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Independence: A Beautiful thing


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In the past few weeks, three new nations have sprung up within Distopyan Territory. The Tintagylian cities of Valkurheim ((don't have a name from GG yet)) have gained independence, the Democratic Slavic People's Republic have formed a government, and the refugee government of Catahata have gained independence.

The DSPR will have an MDoAP with Crimea, while Valkurheim will be watched over by the Grünmacht and the Lillians.

**classified to territorial and surrounding governments except Valkurheim**

There will be a few Casus Bellis created if they should happen, and we hope the international community will recognize them as such.

1. If a woman named Angela Spencer should happen to land in Valkurheim, it will be a cause for war. She is a puppet master, and should be recognized as such.

2. If the government of Valkurheim begins to execute or otherwise harm the citizens or the city in anyway, it will be a cause for war.

In such an event, only Hanseatic and Crimean forces will be allowed in the nation, all others will be a violation of Crimean and Hanseatic independence.

**end classified**

We hope the governments will be both prosperous and long lasting.

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