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BAPS Announcement


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BAPS Announcement



Many of you may remember our announcement during the Karma War announcing that we had once again reached a landmark NS level of 1 million NS, in reverse gear. Well we passed 1 million NS shortly after agreeing peace, and now we’ve rapidly progressed back up to 2 million for the first time in nearly 2 years.

A brief history of BAPS:

04-07 BAPS forms

09-07 BAPS breaks 1m NS

09-07 UJW happens, BAPS hits 1m NS going down

10-07 BAPS finishes terms and rebuilds past 1m NS

01-08 BAPS peaks at 2m NS

01-08 BAPS War forces us back down to 1m NS and below at (maybe) our fastest rate yet

03-08 BAPS hits ZI

05-08 BAPS gets peace after the removal of NoWedge

10-08 BAPS breaks 1m NS yet again (we’re old hats at this one now)

05-09 BAPS hits 1m NS yet again on our way down courtesy of the Karma War

06-09 BAPS Swiftly rebuilds past 1m NS.

10-09 BAPS hits 2m NS again, for the first time in nearly 2 years. We’re not quite as familiar with this lovely lady as we are with the 1m NS babe, but we’re looking forward to a good, repeating relationship.

BAPS is happy to report we now have 60 nations, 39 Man Pros, 30 SDIs and 18 WRCs.............not to mention 12 HNMS for added Nuclear Hellfire, giving us a current and ever increasing max nukecount of 840.

This wouldn't have been possible without our allies and treaty partners through the years - GOONS, MK, TDSM8, Elysium, Valhalla, TPF, Invicta, Olympus, Legion, UPN, OMFG and Nebula-X.


PS: caution yo-yos may smack you in the face and nose...



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Who the hell let this happen again? I'm gonna blame Smartypants! :o

We’re not quite as familiar with this lovely lady as we are with the 1m NS babe

Don't worry babe, we'll be back...

We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when

But I'm sure we'll meet again some winter day

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I have a lot of respect for you guys, I remember the kick $@! announcement you made during UJW were you went in to support GOONS and MK. FOK was also a really small alliance at the time and I was really happy that another small nation based alliance was joining the losing UJP side.

I also remember the Valhalla war were your were attacked by lots of large alliances (Valhalla GGA NATO) basically because people thought you guys were mini GOONS. I really felt sorry for you then.

It's good to see you on 2 million again.

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