Question 2: None

Additional Information: Here are the brackets I torn from the other thread...


Yah, I can see a change to Infrastructure based brackets. Something like this:

0-4,000: No multiplier

4,001-5,000: x2

5,001-6,000: x3

6,001-7,500: x4

7,501-Infinity: x5


And maybe even toss in a tech requirement for new brackets too, something like this:

0-4,000 Infra, 0-500 tech: No multiplier

4,001-5,000 Infra, 501-1,000 tech: x2

5,001-6,000 Infra, 1,001-2,000 tech: x3

6,001-7,500 Infra, 2,001-3,500: x4

7,501-Infinity Infra, 3,501-Infinity: x5

That would probably be a bit more fair than total NS.

As for Voodoo's concern, I've got nothing, it's the same issue that would dog any multiplier put in place, and it's a good point. I guess it would have to be up to everyone else to decide if the trade off is worthwhile


Alright, I'm going to throw this idea out. I do not do this because it's the best idea, or because it's something I'll fight for, but because it's an idea, and it exists, and maybe someone else can turn it into something wonderful.

Graduated Multiplier for navies.

You have brackets based on NS, where, every time you enter the bracket, you can use the multiplier of the bracket. There would only be a few set brackets to make sure multipliers don't get too huge, or too complicated and easy to misinterpret (Like the old Log based tech scale). I'm thinking the best way to do it would be something like this.

0-20,000: No multiplier

20,001-25,000: x2

25,001-35,000: x3

35,001-50,000: x4

50,000-Infinity: x5

That keeps it so no one gets too ridiculous in their navies (I'm going to guess that V the King has the largest navy of anyone in CNRP, and his in game navy is 70, meaning his multiplied would be 350 less than the number of large ships in the Soviet navy during WWII so not all too absurd for one of the most powerful nations in the RP, especially considering the nigh constant war we have). This would also make sure that no one goes insane and gets thousands of ships, but at the same time, you get more realistic numbers. There could, of course, be multiplier brackets higher than the 50,000-infinity cutoff, but it really doesn't seem necessary, because it would just serve to make numbers way too big. Then just add to this the current "The navy is the base number, it is how many ships total, not what kinds of ships" system, and you get a little dash of increased realism.

Once again, this isn't me oretending I'm all knowing, and think this is the best, most fool proof plan. It's just a thought.

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Question 1: B

Question 2: E

Additional information: The base number should be decided by technology and infrastructure (but if people want to use the ingame number, that takes precedence), and also each ship should be assigned a value so people can exchange the "points" on one ship by trading it for something else, like if someone doesn't want one of their aircraft carriers they can exchange it for a few corvettes.

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