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The League Of Extraordinary Nations


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Recruitment into the League of Extraordinary Nations

The League of Extraordinary Nations is made up of experienced players with large nations in a small, exclusive alliance. We have several nations with Nation Strengths above 20,000 and have survived more than one war untouched. We don't go to war unless we have not choice and we absolutely do not tech raid. We are committed to helping those that find their way to our door through careful aid and advice and huge wads of unending cash.

Every nation in our alliance that rises above a certain size aids 2 nations at the bottom of our list and that aid comes around every 10 days. If you are in the priority aid section of the nation list then you get aid every 10 days. As long as you are in the bottom slice of the nations you get the aid. Each round of aid is £1,000,000 in cold hard cash. Yes, you heard me right - £1,000,000 every time.

We are always looking for people who need a home. If you are starting out and want to avoid those raiders and bullies who won't leave you alone then look us up. If you don't like the tech raiding policy of your current alliance then look us up. If you want to be in an alliance where you can roll in cash freely donated by other nations wanting to help then look us up. You can contact us easily here:

League of Extraordinary Nations Forums

We have had members of our alliance tech raided in the past but since we have kick ass foreign diplomats and frienships negotiated in good faith with lots of other alliances and ALL of our nations have had reparations paid to them. We believe that friendship and diplomatic relations with all the major powers are far more fruitful that any other means for our members.

If all this sounds like a good deal to you then drop by and join up.

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I joined and I have never found a group of better people

Daemon is an extremely capable and responsable leader as well

It's nice of you to say but there are really 4 of us who try to keep everything organised and we do a fair job between all of us.

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Before manner was, ye Elder ones were, and even yet their lord dwelleth amonge ye shadows to which if a manne sette his foote he maye not turn upon his track. And ye mortal which gaineth to ye black citadels of Koth and speaks with ye Darke Lord whose face is hidden, for a price may he gain hys heartes desire, ryches and knowledge beyond countinge and lyffe beyond mortal span even two hundred and fiftie yeares.

Let not ye mortals flynche as ye tyme draweth nigh for payment and ye fires of Hel laye hold upon ye vytals as the sign of reckoninge. For ye Prince of Darkness taketh hys due in ye endde and he is not to bee cozened. What ye have promised, that shall ye deliver. Amonge ye sonnes of men glide strange shadows for ever. Men see ye tracks of ye talones but not ye feete that make them. Over ye souls of men spread great black wingges. There is but one Black Master though men called hym Sathanas and Beelzebub and Apolleon and Ahriman and Malik Tous.

Approacheth now ye moment of payment. Ye ravens are flying. Ye bats winge against ye skye. There are skulls in ye starres. Ye soul and ye bodie are promised and shall bee delivered uppe. Not to ye dust agayne nor ye elements from which springe lyfe. Ye abyss yawns and ye debt is to paye. Ye light fayles, ye shadows gather. There is no god but evil; no lite but darkness; no hope but doom. Oh winges in ye black darke! Oh redde eyes in ye shadows! What is promised, what is writ in bloode is fulfilled! Ye lite is gulfed in blackness!


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Is Illum on crack right now?

Well forget about him. If you wanna join a medium sized alliance that is willnig to help you out alot, and provides protection, sign up!

Consul elections on Dec. 20th!

Signup now and you might be able to get a government position.

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