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Viva la Revolution!


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The British Public have grown tired of King Charles' arrogant ways, and over the past few days riots have ensued across the capital. A vote of no confidence was issued by Prince William, however before it could go through, the King was assassinated. The Prince remarked; "I understand this equates me the automatic ascendant to the throne. Despite this being the solution I was hoping for, I cannot suggest I am pleased to see my father brutally murdered, let alone our rightful King."


The scene outside Buckingham Palace upon William's coronation.

In his first official address to the nation and the globe, King William made an historical move:

"Greetings my loyal subjects.

I would like to extend my most gracious thanks to all those who have supported me in this movement. Despite this being the solution we were all hoping for, I cannot suggest I am pleased to see my father brutally murdered, let alone our rightful King.

Never the less. Britain requires leadership, and I am here to deliver it.

First and foremost, I am removing Britain from the Treaty of Buckingham. It was a pitiful attempt to combat the axis of the east made by this nation's former leadership. As such, we wish no part of it. Our aims hence forth are peace on this Earth. I aim to reform this United Kingdom to its former glory.

India is hereby granted full and unconditional independence. For now, a governor shall be assigned to ensure its stability until appropriate leadership is capable of taking over from its reigns. I wish them all the best in the future. All Indian soldiers conscripted into the Imperial Army are hereby discharged from their duty, and I would like to thank them all personally for their commitment to the cause.

The Empire itself is thus abolished. The United Kingdom is reformed, and all overseas territories, including for example, Iceland, shall actually be considered them - and not an Imperial possession. We shall continue to fund them appropriately, secure their prosperity and maintain their defence. The Netherlandic territory retained unknowingly to the majority of the international community will be reverted a status identical to that of India, until it is ready to become fully independent.

Once again, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland is born. We, a land of hope, history, prosperity, freedom and glory - had returned. And so it begins."

A member of the crowd screamed, "God save the King!", and the crowd erupted into applause.


Thus, the sun set on the Empire.

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The Govener of the Falklands was left somewhat bewildered at this, where the hell did this leave him if the king had just discharged all overseas territories? was he incharge of his own country now or what?

"It is considered an overseas territory once more. You remain governor of the Falklands."

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All across the Republic of Vietnam, church bells tolled and people celebrated the end of the British Empire.

Statement from the government:

"It is a truly wise move for the British to end their imperialistic ways. We hope that by doing so, our relations may prosper, and we also hope that we can annex begin peaceful negotiations with the Indian subcontinent. However, along with this great statement, we also send out our most humble condolences to the King William for the brutal assassination of his father."

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