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The Temple Lands

Lord Zephyr

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"After many months of darkness in the lands we have decided to officially give shelter to the people. Today we declare that these lands now belong the the Lord. Let them be known as The Temple Lands." Allyn said from the front of the main church at Thunder Bay. There was a large crowd but no camera Crews were visible as it is against the church laws, but the speech was recored and the word did get out to other countries through some posts on the internet and letters with the recording to the surrounding nations which were then broadcast to the world from there.

*Official looking document thats going to double as a constitution*

We the Priests of the Church of God Awaiting have united the land in his name! For too long have these lands remained dormant, but no longer! From this day forward The Temple Lands hereby declares itself into existence!

The Grand Vicar: Every ten years a new Grand Vicar is elected from the Council of Vicar’s. The Grand Vicar has control over all matters of the Church and State. His immediate subordinates are the Grand Inquisitor, the Head Treasurer, the Clergy Ambassador, and the Preacher of the People. If anything were to happen to the Grand Vicar power would go to that Group of Four.

Group of Four:

The Grand Inquisitor: Head of the Office of Inquisition, usually the most powerful of the Group of Four. His job is to seek out those who may go against the word of God and punish them. He has control over the army in war situations.

The Head Treasurer: He directs the funds for the Church. Every church funded organization or national project goes through him, including the funds for the inquisition.

The Clergy Ambassador: Head of the foreign affairs group.

Preacher of the People: Elected by the people along with the Grand Vicar he is the Grand Vicars main advisor and is the word of the people.

The Council of Vicars: The Council of Vicars is made of elected bishops and priests from every region of the nation. Once elected the Vicar’s serve for life or until they wish to retire. There are two ranks in the Council of Vicars, the High Vicars, and the Low Vicars. Each region is allowed to have One High Vicar, but the amount of Low Vicars depends on the population. The more heavily populated regions can have up to five Low Vicars. The purpose of the council is to elect the Grand Vicar, and to represent their regions in the council. They are also a legislative group when the Grand Vicar dictates and issue to be decided by them.

The Regions : The Temple Lands are divided into four Provinces each with a head (Dukes) voted for by the members of the Council in that Province every five years. Each province also has a Main Church that reports directly to the Church at Thunder Bay. The Provinces are divided into four regions where there are four main churches that all the churches in that region report to. Each province has a small regional army that reports to the Knights of the Temple Lands. All church taxes are collected by regional collectors that are fed to the Province Church, which then goes to the Church at Thunder Bay for redistribution through the lands properly.

Knights of the Temple Lands: The Knights are the Military force of the Pavilion. During times of peace they are lead by regional leaders. During a time of war they are under the direction of the Grand Inquisitor. If needed the people of the region may be drafted into the Knights ranks as regular soldiers. The only permanent soldiers are the Knight officers and the regular regional regime.

Current Leaders:

Grand Vicar: *under vote*

Grand Inquisitor: Matthew Kayne

Head Treasurer: Allyn Magawair

Clergy Ambassador: David Catryn

Minister of the People: Kyvyn Byrnstyn



OOC: V should be able to confirm the map.

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As we have gained our lands from Viniland we have decided it best to propose this this treaty.

Vini - Lands NAP

Non Aggression- Neither signer of this treaty shall directly or indirectly attack the other while this article is in effect.

If the Temple Lands are to fall into anarchy Viniland will reclaim the land under its protectorate.

If either signer wishes to leave this treaty there must be a 48 hours notice before the documents are officially dissolved.

Signed for the Temple Lands,

Matthew Kayne,

Grand Inquisitor

Allyn Magawair,

Head Treasurer

David Catryn,

Ambassador of the Temple Lands.

Signed for Viniland,

The treaty was sent with an ambassador to Viniland.

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"You say you are a people dedicated to God, yet you never say which God. These Temple Lands...which deity do you worship?"

"The one true god."

"The nation of Helzan under the command of the Queen Valkyrie declares the Temple Lands off limits to its citizens and likewise the citizens of Temple Lands are banned from entry to Helzan or its waters forever!"

"We respect your decision and are severely restricting tourism anyway."

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From the Office of David Catryn:

The Temple Lands Foreign Policy:

Aside from the NAP with Viniland we are not looking for any foreign relations. We will be neutral in all conflicts. May there never be blood shed on the Holy Lands.

Tourism: Absolutely none. If any citizens of other nations are found in the Temple lands with outside technology that violates the laws will be apprehended an proper punishment will be dealt. All Airports are closed and are currently being dismantled, all highways are being monitored by Inquisition Officials. We ask that any flights of international airplanes be flow away from large city centers.

Trade: Trade may continue with outside nations as long as those nations agree to a search on all Items entering the Nation.

We expect other nations to respect our laws the same as we would theirs.

Thank you,

David Catryn,

Clergy Ambassador of the Temple Lands

This letter was sent to the offices of all North American Nations and it was will be sent to any other nation that inquires about the foreign policies of The Temple Lands.

What do you call your god?

"The Lord, God, and our Father are the three most common names."

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Where is the capital of this nation?

OOC: It better be Minneapolis or Saint Paul :mad:

The head Temple is in Thunder Bay on the northern coast of Lake superior.

OOC: Needed a city close to water :/ Besides Minneapolis is a Province capital. Plus Minneapolis is too big of a city to be host to a religion thats anti technology. At least at the start. After what I've done I think lots of people would be willing to come to us in the big cities. 5 months without electricity, gas, and the only food imported in is from small farmers who just so happen to be a part of the Church and were able to spread the good news with their food ;D. Don't worry though, things will look up a bit. As much as I would love to lower the tech level all the way to 18th century level That'd be too ridiculous for a modern society to accept immediately.

Edited by Lord Zephyr
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"If we ever engage in relations, please leave all religious paraphernalia at home. I SHALL NOT BE CONVERTED! I became agnostic just to avoid that. ^_^ "

-HRH King James I

"No worries King, unless you wish to become a permanent citizen of The lands we will not force the Religion on you."

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"Zargathia welcomes the Temple Lands into North America. Something tells us you'll fit right in. From a religious point of view, of course."

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Selenarctos recognizes The Temple Lands.

OOC: Will you be continuing any of your old characters in this nation, or is it completely separate?

"We thank you all for your recognition.

OOC: Just one, but you wont know it IC. Matthew was the Minister of Intelligence at Raochin.

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"Very interesting policies you have set in place there, nevertheless we welcome you to the world stage."

OOC: Sounds like a crazy version of the knights of st. john you are building.

OOC: It's actually based off this novel and its sequels.

IC: Promised Land considers this an unusual nation, but recognizes it nonetheless. After all, the world is full of unusual nations. What is one more?

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