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The Marscurian Pakistani University of Science, Technology and Industry

KaiserMelech Mikhail

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In Marscury...

"Sire, is this a good idea?"

"Of course it is, why wouldn't it be?"

"First of all, barely 20% of our population can read or write, much less are able to get into a university!"

"Then we let foreigners in too. We could use the money."

"Teachers, professors, scientists, we have none of them either!"

"We'll hire them. As long as they can speak our languages, we should be fine."

"I still think you're making a mistake."

"Well I don't, and what I say goes. You'll see. This will make us truly great. The first University our country will have, just think of it."

In a call to TP Balagopalan Associates:

"Hello, I would like to speak to the CEO of your company."

"I'm sorry sir, but you can't just call and ask for the CEO. He's a very important man!"

"Well, so am I."

"Well, unless you're a king or something, I'm afraid you'll just have to speak to someone else."

"Not exactly a king, more of a Sultan."

"Yeah, you're Sultan Mikhail, and I'm the Queen of Cochin."

"I guess, I'm going to have to come up there myself."

Mikhail hung up, and then went to his jet. "Set a course for Cochin City." When the plane landed in the city, Mikhail went straight for the headquarters of the company. He walked into the lobby and went up to the front desk. "I'll speak with the CEO," he said.

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The receptionist was totally flustered at the sudden arrival of a VIP. In her confusion instead of pressing the intercom she unknowingly pressed the Alarm button.

The 20 or so armed security guards who raced to the lobby, to the accompaniment of loud hooters and blinkers would unsettle anybody. The receptionist immediately explained the matters to the security chief who was looking at the person in lobby with a certain malevolence.

On being called from the reception TP Balagopalan, the Chairman of TP Balagopalan Associates stormed from his 21st floor office to a lobby to find a confused scene.

A very flustered and confuses receptionist, 20 or so of his security guards with arms drawn staring at a foreigner.

"What is going on here?" Balu bellowed.

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"Hey there buddy," Mikhail said, waving at the very confused man, "I was just telling your receptionist that I wanted to have a little chat with you over an important project. Now before I knew what happened, I'm here, you're here, these twenty guys are here... I'm just waiting for the chips and punch and we can have a party. Now, about that project, shall we go to your office, or stay here? I'm comfortable either way."

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Realizing the identity of the person standing before him and his importance Balagopalan immediately welcomed him and escorted him to his offices.

"Your Excellency, I am truly sorry for the confusion in the lobby. We had no warning that you would be coming. So how may we serve you?"

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"I want your firm to design our new university," Mikhail said. "This will be a complicated undertaking, considering the complexity of the design. Do you think you're up to it?" Mikhail asked. "All you have to do is give me a yes, and I'll give you the details."

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"Splendid," Mikhail said. "Well, since this is the only university for the country so far, it sould be large, very large. I was thinking around 25,000 students on a very large campus. I have seen universities so large that they need busses. Let's get that too." Taking out a notebook that he had written on for the whole plane ride up, Mikhail cleared his throat and began to speak. "These are the buildings that I would like to have built: A computer science building, maybe we can build one that doesn't take up half a room; a mathematics building, a chemistry building, a biology building, an agricultural science building complete with greenhouse, a languages building, a Physics building, buildings for electical, mechanical and civil engineering, a political science building, a philosophy/religious studies building, a separate college of medicine, a college of business, a college of law, a college of music and art, a college of education, a college of mechanics, and a college of home economics for women who want to learn design, small business management and the like. We will also need on-campus requirements such as dormatory space for at least 20,000 students, a student union center, a very large library, several dining halls, and a healthcare center. Did you get all that? I can give you my notebook if you need me to."

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Balagopalan made the notes on a notepad and asked, "Sir, in this University you want all these individual sections, right? May I assume different buildings for Undergraduate/Post Graduate/Doctoral/Post Doctoral Research studies? In all a projected capacity for 25000 students and may I assume another 30,000 teaching and non teaching staff? This would require quite a lot of space. Sir, we would be willing to take up this contract. Perhaps I can submit a draft contract proposal next week when me and my team could come to your country to see the site for ourselves?"

OOC: I shall try to make a design for this University, if you would give me coordinates for some land, or some idea about what the overall geographical area of the plot would be. Or should I just assume it to a be a huge square? :D

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"I don't know if we'll need that many staff," Mikhail said, "plus, they will all probably commute. We would like to have separate buildings for the different levels of studies, but doctoral and post-doctoral can probably be combined. The faster you can get the proposal to us, the better. Of course you can come survey the site. I wouldn't have it any other way."

OOC: The location is north of the city of Marscury, which is situated where the Indus and Chenab Rivers meet, so it is pretty much just flat. If you want, you can pretty much just make it a big square.

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TP Balagopalan and his team of engineers arrived at Marscury in a few days and for one entire week took a highly detailed survey of the plot.

Pending the surveying they returned to Cochin to create a design for the university. After almost 2 weeks of designing he returned to Marscury to meet with the Sultan and presented the plans for the University.

"Your Excellency, all your requirements have been met in this plan with a few additional suggestions from our end. Here it is.


The Index for the design is :

1. Main Building - Administration

2. Main Library

3. Student's Union Building

4. Electrical Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering

6. Civil Engineering

7. Computer Science

8. Physics

9. Mechanics

10. Business

11. Law

12. Education

13. Political Science

14. Philosophy / Religion

15. Languages

16. Music/ Fine Arts

17. Home Economics

18. Greenhouse

19. Agricultural Science

20. Biology

21. Medicine / Hospital

22. Campus Police Headquarters

23. Healthcare Center

24. Stadium

25. Lake

26. Gardens

27. Biological water treatment plant

28. Water Supplies

29. Electric Sub Station

All the buildings in red denote student hostels. There are separate boys/girls hostels for each department. Each hostel would have its own dining hall. Buildings in Pink are staff residences. There is a large staff quarters area near the hospital which would be open for visitors.

According to our plan, the garden area and a large lake would be an essential part of the biosphere. The Biological water treatment plant would be used to have self sufficiency in water. Special plants and algae would be propagated to break down all biodegradable waste and feed the water back to the lake from which the water for consumption would be taken out.

We have designed a hospital along with the medical college as it would also provide for valuable community service and educational experience for the students.

The Main University building would serve as the administration block for the whole University and would have a Grand Hall for special occasions. The Healthcare center would have an indoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym, tennis, badminton courts etc. The stadium would be large enough to seat a crowd of 50,000 and could be used as venue for University wide announcements.

We have conceptualized this University as a Green University. In that regard we suggest that all the pavements inside the university not be asphalted but rather cobbled. The use of natural stones would prevent black body heating during summer months and would also prevent students from racing around.

In all our current estimate for the project as designed now is $50 Billion. And we estimate a period of construction of 18 months.

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"Good lord," Mikhail said, looking at the plans, "this is amazing!" He examined the charts for every detail, looking to see that everything was perfect. "My friend, this is wonderful," Mikhail said, "can I just make a few requests." He took the chart off the eisel and laid it out on the table. "Right here," he said, pointing to Home Economics building, "can this be bigger? It will most likely hold more students than many other buildings, and it has the widest variety of classes." He took a couple steps and pointed to the Music building. "This definately needs to be bigger. I want it to house stages for performances." Looking over the charts and tapping the table, he found the final correction. "The stadium here is close to the center, can we move it to the outside? I want it to have good road access and to have plenty of parking space. That will make it easier for the public to get to events in the stadium... once they get cars." Walking up to Balagopalan and shaking his hand, Mikhail said, "I love it. Make the changes and we can get to work immediatly!"

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"Your Excellency, we shall definitely incorporate your suggestions regarding Home Science and Arts, however the Stadium has now been located in a position of best accessibility to the student body. Wont the shifting of the stadium to a more peripheral zone, like perhaps near Electrical Engineering (4) building decrease its accessibility to students? This stadium has been designed primarily for student bodies. Would you like us to change the design criteria to fit a more professional sporting function? Its central location, quite next to the lake would guarantee it easy accessibility to all student bodies and staff. We have designed a central ring shaped boulevard that would go all around the lake and main building complex. The stadium as conceptualized already has ample parking space, but only with consideration of student bodies. Perhaps , if the Sultan clarifies on the matter we would definitely redesign it."

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Work has finally begun on the campus. The first objective to be completed is the large lake in the middle of the university. The lake will be sectioned into two main areas, a recreational area that will be used for activities such as competitive rowing, and a research area that will be used by students and staff for educational purposes. Massive excavators are currently digging the enourmous basin, which will cover 300 acres when it is finished. The work is just starting, and will not be done for some time.


Large diggers excavate enormous amounts of earth. This removed dirt will be used in landscaping other parts of the campus, or it will simply be trucked away.


A map of what the lake will look like

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An army of construction equipment had arrived at the site for the university. A continuous stream of men, material and equipment is flowing via the Karakoram Railway. The University would be constructed according to the existing terrain, no leveling would be done. Agents from KPB are going all over Marscurian Pakistan to secure deals for the supply of various materials and only those not locally available would be imported from Cochin.

The Ground breaking for the Main University building was done with much pomp and ceremony with a ceremonial coconut being broken. A massive gravel plant, Concrete Mixing plant, Metal Crushing Plant are the first to rise up. They are located in the site for lake as that would be the site for least development. A preliminary pond has been excavated already by KPB for providing water for construction purposes. This pond would be natural having tapped into the ground water.

KPB has divided into several work gangs with responsibility for each section of the University. So as the foundations for Main building is being piled ground breaking is going on all over the site.

Such a massive construction effort also requires a massive logistics effort. A management section has been built with pre fabricated building materials with 24 hour crew. All work gangs have been equipped with wireless equipment with a main communication tower situated near the Command section. A commercial S-RECO UAV is also being used by the company to assist in monitoring work all over the site. Almost 400 Tatra trucks are operating in the site for the transportation of materials. A giant canteen has been set up to cater for the thousands of workers in the site.

Adhoc residential areas have also been built out of prefabricated materials for these workers.

All in all the University is a veritable storm of activity.

OOC: KaiserMelech, lake should be built only last as its central location is vital for construction logistics!

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The construction of the University is going on at a steady and brisk pace now. An unloading yard has been set up at the closest point of the Karakoram Railway with mobile cranes to transfer the material from the trains to the fleet of trucks from the University.

The foundation works have now being completed and the work on the buildings themselves are going on. Priority tasking has been assigned to complete the main building of the University and hence the first floor for the Main Building is already up and concrete for its roof is being poured.

The pond providing water for the construction efforts have been completed and it now has two very powerful pumps pumping water into a large elevated holding tank for transferring to the convoy of trucks transporting water for construction. A medical team from the TPB&Co checks the water daily for its composition to see whether it is being contaminated by any sort of industrial effluent or run off from construction sites.

The earlier rough terrain of the designated roads have now turned into a slushy, muddy concourse due to the constant rumbling of hundred of heavy trucks. These roads are thus getting compacted and would in due course when cobbled would be perfectly natural as a road.

So far the construction is 10% completed.

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The construction of the University is not at 25% completion. Since this is the most time consuming 25%, remaining work is expected to go faster. The Main building of the University has now been completed and is now serving as an adhoc dormitory for the workers and as a store room for the perishable construction materials like cement.

As the work on the super structure is going on, TPB is also planning for the landscaping of the University. After all trees dont grow in a day! Saplings of Neem, Banyan, Chilgoza Pine, Deodar, Chinar, Babul, Peepul, Sheesham and Mango are being cultivated through a horticultural contractor in Bishkek. At the time of completion of the University these saplings which would have grown quite sufficiently by that time would be transplanted in the University, so that in a few years the University campus would be a green paradise. The horticultural contractor, Ever Green has sent a team to the site to maintain the grounds for transplantation. The areas where the trees have to be planted would be treated very carefully by the construction crew so as not to pollute it with cement and mortar and thus change the chemical characteristic of the soil. Ever Green is also preparing to plant hectares of grass to form a grassy meadow in the unconstructed parts of the University.

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The construction of the University is now at 45%. Superstructure for engineering colleges, medical college, hospital, Law college and Stadium are almost completed. While the other superstructures would be built up, these buildings would go into finishing stages.

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From the countryside, hoping to put a few hundred extra rupees in their pockets, scores of unskilled laborers convened on the worksite. While many of the more complicated jobs would be done by the experts from Cochin, these men would be assigned jobs like pouring concrete, laying asphalt and moving materials around the site. It was not much, but it certainly helped the workers stay up to schedule.

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The influx of unskilled laborers would be met by the recruitment officers who would assign them to various work gangs. Everyone would be paid on a daily basis for the work done that day and the pay would be on the same scale as that for workers from Cochin doing the same job. Strict safety and security procedures would be expected to be followed them and the necessary safety equipments like hardhats, gloves, visors etc would be provided to them to be returned at the end of the day while collecting the pay.

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The construction of the University has now reached 70%.

All the superstructures have been built and now the remaining interior structures are being built. The massive concrete building yard near the lake area is being dismantled and giant excavators and earth movers are being brought in from Cochin to complete building the lake. Huge quantities of wood are being brought from Serca for the massive furnishing requirements of the University.

At various buildings various works like internal masonry, tiling, white washing etc are being carried out. Huge quantities of rocks are being sourced from the various quarries of Marscurian Pakistan for the cobbling of the streets. The electrical cabling, plumbing and air handling units are also being laid out. The Gardens area is being cleared now by all construction teams except for the lake building crew as the Ever Green crew are seeding for the grass here. Ever Green is also bringing in the half grown trees from Cochin to transplant them along the main avenue to the University. Remaining trees would be planted in batches.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The entire construction of The Marscurian Pakistani University of Science, Technology and Industry has now been completed by T.P. Balagopalan Associates within 17 months of the work starting. The trees planted are starting to provide a little shade and within a few years would make it a very leafy and green campus. The grass patches have been laid out in all exposed areas, several park areas, with benches have been created. The natural lake has also been completed and it contributes to the Biological water treatment plant. All the buildings have been furnished as per industry norm and all construction debris have been cleared.

TP Balagopalan, Chairman of TPB wrote up a letter to the Sultan of Marscurian Pakistan.

To: Sultan Kaisermelech Mikhail,

Marscurian Pakisan.

From: TP Balagopalan,


TP Balagopalan Associates.

Your Excellency,

As per our contract TPB has completed the construction of The Marscurian Pakistani University of Science, Technology and Industry. We have managed to complete the work on full month ahead of schedule thanks to the immense cooperation shown towards us by Marscurian Pakistan officials and industries. We hope you would visit the University soon and inaugurate it. We also hope that you would formally commission it and release our final payments.

Yours Sincerely,

TP Balagopalan.

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OOC: It's actually just Sultan Mikhail. KaiserMelech was his title from the Marscurian Empire

IC: Response to TP Balagopan:

We thank you for all your hard work. We see that you are finished a full month ahead of schedule, and are totally willing to pay the early-finish bonus. An armored truck with several guards has been dispatched to Cochin to deliver your final payment. You have done a great thing for our entire country, and we are endebted to you.


Sultan Mikhail Stein

An elaborate ceremony would be planned for the schools official opening date of January 18th. The Sultan will deliver the opening speech, and will officially open the school. In the meantime, news of the need for professors was being sent around the world. To apply, the only requirement was an ability to fluently speak English. The rest would be sorted out during the interviewing process.

OOC: If people want to submit applications for teaching, go ahead. Just say what you are teaching, and I'll do a quick interview process.

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