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Aos Si Announcements!


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We gather here on this day the 26th of October, 2009, to announce a new beginning. A group of people who will strive in every way to be the best they can be have taken an oath of unity to travel down a road many walk, but few remain on. We have something few have though. Determination. And so today, the descendants of the Tuatha Dé Danann announce their return to the world of light. Ladies and gentlemen of Bob, we bring you the charter of Aos Sí.

Annala Aos Sí

Preamble -

Descended from Nemed and the Tuatha Dé Danann, our forefathers came from four northern cities: Falias, Gorias, Murias and Finwe. They arrived and went to battle against the Fir Bolg. After their victory they settled on the coast of Ériu. However they were beaten in a third and final battle, and exiled underground into the Sidhe mounds. There we are banished, awaiting the right time to return to the light and the green hills of Ireland...

Article I -

We are an exclusive people, and shall not accept just any person that wishes to be a part of us. The quest to become a part of Aos Sí is a long and tedious one. Not everyone will make it through and those that don't will not be permitted to go through the quest again until such a time we deem them ready.

Article II -

The Trí Dé Dána are the sovereign leaders of our people. As the sovereign leaders, they have the final authority on all matters, and can create or remove any position as they please. Some actions, such as declarations of war and treaty ratification require a 3/3 in favor of the action. The Trí Dé Dána serve until resignation, at which point the remaining shall appoint a new person.

Article III -

The people of Aos Sí are known as Daoine Sídhe and they have all the privileges that come with such an honor. All those who passed the quest and are admitted shall be considered Daoine Sídhe until such a time one of the Trí Dé Dána or the community of Aos Sí cast them out on a majority vote. If such a time comes, the person cast out shall not be allowed to return.

Article IV -

The Annala Aos Sí shall be amended as the Trí Dé Dána see fit. A majority of the Daoine Sídhe and 2/3 of the Trí Dé Dána are needed to pass the amendment.

The Trí Dé Dána are as follows:

Darkest Wish



Also, we have decided the NSO aren't such big bad ebil siths as many think they are, and they've agreed to help us out while we're still wee ones!

NSO Protectorate Agreement with Aos Si


In the spirit of good will and friendship, the New Sith Order and Aos Si do enter into this treaty of protection.

Article One – Sovereignty

Aos Si retains all the rights of a sovereign alliance for the duration of this agreement. However, the New Sith Order does issue a Sith Executor to Aos Si for as long as it is considered necessary. The Sith Executor serves to advise and assist the government of Aos Si, and does not hold any official governmental authority.

Article Two – Protection

For the duration of this treaty, the New Sith Order agrees to protect Aos Si from any and all unprovoked attacks. In addition to military protection, the Order will aid Aos Si through political and diplomatic channels when needed.

Article Three- Termination

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time. Should this agreement be terminated, Articles One and Two will remain in effect for twenty-four hours.

Signed for Aos Si:

Trí Dé Dána:




Signed for the New Sith Order:

Ivan Moldavi, Dread Lord of Stromholde, Dark and Sovereign Lord of the New Sith Order, Sith Emperor

Doppelganger, Dark Lord of the Sith

Heft, Sith Lord

Lennox, Sith Lord

Cheyenne, Sith Lord

LintWad, Sith Lord

Council for Peace

Rebel Virginia, Master

Chron, Marauder

WentWorth, Marauder

ConeBone, Marauder

Please join us on this glorious day, our public channel is #TDD on coldfront, and our forums are located at http://aossi.freeforums.org/index.php

o/ Aos Sí

o/ NSO

Edited by Darkest Wish
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Coming from you, that is hilarious.

Oh the irony:


Good luck, Aos Si.

Edit: Quotefail.

I laughed very hard.

That is because of his loyalties, not for any other reason.

He left IAA to hopefully help it out, they did not.

Difference? yup.

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My opinion of IAA dramatically increased two-fold with him not in IAA.

not like it really matters, but its the thought that counts, right?

I suggest counseling. It helps with those kinda things.

Have fun with them, NSO.

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We are an exclusive people, and shall not accept any person that wishes to be a part of us.

So you are only taking people who don't want to be in the alliance? Or you're not taking any applicants at all? In either case, I eagerly await your arrival on the Sanction Race - see you 123,924 years.

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