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Rise of a Dictator

Nagato the Great

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Alek Sigint sat in his office in the Capital Building: his 'manservant' though others would describe the relationship more as a friendly helper, Pegrand, stood next to him. The young Mandalorian president looked harried, and he was reading over a report made by Minister of the Interior Jack Antoniy. The report detailed a long critique made by Republic Party Secretary Fred Uehara of Sigint's policies, both introduced, and those he publicly announced would be introduced. Sigint read the entire thing, then in a sudden rage snarled and tore it in half, chucking the pieces as had as he could: they fluttered about two feet. Pegrand, apparently unperturbed by the fit of rage, calmly picked up the pieces and disposed of them in a nearby trash can. Sigint stood up, paced a little, then stopped, looking somewhat relaxed.

"Damn him...but I have my own agenda. He doesn't matter."

"Yes, sir."

Sigint went pacing again. "But Uehara doesn't know what i truly plan...first, the Senate will be dissolved. No, that wouldn't be good. The world would know that I had taken entire control of Mandalore. The Senate will be full of people who support me...good, intelligent, puppets."

"Of course, Sir."

"Anyway..." Sigint said with a sudden fervor. He chuckled. "No one could have realised that the 'elections' I wanted were just a guise to make people think I was such a democratic freak. I had won from the beginning. I deserved it anyway." he snorted. "I was the one who bargained for our independence."

He glanced down at the trash can, where the two scraps of paper lay.

"Have him shot."

"It'll be done, sir. By the way, you have Minister Antoniy waiting, he just arrived and says he has urgent news."

"Send him in."

Pegrand was gone for about a moment, then Minister Antoniy walked in, his large build dominating the room with the only other person being the average-built Sigint.

"Well?" Sigint said. "What's the matter?"

"A strike." Antoniy declared. "The Mandalorian Steel Company's factory in North Encerti.

"How many leaders?" Sigint demanded.


"Have them shot as well."

"They were, sir." Antoniy grinned.

"Ah..." Sigint grinned as well. "You learn quick. Anyway, get to Uehara, make it look like a murder...ah, I have the perfect idea..."


Two days later

"This is the Mandalorian International Station, bringing you the latest news from Encerti.

In the most recent news, fiery Republican Senator Fred Uehara was shot and killed while he was on his morning walk today. A man reportedly walked up to him and fired two bullets from a Bulldog revolver into the Senator's chest and face. He died immediately. The man was allegedly a over-zealous Republican who believed Uehara was not making the right decisions."

"Uehara will be missed, greatly." Sigint stated at a press conference. "Despite his detailed critiques of me and the Mandalorian Party, I acknowledge him as a great leader and a great man."

Present at his funeral were Sigint, Uehara's family, and a few close friends."

"In other news, the Mandalorian Steel Company Factory in North Encerti has finally resumed work after a strike. The three leaders met with Mandalorian government delegates and came to an agreement, though no wages will be raised or lowered. The Three leaders nor the Mandalorian government delegates refused to make any statement, though they did say that they expected the Company to become much more productive now."

OOC: you may respond IC :D

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"Labour unions have historically been the cause of a decline in production values and missed quotas. Budgets become bloated and unwieldy due to unneeded.... concessions..."

"We are pleased that your hard stance against the unions during the strike has payed off, however, we do recommend a slight bonus in wages to curry favour and further cement public opinion."

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To Nod: We considered doing so, but being a young nation doing so would put some stress on economy, so for now it is as it is settled.

To SST: We thank you for your recognition.

OOC: yep i'm back. :D

and i thought someone else was the ruler of Shinsei (forgot what's here) Teikoku?

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2 days later

Capital Building

Senate Chamber


"Gentlemen," Alek Sigint sat at the end of a long, metallic table, his face amused and relaxed. Around him sat 12 men, looking rather harried. "it is with great pleasure that I announce that the four Senators who quit two days ago have been replaced." He gestured to four men around the table, each of whom received applause. "At the request of the former Senators, their present location and status will not be revealed. I can assume they chose to simply become members of ordinary Mandalorian society. Now, onto more urgent matters..."

He motioned for Pegrand, who brought Sigint a yellow, worn folder. He opened it and withdrew a document.

"'The Sigint-A1 Satellite has been designed,'" he read off the document. "'Construction is to begin immediately.'"

The men around him applauded heavily; Pegrand grinned.

"Yes, my Senators, we of Mandalore will not stand to be excluded from Planet Bob's array of nations with satellites. As soon as the Sigint A1 is finished, and hopefully launched, no one will be able to launch a sneak attack on us."

A senator stood, and Sigint allowed him to speak. It was the main Science Division leader, Thomas Kitano.

"We expect this to be a deciding factor in our plans." Kitano said triumphantly. "No one in the world knows of the satellite, and by the time they do, we will have seen all we need."

Sigint smiled widely. "Yes...my friends, Mandalore will make its mark, I will make that true at whatever cost."

Many miles away, the bodies of four former Senators rotted in the Mandalorian Sun, with bullet holes decorating their bodies.

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Mandalorian International News

"In a strange incident today, an explosion was heard in Encerti Astronomical Facility F, followed by a plume of smoke. We do not know what caused the explosion, as the scientists there, as well as Special Forces Police stationed there, refused to comment on it. We do, however, have on crucial piece of information."

"I saw something go flying for a second," says an anonymous man who supposedly saw the explosion. "And then it fell back into the lab. It looked like some kind of large metallic thing, but I've got no idea what it is."

"The incident could be related to a similar explosion heard near Facility B, though this one was much smaller and was attributed to an equipment accident."


Capital Building, Encerti

"!@#$ting $%&@..." Sigint snarled. He paced around his office fuming, while Pegrand watched calmly. "Again. A-bleeding-gain. Are these scientists or !@#$@#$ kids we're letting build our satellite? Tell Kitano that if he doesn't get his men working like actual scientists I may have to find a more sensible person to head the project. Christ...and those bloody reporters! That is international !@#$@#$ news they just broadcasted my satellite over! Who the hell gave them permission to broadcast that damn footage? Who? I'll have their bleeding head pulverised!"

"Sir, we have reason to believe the media was acting of its own accord." Pegrand said slowly. "Apparently they believed it would be good for business."

"!@#$@#$ media..." Sigint sighed and sat at his desk. He pulled out a document and began writing.

"What's that, sir?"

"Permission to remove whoever's in office as the President of Encerti International Media and put John Carter in place."

"John Carter? He's a Mandalorian Party exe...ah..."

"That's right." Sigint grinned. "John at least won't start broadcasting stuff without my permission...oh, if only i could do what i want to do to that !@#$@#$ president...but too many mysterious murders will bode not well for me. Send for Carter, Pegrand."

OOC: I am allowed to post swearwords as long as it's IC, right? Please tell me because I don't want to be reported...

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Encerti Capital Buildin

Sigint sat at his desk, reading over a paper. It was an invitation from the UMS, to meet them and a Nod delegate at a 'secure location' after they had refused to allow Mandalore a military. The president was absolutely furious. He pulled out his gun, lay the paper on the floor, and shot it several times.

Behind him, Pegrand took the scraps and threw them away.

"Damn !@#$@#$ UMS..." Sigint snarled; a phone call interrupted him before he could rage on.

It was John Carter, and they exchanged greetings of "Hey, old buddy" before going on.

"We have reason," Carter said as he reclined in his chair of his office, "That the UMS may be sending spies into the Mandalorian territory."

"Spies?" Sigint asked incredulously, his rage out the window already.

"Spies." Carter affirmed. "In fact, it could be that they have one right now, in a position close to you. Or so my reports say."

"Bleeding...and you say it's someone close to me?"

"Yeah...someone you have a lot of contact with."

Pegrand glanced in Sigint's direction, but with wholly the wrong timing: his eyes met Sigint's, and in a flash second knew what was happening.

Before Pegrand could run, Sigint had shot him. Pegrand fell to the ground clutching his kneecap, where Sigint had shot him.

"Alek?" Carter asked. "What was that?"

"That," Sigint said. "was me relieving us of the fear of spies. It was Pegrand."

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Pegrand cried as he moaned in agony. "I'm no UMS spy!"

"Quiet, worm!" Sigint roared. "We'll find all about you later...shame it was you, Pegrand. To think I confided in you. John," Sigint said now into the phone. "Would you send up a couple of guards? We need to interrogate and kill this rotting !@#$%^&..."

OOC: Pegrand is not actually a UMS spy, before SOM convicts me...Sigint's paranoia and Carter's misinformation is all it is.

"You're making a damn mistake!" Pegrand could barely speak through the blood in his mouth. "I'm not a bloody spy, for Chrissakes!"

There was a swish, and a wet smacking sound, and Pegrand howled in pain. Pegrand was lying strapped to a cold, metal floor, and the figure of John Carter stood over him, holding a bloody, metal rod.

"Carter!" Pegrand yelled. "You traitor! You know I'm not a spy!"

Carter sighed. "Pegrand, Sigint would have done this sooner or later anyway. You know that. The president is paranoid...ever since what happened on...well, you know...."

"Why the bloody hell do you have to torture me then?! Why not just end it?"

"Pegrand..." Carter spoke with the voice of one who was speaking to a tantruming teenager. "If I don't torture you, Alek will know that I let you off easy. Only a little more, and then I will give you rest..."

An hour later, there was a gunshot, and Pegrand was no more.


Encerti International Media

"Welcome again to the daily Mandalorian International News. Here to join us is the president of our company, John Carter."

"Thank you, Viktor, and again, welcome to the Mandalorian News. We have some excellent news to discuss...

"First off, we've traced the explosion that occured at the research facility a few days ago, and we're happy to say that it's completely under control. The explosion was a result of negligence on the part of the Senior Captain of the facility, who has been dismissed."

"In even more important news, Mandalore has begun construction of its first satellite, the Sigint A-1. This satellite is to be used purely for geographic and scientific uses only...."

OOC: To clear confusion, he says they began construction just then, in reality they were almost finished.

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