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The New Empire / Octavia Orden Announcement


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The two alliances of Octava Orden and The New Empire hearby agree to a Mutual Defence Pact and a Peace, Intelligence and Aid treaty.

I. Friendships: The two above signatories agree to

-Not attack each other

-Not troll or verbaly abuse one another

-To provide eachother with any information reguarding the safety of one another

-To provide moral support

II. Aid & Intelligence: The two above signatories agree to

-Supply eachother with foriegn aid when asked or needed

-To help teach each other learn aspects of the game

III. Mutual Defense: The two above signatories agree to

-Assist each other with military and financial aid in the event that the other be attacked by another alliance

IV. Cancelation:

if either signatory wishes to cancel this treaty a 72 hour notification must be sent prior to a public announcement

Signed for The New Empire

High Council, Pickle

High Council, Mack

High Council, Thenb

Minister of War and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ucanttouchthis

Minister of Economics, thelittlejd

Signed for Octava Orden

Emperador, Ezequiel

Imperial Consejero, Biohazard

Imperial Consejero, NeoChe

Imperial Consejero, Schills

Imperial Regente, Marquis Chris 1

Imperial Oficial, ShadeKnight

Almirante of Asuntos Exteriores and Guerrea, Vacant

Almirante of Asuntos Internos and Riqueza, Jarvisd

Ministro of Asuntos Exteriores, Lilrekkie

Ministro of Guerra, Stock

Ministro of Asuntos Internos, Ty711

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Lennox, open bashing on the forums is not good for your health. Just because we do not agree on how we run our alliances is never a good reason for bashing, you don't see me doing it, do you?

Thenb, you spelled our name wrong. It's Octava Orden, not Octavia Orden. ;)

I am glad to have such good allies as you, best of luck to our future together. Also, ohhai UINE. :D

o/ TNE

o/ OO


Edited by Ezequiel
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Wait, what?

You already posted in this thread once, Eze so it's not like you didn't know about this 'treaty'. Obviously you wanted a treaty with TNE but have based it on no communication.

No, the government of TnE has not approved of it but the member posted it. Mack is too lazy to post, so I did.

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