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Kuwaiti Emirate News & Actions


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Bordering two imperialist, unfriendly nations, the Grecian Empire and the British Empire, and bordering one uneasy neighbor, Russia, it has been decided to beef up the defenses of the Kuwaiti Emirate to prevent against invasion. This will be a three part process, and the first part involves constructing defenses in the Middle East proper.


Orange = Main Missile Defense Locations

Red = Secondary Missile Defense Locations

Brown = Naval Fortifications Locations

Yellow = Border Fortifications

Blue = Standard Naval Patrol Area

Light Blue = Ideal Minefield Locations


The missile defenses have been placed at strategic places around and throughout the nation, ensuring that no missile will be able to come through undetected. These sites will be able to f strike down ICBMs. In addition, the secondary missile defense systems are capable of launching missiles against aircraft. Radar and detection sites are being set up as well in addition to satellites. A few dozen or so satellites are expected to be launched to work alongside these defenses.


Concrete is being poured along the northern border of the KE to build thousands of miles of trenches and hundreds of bunkers. These defenses are designed to slow and stall a conventional invading army. Dragonsteeth, Czech hedgehogs, and minefields are being placed at strategic locations in front of the trenchworks. The full system will be manned by a few hundred thousands soldiers when completed.


The military is looking for 1 million volunteers willing to join the active duty army, which would raise the total to over 3 million men. These men will be given the best training available. In addition, the military has begun production of Strykers and M1A2 Abrams tanks to support these men for desert warfare.

In addition, 3 million men are being recruited to join the reserves. Many men prefer this option as they will only be called to arms during times of serious peril.


Attempts are being made to modernize the less developed parts of the Kuwaiti Emirate, including Somalia, Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Madagascar.

Infrastructure Millions of dollars are being granted to these pour nations and thousands of workers have been hired to start construction of buildings, universities, houses, schools, public utilities, road, and railroad lines. This lowers the high unemployment rate and allows a greater money flow in these regions. Slums are being torn down and replaced with low income housing. The goal is to have electricity, natural gas, and potable water in most homes in the next few years. In addition, transportation will be greatly increased.

Education School is now mandatory from the ages of 5 to 16. Children are required to pass a high school exam and get the required number of credits to graduate. These are the required HS classes:

4 years - Arabic OR Persian

4 years - Arabic OR Amharic OR Swahili OR English OR Somali OR Persian OR Tigrinya OR Malagasy

4 years - Mathematics

4 years - Physical Education

4 years - Islamic Studies

3 years - Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

2 years - Humanities


3 years - 3rd language

If you receive a B average or higher you are eligible to go to a university or other setting of higher education. Drop outs are required to go into the military.

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So far only 500,000 men have joined the active duty army, and are currently undergoing training. This will boost the current active duty to slightly over 3 million men.

With the news that Russia and China had merged into Northasia and the return of imperialist Britain, the amount of men volunteering for the reserves has swelled. So far 2 million eligible men (must be age 18-40) have signed up to defend the nation should it be threatened. These men are undergoing training as well.

In cooperation with the American Confederation, 3,000 Abrams tanks are being produced for this military force. The majority of the tanks and men are being stationed in Middle East proper.


After losing contact with Genedius, troops were sent in to investigate. Apparently there is no functioning government but instead different warlords fighting each other for land. As a result, the nation of Genedius (including its states of Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina, Cote D'Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, and Guinea) are hereby incorporated into the Kuwaiti Emirate. The primary objective will be to stop the needless violence and form government capable of ruling themselves. Should any local government arise that is not corrupt but rules its people fairly then they will be allowed to rule their nation independently. It is not known how long, if ever, this will take to happen so effective immediately 200,000 troops are being sent in to quell the violence.


The Kuwaiti Emirate is proud to have an anti-colonization attitude in this modern world. However, there is a difference between controlling a piece of land halfway across the world and helping out neighbors who have fallen in anarchy. The neighboring nations of Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Uganda have been in anarchy for more than half a year since the British left. A plebiscite is being held to decide whether these nations would like to join the Kuwait Emirate. If they accept, their situation will be similar to that of former Genedius. If any local governments come about they will be allowed to rule.

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The plebiscites have been held and after a week of tallying the votes, the results have been finalized. We welcome Sudan, Eritrea, and Djibouti to our nation. Uganda has voted against joining the Kuwaiti Emirate at this time and we fully respect this result, wishing our southern neighbors well.


As the defenses of the Arabian Peninsula are being finished, Phase 2 has been started.


Orange = Main Missile Defense Base

Red = Secondary Missile Defense Bases

Brown = Naval Fortifications/Base

Blue = Proposed Minefields

Yellow = Afrikabahn

White = Heavy Trenches/Bunkers and groundworks


The Afrikabahn is but one way the Kuwaiti Emirate is attempting to modernize these southwestern African nations. It is a series of large freeways designed to facilitate quick and easy travel. This is expected to increase trade when completed, largely because railroad tracks will be placed along the Afrikabahn as well.


The proposed minefields will make it much more difficult and strenuous for invading armies to reach shore. These technologically advanced mines are capable of destroying a ship's hull and sinking it. In addition to these minefields, strategic positions are sure to be patrolled by the ever increasing Kuwaiti naval forces.


The bunker system will impede any invading foe. Coupled with miles of trenches manned by the dedicated KE military, it can bring invading armies to a screeching halt and create enough time for support troops to come help repel the invaders. The bunkers can survive most missile strikes and minefields, Czech hedgehogs, and dragonsteeth will all be used as well.

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For the first time, the reserve has been called up due to an elevation in world tensions and a possible threat to the Kuwaiti Emirate. The military, numbering 3.5mill active and 4mill reserve, has been put on full alert.



Plans for the wellbeing of the KE and Africa

The red lines are obviously troop movements into German Africa and the former Greater North Africa while the yellow line shows entrenched troops ready to repulse any invasion. Additionally, more troops have been placed along the borders of India, Greece, and Northasia.

The navy and air force have also been put on alert. Areas that are being heavily patrolled include the Mediterranean, northwest Indian Ocean, and West Africa.


Construction has begun for the Four City Plan. The cities of Kuwait City, Tehran, Dubai, and Baghdad are having urban bunkers built. These bunkers are designed to shield a fraction of the population from a possible nuclear holocaust and as a result are being built to withstand nuclear strikes. In addition, a secret bunker is being constructed in Kuwait City, equipped with everything for the government and military to function normally.

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The Kuwaiti Emirate Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released the following treaties for public viewing:

MDP Bloc - African Union (Members: South Africa, Kuwaiti Emirate)

MDP - Indonesian Archipelago

MDP - American Confederation

They also released the following statement "We have previously stated written treaties were worthless, however we believe these three nations are valuable allies. They have beliefs and ideologies similar to our own, and are extremely trustworthy, we are indeed fortunate to have such good friends."

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With 50 states, the Kuwaiti Emirate has recently swelled in size, to just over 950,000,000.


Light Green: Arabian Region

Red: Horn Region

Green: Tropics Region

Blue: Central Region

Yellow: Saharan Region

Pink: Western Region

Purple: Atlantic Region

Orange: Southern Region

The white square denotes the capital state of its respective region, assisting with all regional affairs and housing the regional Federal Reserve bank and Circuit Court of Appeals.


Each state is encouraged to recruit more active and reserve soldiers. This will help alleviate a slight portion of unemployment, one of the problems of the poorer states. Volunteers are expected to be signing up rapidly, due to the tensions with the British Empire.

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Part 3 is currently beginning construction. As seen here, the Emirate will soon be blanketed by heavily fortified defenses. In addition, the pink squares are aid stations. Aid will be handed out to all needy African countries that request it.


We have decided to keep Morocco independent to create a buffer zone between the British Empire and Kuwaiti Emirate. No military forces will be allowed into Morocco, however humanitarian aid stations have been set up. Extensive polling suggests the Moroccans do not want to be ruled by the Kuwaiti Emirate and especially not by the British. They prefer to be independently ruled and we respect that. Any military movement into Morocco will be treated as an act of war against the Kuwaiti Emirate.


The Mozambique Confederacy and Republic have joined the AU after days of negotiations, resulting in mass rallies of support and cheerings. The Emirate is glad to see the entirety of African nations united to ensure a secure Africa.

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