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From the Desk of the GATO Assembly Chairman


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It is an honor to come to each of you today with some very exciting news. We have been working our tails off over the past few months and today I am excited to celebrate our reaching and passing of a couple of milestones.

As you see below, GATO has reached the 16K Avg NS goal we set for this term and we have also reached and broken 1K nukes.


Lastly I would like to officially invite everyone out to celebrate GATOween this year. We have revived the GATOween celebration this year and is open to all.

Here are the contests involved:

  • Two Spam contests: we will give an award for the alliance, and the team color. It will start on Wednesday and conclude Saturday.
  • Avatar Costume: submissions Wednesday - Thursday, votes Friday - Saturday
  • Best Scary story: submissions Wednesday - Friday, votes Saturday
  • Trivia: on IRC at #gatoween on Coldfront, Saturday night

Registration begins Tuesday, Oct. 27th and will continue through to the end of the festival.

Please note:


EDIT: It seems a memo of mine was misplaced on my desk.

We have a new recruitment video to unveil as well:

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To reiterate my sentiments in the ODN Embassy:

I see rays of green,

mushroom clouds too.

I see them boom,

from me to you.

And I think to myself,

what a nuclear world.

Congrats to all my fellow proliferating nations.

Also, go go GATOween!


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