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creating alliance?


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hi im a newbie in cybernations, i just joined 5-6 days ago. i joined an alliance named the legion(famous) but they got doomed just after i joined them now i may resign from the legion.

i wanna know can i make an alliance with my friends? my nation is a new and poor country. i wonder only great and experienced nations can make alliances or little countries can make too.

and how can we change our AA to user created alliances?

how we can recruit people?

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Hi there,

If you are looking to create your own alliance at 5-6 days old, I doubt you will be very successful since you have been here for so little time. If I were to give you my advice, I would say wait at least 1-2 months before deciding to make your own alliance just so you get a little feel for the game.

However, if you honestly feel your ready, and you think you can create a great alliance, you may want to read this for more information: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=220

And to answer your question, you can simply recruit people in-game by searching for people who have "None" as their AA.

Good Luck.

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Hi, and welcome to CyberNations! To answer your questions, yes, you can make your own alliance. When you go to the Alliance box, scroll through until you find "Specify Other", as seen here. Experience isn't a problem, as long as you're having fun with it. Recruiting is easy. You can go to (I'm assuming here) your school or work place, and see if anyone is intersted in joining. But that's not the only way. You can PM people in game, although since you're new, I would advise only asking other newbies to join you.

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You can go to (I'm assuming here) your school or work place

The negative to this is, if more than one of you use the same IP, be prepared for the

nations to be deleted.

Multiple Users On The Same IP Address

Due to rampant abuse of the good faith of the moderation team, we will no longer be allowing multiple nations to be controlled on the same unique internet connection by different family members or roommates. By the estimation of our game moderation staff a large number of these reports of family members or roommates actually controlling these nations are entirely fraudulent and are being made simply as a free pass to cheat. The Cyber Nations Game Moderation team will be reviewing all previously reported "multies" and taking appropriate action where necessary. We have all the information we require for the investigation, so please do not bombard our game moderators with your specific pleas to save your nations. If you are not a multi, we will be able to tell.

Good luck.

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Also a tip, if you want your alliance to be taken seriously, I suggest reading up on CN lingo, history, and using good grammar and spelling, and having a general good attitude.

Yes. Also get someone protecting you that will help you and such.

Me, I've always been HoG so I don't know how many alliances work so I can't help you there.

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If you have friends on here already, then its good to make an alliance, but their are alot of alliances that like to attack small alliances, like rogues, who get a kick out of attacking small and defencless alliances. If you build up, and get strong so you can aid members, then you can build on from there. Recruit, get a forum set up, and you will be on your way. Get allies, get protected and then your on a clean run.

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