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Crossing the Final Frontier

king of cochin

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0 Ignition

+1 Lift off


The Yama-2 rocket propelled the Pushpak ever faster into the skies.


10 kilometers away at the Mission Control Center, CSRO, Karagndy, the CSRO scientists and engineers are barely breathing at the imminent fruition of decades of their work. Tensely they watched it lifting off.


Meanwhile several thousand feet above in the sky a JM2 took pictures of the space shuttle racing to the heavens.


Having jettisoned the boosters and with the imminent separation of the Yama-2 accelerator, PS-1 is now on its final trajectory, when Col. Vishwanathan, the Commander of Cochin's first manned space mission looked up the $@ pit windows and saw the sight that has always enchanted him, the sheer beauty of the globular earth nestled in the deep black velvet of absolute infinite space.

He could feel his body as weightless and light as a particularly anorexic feather of a hummingbird.

He looked left and aft at his 5 companions for this epic journey.

Lt. Col. Brijesh Mishra, the Navigator and Co-Pilot was monitoring all systems to make sure that everything was okay.

Directly aft was Dr. Kathleen Yeow, an astrophysicist from Royal Observatory who was gazing at the sight unfolding in front of her. To her right was Dr. Priyanka Chopra, the flight physician. Behind them the two Mission Engineers, Usman Kadiri and Pyotr Beketov were readying the TSF SPS satellite that was their payload for orbital launch.

A shudder throughout the shuttle denoted the separation of the Yama-2 final stage from the Pushpak and finally the space shuttle began its independent operation.

Col. Vishwanathan maneuvred the space shuttle into its orbital trajectory and signal was given to the two Mission Engineers and Dr. Yeow to suit up. They would go to the EVO Cabin, suit up in their EMO suits then go to the airlock cabin where they would be depressurized in presence of their payload. The three crew members attached themselves to the Umbilical cords tethering them to the shuttle.

During this first flight all crew members would get a chance to indulge in Extra Vehicular Activities.

Back at Karagandy, the mood was festive.

Mission Antrix was a success!

OOC: Bought a space program IG.

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After the launch of the TSF satellite and several experiments in space, the PS-1 space shuttle started its reentry procedure.

The culmination and validation of thousands of man hours of research, the ceramic tiles covering the vehicle insulated the heat of reentry from damaging the vehicle.

Finally through an assisted landing the space shuttle landed back at CSRO's Space Launch Center, Karagandy.

The Mission Antrix was a resounding success. The Frontier of space has been conquered.

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"Dear citizens of the Kingdom of Cochin, my fellow brothers of the world, Greetings.

Today I am proud to announce that the Kingdom of Cochin has successfully conducted a manned space mission. Till now Cochin had only mastered the unmanned aspects of space but today Cochin has truly mastered space.

The Project Antrix has been working for a long time to perfect various technologies for a successful manned mission. It has been personally stewarded by Dr. Vignesh Sarabhai, the Director of Cochin Space Research Organization.

This mission shall herald a new era in Cochin's space exploration. Cochin is also planning on launching a permanently manned space station in the near future.

I thank all citizens of the Kingdom of Cochin for the support the Kingdom has received and promises to continue to ensure the prosperity and peace the Kingdom has enjoyed. We shall strive with all our efforts to make Cochin a strong and great nation.

Once again I thank you all."

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"We congratulate Cochin on this achievement."

*** Private ***

After sending the message, Amyante read the news report again, and couldn't help but think that this information could prove useful indeed...

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