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Joint TGH, Sanctuary announcement

Combat Pope

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A Joint "Sanctuary" and "The Golden Horde" Announcement



"Short has been the lives of our two alliances, however during that space of time we have developed something special, something worth cherishing"

Waste of Parchment Pact

Good parchment is very hard to come by for The Golden Horde, so it is not lightly that we use the little we have to scrawl all over it in such a way as to accidentally write something coherent. However as Sanctuary has recently given us 3 of the finest woolly hats I’ve ever seen we decided to go out on a limb for them and upgrade our PIAT (whatever that is) to a MDP(they know what they are talking about I’m sure).


The Bit About Sovereignty:

Both the Mongols of the Horde and the Warriors of Sanctuary do here recognize that both signatories are individuals and sovereign in their own right. In no way should this infringe upon the individuality of either party.

The Bit About Defence:

The Golden Horde Does hereby pledge its vast and hungry army to the need of Sanctuary should a day come when a foreign power deems themselves worthy of challenging them. The same Duty is befallen of the armies of Sanctuary should a foreign power be foolish enough to steal one of Partisans favorite wives. This treaty in no way makes obligatory the defense of either signatory, monetarily or militarily, should they enter a state of war as the aggressor. After all the predictability of the Hordes less intelligent soldiers is as the predictability of a goat’s behaviour.

Speaking of goats here is a picture of my favorite one:


Isn’t he sweet? I drew it my self… laugh and I shall slay you >:[


The Bit About Non Aggression and Information:

The signatories of the Waste of Parchment Pact are obliged to maintain a relationship of courtesy and civility; this brings with it the responsibility to refrain from any military act or act of espionage towards either party. In order to maintain the best possible relationship it is required of the signatories to withhold no information from the other signatory. Such information may include hurtful and damaging details of either alliance thus it is necessary an open channel of conversation be maintained.

The Bit At The End:

Should any of the aforementioned “Bits” be considered breached it would be advised to cancel this pact. In the event of cancellation the canceling signatory must give 72 hours advanced notice bringing with it a period of grace. During the grace period all “bits” of this treaty will remain obligatory while affairs between the alliances are finished or the problem solved via private channels.

Signed For Sanctuary:

Zurital - Consul

Edmond - Consul

Lilmonkey880 - Grand Praetor

Cromwell4 - Praetor of Interior

Signed For The Golden Horde:

Partisan: Genghis Khan of The Horde

KingSVH: Beklare-bek of The Horde

Combat Pope: Vizier of Diplomacy for The Horde

Rawdon: Vizier of War for The Horde

Mylife125: Vizier of Internal Affairs for The Horde

Deeleeshush: Vizier of Finance for the Horde


Combat Pope

Vizier of Diplomacy

The Golden Horde


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