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Carthage Rolls to War!

Sargun II

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Valencia, Spain - 0800

"Hola, mami!" Colonel Wonderson called out to the Spanish woman just across the street whose dress never managed to get snagged on all of the rose bushes she kept planting and tending to. She turned around and waved her hand dismissively. "Ah, get off my lawn!" The Colonel smiled and turned around to his Lieutenant. "Let's go, Michaels."

The Lieutenant and the Colonel strolled down the Carthaginian-controlled city as they alternated between taking calls from a rather large, green phone. For about ten minutes the two continued to talk, their voices sometimes rising. After ten more, the Colonel ripped the phone away from his Lieutenant and uttered a short goodbye. He turned to the Lieutenant and said, "You know, Lieutenant, we have a habit of hanging up on our superiors."

"That we do, sir."

"Come on, stroll's over. I got my legs the exercise they needed, how 'bout you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Ah, don't be a sti--"

Colonel Wonderson cut himself off and, grabbing his Lieutenant, rushed behind a stone wall. Half a second later, a rocket-propelled grenade erupted in the spot the two had been. The Colonel growled and pushed the stunned Lieutenant to the ground, then took out his pistol and waited. As a man heavily dressed in denims and bandannas crossed the threshold carrying an AK-47, the Colonel clubbed him and ripped the assault weapon out of his hands. Holding the pistol to the man's face, the Colonel demanded to know who he was.


"Not your name, damnit!"

"Cuiusque modi."

"What the hell is--"

"I would suggest putting your gun down, Colonel."

The Colonel stiffened and dropped the gun quickly. It discharged and struck the man behind him, and he twisted around and gave the man a face full of elbow. The Colonel grasped the AK-47 in his hands and took aim, shooting the two terrorists as they scrambled for their weapons. Sighing of relief, the Colonel took off down the street and kicked his Lieutenant. "Could have given me a warning!"





All across the Carthaginian protectorate, groups of terrorists have detonated IEDs, launched RPGs and raided police stations and other military camps. Carthage had a minimal presence in their own protectorate after the fall of Spain, instead keeping it up to the locals to have their own governing. Unfortunately, they failed to spot this militant group rising. Several thousand young men, mostly poverty-stricken and many illiterate, had joined the ganglike Cuiusque mode. They managed to smuggle in weapons due to lax laws and politicians, instead of fighting crime, instead put free money in the hands of criminals under loose welfare laws.

It was a failure by all.

Valencia was taken in three hours. Madrid in seven.

Next up: Carthage.

OOC: I was attacked in-game. Nobody else is allowed to send troops or aid or anything unless you do so in-game, in which case I'll RP it out.

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Italian Troops in Carthage

General Junio Borghese sent Italian troops to support Carthage today, one day after it was attacked by rouge anarchist terrorist groups "2000 Italian Troops of the I° Corpo Truppe Volontarie Italiane (Corps of Italian Volunteer Troops or CTVI) were dispatched today to the aid of the Kingdom of Carthage and the defense of the City," reported RAI Radio-Television today.

In Rome, General Junio Borghese said troops have already landed landed in Tunisia and are ready to take position in the outskirts of the city with Frontline duties. The first task of the expeditionary force was said to be defense of Carthage and liberate all cities captured by the terrorists.


"They will not prevail"

Edited by Junio Borghese
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Colonel Wonderson looked over the reports. Cuiusque modi also attempted to assassinate the gang leaders Biff Webster and Kellory; their gangs, however, returned the favor. In retalation, the Blacky gang declared war on Cuiusque modi, effectively starting a 3-on-1 gang war in Spain.

Carthage was the first to be hit. Hijacked cruise missiles (souped up with additional explosives) struck at Gibraltar but their damage was minimal. Missiles were lobbed back at high-activity targets, wounding over 120. Air strikes managed to shoot down four F-22s in quick dogfights, and bombing caused the death of over 80 soldiers and destroyed dozens of tanks.

The insurgents struck outside of the city of Carthage first. An unprepared guard of ten thousand soldiers was struck by a three-pronged attack. Without artillery support or armor, the men managed to fortify their position and managed to destroy fifteen hundred tanks. Unfortunately, the east line wavered and the north positions quickly ran out of surprise. The troops retreated in a hurry, taking massive casualties. The fort and all of the remaining supplies and weapons, numbered at about three hundred thousand dollars, were seized.

Seven thousand, three hundred eighty-five Carthaginian soldiers lost their lives. Cuiusque modi lost more soldiers overall - including fifteen hundred tanks - but numbers are unknown at this time.

In Valencia, a more costly defeat would be lost. with only six thousand soldiers, the Carthaginian guard held off an assault of fifteen thousand Modi men. A thousand Modi tanks shelled the town relentlessly, damaging at least 92 miles of land in and around the city. Anti-tank infantry from buildings destroyed 992 of the tanks and killed more Modi soldiers than they lost. Unfortunately, reinforcements would be too much and the men needed to pull back. Over eight hundred thousand dollars worth of equipment was left.

Anarchy prevailed in the city. Six of our spies were killed trying to escape, and all remaining tanks nearby were destoyed. Troops were dangerously low and the government was thrown into chaos. Two major highway routes were bombed, technological plans were burned and hundreds of thousands of dollars in computer equipment was ravaged. The government of Carthage was cut by a third.

Then real fighting began. In a super-aggressive offensive near Carthage, Carthaginian troops raided the captured fort with over a million dollars worth of weapons and Modi equipment. Although losing disproportionately more soldiers and tanks, the men foughto ff a retreating force. Although wounded and cut off, the troop prepared for a second offensive. They fought valiantly and caused disproportionate amounts of casualties, three to a man. Unfortunately, due to their being surrounded they were forced to drop about 45% of their stolen goods back into enemy hands and escaped.

The Carthaginian navy sailed to Spain and Tunisia and started campaigns to secure the coasts and reinforce the battles.

Biff Webster, the gang leader from an attempted assassination, donated three million dollars worth of military equipment (they looked over the fact that it was from a gang, obviously) and two thousand soldiers to the cause.

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The bureaucrat slid across the room, on to the floor still holding his bloody face as Hannah stood up from her throne, rage in her eyes and taking her saber from its sheath held it towards the mans face. Valeria and her Lillians only watched in silent as the other bureaucrats shook in terror at what had transpired in front of them and finally after a heart-stopping five minutes of the downed businessman staring up at Hannah's sword she finally withdrew and he collapsed in a pool of sweat, saved only by the Potentate's benevolence at this point.

"Please, get this filth out of my sight, the next time I ask for money to be spared for my allies I do not need to be told of its effects on the Hanseatic budget. Mr. Moruo, I am well aware that we do not have the riches of every other country in this world and that alone should make this fight even more so worth winning. If it was acceptable I would donate more to the cause, but at the moment we cannot hope to do such a thing and so we make sacrifices when and where we can. Perhaps you should understand this the next time I ask in what monetary ways will we be able to aid our allies."

"Y...Y...Yes Ladyship. My apologies." Said the bureaucrat before he felt the sharp fingernails of Lady Sangral sink into his shoulder.

"Now I believe you were asked to leave." The Lillian Commander turned him immediately away to her guards near the doors and the bureaucrats were sent back up onto the surface. Once the doors were shut, Valeria turned back towards the throne and looked up as the Potentate took her seat once again. "Is there any other real word as to what is going on in Carthage?"

Hannah sighed. "No and that is what precisely what is worrying me. Our sisters have not given us any indication of the status of our 'holdings' if you will are still intact. But it is to the Carthaginians' credit that they allow the status of the Cult to grow as they did. This aid goes to more than just the strength of material temples, there is a friendship that we can never take for granted, for I trust that in the Hansa's calling out they will be there as well." She closed her eyes and smiled. "We have few friends, but the friends we do have, there are bonds there that I hope are never broken. I can only pray that this small act of faith will continue down that path."

"That we can't do more." Valeria grimaced. "I know the Hansa is weak at the moment, but..."

Hannah crossed her legs and placed her hands on her chin. "Well perhaps there is a bit more we can do for the Following itself. I don't know how much use fifty Lillians and yourself will be Valeria, but if anything you can at least report to me what is really happening over in North Africa. That of course is if my Lillian Commander is up for such a challenge."

The Knight bowed with a twisted grin on her face. "I will make sure that any terrorist caught fifty miles from one of the 'temples' is slaughtered without quarter. North African stability will not be destroyed because of the desires of weak criminals."

"Then I will send word to Romano that the money is already on its way, I'm sure he'll appreciate some fifty pretty little things coming along as well."

Valeria only checked her sword and nodded.

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In his office, Anderson was conversing with Harlem.

"Ironic. The conquerors find themselves under seige. How fitting, don't you agree?"

Anthony almost didn't respond, but then he nodded. "Though it is a shame they may be nuked, causing the innocent to suffer. How in the world did a supposedly rag-tag team of terrorists obtain nuclear weapons?"

"Most disturbing. Should we send them aid?"

The diplomat/assassin looked straight into the eyes of the Administrator. "Only if they are actaully nuked."

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Lavo got the news rather quickly. He was agitated and angered, emotions he rarely expressed. "Get me on the line with the MoD immediately." Soon enough, the MoD answered, every second counted. "General, I want you to send 2000 of our best regulars down to Carthage, along with 3 Million credits worth of equipment and armament ASAP." The general on the other end sighed. "Alright, I'll send it out within the hour." "Thank you general." With that, Lavo slammed down the phone and got back to his work.

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Tom Dobbs observed the news coming across his desk with disdain. Terrorist attacks, nuclear weapons... this had the Green Flag's markings all over it. Yet a discrete search of their nuclear stores showed that all missiles were present and accounted for. Unless the Green Flag had been able to get their hands on a nuke some other way, there was no indication that this was them.

"Send financial aid to the Carthaginians. I have a feeling they are going to need it."

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ROMA - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed today that as many as 1000 Carthaginian refugees fleeing from the war will be resettled in the Italian Republic mostly in Calabria and Apulia, starting this week "Really for the first time, Italy is recognizing a refugee population that will be admitted to the Italian Republic as part of a resettlement program," says Roberto Ciano, Governor General of Somalia and Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For many in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the resettlement is part of a moral imperative the Italy has to clean up the refugee crisis created by the war in Northern Africa. The resettlement of refugees is "an important gesture for Italy to demonstrate that we're not heartless," says Minister Roberto Ciano.

Edited by Junio Borghese
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Port Gibraltar under assault by Carthaginian forces.

At 0820 this morning, another assault commenced. This one consisted of a minor raid on the port of Gibraltar. A few hundred men and twenty tanks assaulted an elite soldier training camp outside of Port Gibraltar. Bombings quickly targeted evacuated naval ships, destroying two corvettes, two landing ships, three cruisers and three frigates. The ships, purposefully destroyed in order to keep them out of the hands of Modi forces, were unfortunately also packed with explosives large enough to destroy several million dollars worth of collateral damage.


Carthaginian bombing of Modi base.

The men managed to kill five of the elite soldiers, but at the heavy cost of sixteen of their own and three tanks. After the bombings commenced, eleven more Carthaginian soldiers were slain in a surprise second attack and only three Modi troops were killed.


Modi troops narrowly escaping Carthaginian artillery strikes in the evacuation.


F-22s over the burning city.


Carthaginian military helicopter shot down on the outskirts of Carthage.

The Modi outside of the city of Carthage suddenly ceased their attacks, and the Spanish Modi troops sought to reinforce their own land grabs. In an effort to seek out and destroy the remaining Modi forces around Carthage, the military launched large-scale efforts to seek and destroy the troops. Many of the soldiers in Carthage left, leaving a garrison of around twenty thousand to seek and secure the city down. However..


Moments after the nuclear missile erupts.

A Modi missile launched from Gibraltar, equipped with a single nuclear warhead, landed on the North side of the city. The bomb detonated almost directly on top of a military air field where large numbers of planes were congregated. Over fifty squadrons of planes (bombers and fighters, mostly) were destroyed or severely damaged in the blast. Three thousand civilians were killed almost instantly, most of them attempting to get on a boat to leave the city.

All of the garrison in the city perished instantly.


Aftermath of the nuclear explosion.

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"Promised Land, while we dislike the Carthage regime, does not desire to see anyone suffer needlessly like this. We are willing to send financial, and yes, military aid, should the Carthaginians wish us to do so."

OOC: And yes, that means IG, too.

Edited by Subtleknifewielder
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Even after nuclear exchange Generalissimo couldn’t muster an ounce of sympathy for Carthage; those born from fires of conquest should be prepared to burn in those same flames.

Considering Carthage’s occupation of Spain something like Cuiusque modi was inevitable, their Spanish protectorate is a failed administration congested with corruption an stricken with near inescapable poverty, in such circumstances a resurgence of Spanish nationalism is unavoidable. Cuiusque modi proved they weren’t real freedom fighters, but it wasn’t Generalissimo’s problem.

Procinctia would never recognize Carthage’s current regime, ever, but the international community wouldn’t appreciate the sentiment right now - so Generalissimo didn’t say anything (it wasn’t his problem after all).

Edited by Generalissimo
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Gran Consiglio del Fascismo - Dipartimento per gli Affari Esteri

Great Council of Fascism - Department of Foreign Affairs

The Fascist Regime of Italica is ready to take the field alongside the Kingdom of Carthage and to send immediately the XII MVSN Army (1500 men) to defend the Capital and regain the other cities captured by the terrorists. The Grand Council awaits for a confirmation by the Government of Carthage to proceed. All the Italian People is with you in this dramatic hour.

Edited by Arathog
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