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Name's Jack...

Acca Dacca

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"...and I'm an alcoholic."

He sat at the bar facing the woman who had came in a suit and leggings. She had a rough day and had her suitcase positionedby her stool. She was over protective of everything, but she spoiled that cautious attitude with shots of rum. She slowly lowered her eyelids after the several hours she was there. She looked at the newly introduced Jack character that appeared in front of her in a dazed view.

"Angela, and I'm a drunk. I'm not looking to change my pursuit of alcohol."

"Angela, what a beautiful name. You smell...lovely."

He stood behind her, breathing her in.

"Well...why thank you. Listen, I have to go there Jack..."

She payed with a tip, grabbed her case, and headed out the door. She tripped over herself as her heels werent working well with her feet that had recently feel asleep as they wiggled when they were ascended in his stool. Her case hit against the door as she tumbled out the doorway. Jacks nose wrinkled with the loss of her presense. He moved back down to where he was sitting, He grabbed his drink and pushed it down his throat. He looked at his cellphone, opened it and answered, "She just left."


The woman made her way down the street. The street lights hovering over her lit her path to nowhere. She knew not where she was going nor how she would get there. The pain of the day was now outweighted by her nervousness. She didnt feel like she was alone as she made it across the street to a familiar looking apartment complex. It wasnt hers and it just confused her more. She heard the shuffling of feet from behind her on the damp curve. Whether it was in her head or actually there she did not know either. everything was a blur and what happened afterwards was just as bad.

She rounded the corner to see if she could see a bus stop, but her motion was stopped by a figure of a daunting man standing above her. The lighting covered his face and she didnt know what hit her, but as she fell to the ground, the glimps of Jack's face caught her eye.

Jack pistol whipped his unsusspecting victim in the temple. She hit the ground, but left something with Jack, her suitcase. Her suit began to soak up the dampness of the sidewalk, the puddles splashing around her. The silencer did its job as he put down the drunk lady, three shots, dead quiet. He removed himself from the scene quickly as a van wizzed around the corner to retrieve him. He was wisked away and taken to the next location, headquarters.

Jack's sense of smell tried to remove the woman from its memory. His hunt was over and he had more jobs to complete. She wasnt the first and she wasnt the last. He sat indian style as he opened the case on his lap, removing the hinges with lasers given to him from a member of the van. He reveiled what he had been looking for, the artifact that his team was after.

"Behold boys, a dragon tooth."

"What the hell did that woman have it for?"

"Working with Lancer I suppose."

"You suppose? She was in a bar in Michigan with a dragon tooth and you 'suppose'? what if its a trap?"

"I have Lancer's scent, not like he'd get passed me. Just drive the hell back, I want to talk to Stanley and go the hell home."

Pike was Jack's partner, he was nervous but only when Jack was around. Jack would follow trouble, it was Jack's job to catach a scent and hold it, chase, it, and fight your way to get to it. Pike's job was to keep Jack alive, and well, that was very difficult since minor increased reflexes only help in killing while Jack throws himself infront of bullets. Pike's adrenaline kick started hsi heart into a machine that drove him to kill everything in a room, building, or town. Jack just had to make sure Pike killed the right people. It was a nice team, and as two of the top Agents of Merlin, they had to make sure everyone died.

The Agents of Merlin were a secret organization privately funded by outside sources to make sure that mystical artifacts, objects, and other things stay...mystical. The entire world would be blown away if they knew that Hitler was still alive, that the holocaust took place for personal gain, that Merlin was infact a demi-god, that President Bush wasnt as stupid as they thought but he had a hard time dealing with this secret that 1.3% of the world's population were more than human. There were others out there who also knew the secret, and knew people wouldnt believe unless something incredible happened. Its Jack's job to make sure things arent exposed.


Seattle, Washington

Headquarters was a libraries lower quarters. There, it opened up into a complex of gadgets and gizmos that did not intrest Jack, but caught the attention of Pike, whose eyes lit up like Christmas morning. The stairwell opened and Stanley was at the door, arms behind back to greet Jack, Pike and the other three men. Jack layed the case on the ocunter next to Stanley, who smiled at the triumph. He removed his hands from behind his back to expose a folder. He tossed the folder to Jack and said,

"New assignment."

Jack looked up and slapped the folder into Pike's torso.

"We just got back, how about a breather Doc?"

"No. You're done in this country. We need you elsewhere."

"Done? What in gods name are you talking about? This nation is my home."

"And it doesnt need you anymore."

"What about Lancer."

"Lancer is done here too."

Pike flipped through the folder and interupted,


Jack looked back at Stanley.

"Hes going Norse."

Stanley went to pick up the tooth. The case opened and he held it. The tooth glimmered in the light.

"It was a decoy. He's hours ahead of us."

"How do we stop him?" Jack shot right after.

"You're stealing the artifact first, and this tooth is going with you."

Dragon's teeth are told to have the power to grow warriors of the region. Once planted, they grow into a division of soldiers from the time before Rome, a time where dragons were plentiful before struck down.

Jack turned,

"I dont need oyur soldiers, I got Pike."

Pike smiled. Stanley closed the case, and tossed it at Jack.

"Recruit some men, and make the journey. We dont have much time.

Jack huffed and motioned to Pike to leave. The three they came with stayed. They were on thier own, but not for long...

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OOC: I know this an old thread, but Acca Dacca just told me about this story. If the mods could not lock this thread I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

Elena Sinclair brushed her hat off her head and looked out into the frozen northern horizon. It sure looked cold , but for it being summer in Southern Sweden, she was much happier that she could get away with just wearing a pair of blue jeans and a button down blouse. She had blonde hair that was tied in a loose pony-tail behind her head with flashing golden eyes that were as cheery as they were brilliant, it made her such an easy going person back home in the states. The young twenty-one year old was on her third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Cambridge in England and was excelling through the academic ladder so quickly that she had almost finished the requirements to enter into graduate school to become a doctor of Anthropological studies. The only thing that was needed for that was a fifty page report on one of the ancient cultures of the world and a thesis worthy of the English Academic Elite.

While most of her classmates journeyed in groups to the south, Elena and her friend Andrea were the only two to head towards the north. Neither one of them knew much about the Norse or the Viking peoples and instead of taking the easy way out of the report by going to Greece, or Italy, or Egypt, or the African Interior. The two girls found themselves trekking to the north of Sweden to get a better grip on the lifestyle of the Norse and to truly appreciate one of the cultures who had dramatically altered the course of Europe.

When the two girls had arrived in Stockholm, they had started a wild goose chase to anything to really write on. The problem was anything they came across was already in the history books. People liked studying the Vikings and Elena wanted something that could really change her professors' outlook on the Norse people, something that couldn't be found in Egypt or Sumeria, or something that could be found in those lands, but hadn't been found yet in the frozen north. As they planned their moves across Scandinavia, it was by a stroke of luck that the two girls had wandered into an old tavern late one night just as a drunkard was beginning a tale to the locals. As the story progressed most of the locals had left the man alone with his crazy tale of treasures and mythology, but the girls stayed well into the night. Apparently, the man had told them, that some two hundred miles north of Stockholm, in the wild lands of Sweden there was a large cavern protected by an outcropping of pine tress hiding the cavern from the world. Inside were treasures, treasures inconceivable by man, treasures left by the greatest of Norse heroes, treasures left by Odin and Freya themselves.

Now while Andrea really wanted nothing to do with this, Elena was intrigued, this was precisely the breakthrough that she wanted and so after spending countless hours at museums and city libraries trying to trace the myths and finally she had been able to make a rough sketch of a possible map of where they could find said cave. They had arrived at the outcropping of the cavern, Elena was just waiting for Andrea to finish up back at their camp. She turned her head as she heard the sounds of rocks falling down the hillside.

"You're up early." Elena chuckled at Andrea's messy hair hanging down her back. Her hazel eyes were dim and murky from sleep and she weakly carried a thermos of coffee with her.

"Can't help it that you're Miss Sunshine at all hours of the day either." Andrea sat down next to her hand took a sip from the thermos. "Did we really need to come all this way for just a chance that we might find something?"

"You're missing the point again Andrea." Elena sighed. "You realize that if we do find something, we're pretty much done."

"But we're not treasure hunters. You just watch too many Indiana Jones movies."

"You know my weakness." She laughed.

"And Harrison Ford is OLD!" Andrea gave her friend a light tap. "So anyways, when are we going to start moving?"

"I thought you were ready now?"


The two girls laughed looked out into the dawning horizon.


A few hours later, the jeep that Elena had rented rolled across the stones and grass leading to an outcropping of pine trees. The air was cold, but Elena was burning with such an anxiousness to finally find the cavern that she felt like it was a summer day at the beach. They jumped out of the vehicle and following the map Elena had put together from the libraries and museums, they journeyed up the hill towards where the pine trees began to fade. It was obvious that this had never been found before, the girls had almost come to the point of turning back before the wide mouth of the cavern opened up in front of them. It was a great stone tunnel leading into the the pitch-black world inside, on the outside though, everything was dead. The great pine trees that had hidden the cave, died as you neared it and even the grass refused to grow.

"I don't like this Elena. I think we should turn back."

Elena sighed at Andrea's proposal, she didn't like the looks of the cave either. But they had gone so far, they were so close. "If you want Andrea you can stay back, I just want to get a peek inside."

Her friend laughed. "No, if you're going in I'm coming with you. I just don't think we should go in at all. But I should have figured you to say that nothing is going to go wrong."

The girls silently crept towards the mouth of the cavern and turned on their flashlights once inside. A smell of death came from deep down in the cave and the walls were of a damp blue and green, a sickly color that made them stare back at the entrance wanting to leave. Finally the entrance disappeared from sight as they descended deeper and deeper into the cavern.

"Okay Elena, c'mon lets turn back. We have to turn back."

"Damn. I thought this was our breakthrough, this !@#$@#$ sucks!" She slammed her foot down against the ground, but instead of meeting solid rock, she pushed down on something as the entire cave began to shake. "Oh my God what did I do!"

Suddenly rocks began to fall from the ceiling, as Andrea began to run up the path. "Elena we have to run! We have to get out of he-" It was the last thing Elena heard before silence over took the cave. A rock wall was in front of her and she realized that she was alone.

"Andrea...Andrea...." Nothing, just a rock wall in front of her. "Dammit." The blonde girl turned back down the path, her hands on her flashlight shaking as she journeyed deeper into the cavern. While Andrea as well, finding the entrance blocked took another path leading her further to the core of the cave and the horrors that awaited deeper down.

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The jet smashed its way through the soundbarrier as it carried the 3 men to thier destination. They were well on thier way to the Nordic Village of Delarose.

"Delarose? This doesnt even exist on the map."

Pike opened his gun case up as Jack armed himself with several wooden blades. They both ignored the comment until Jack replied with a heavy shy.

"You're on a supersonic jet taking you to a place of mythological treasure where you will help a man with tracker abilities 100 times better than that of a dog and a man with reflexes 100 times that of a cat. Not to mention yourself who has the ability to produce fire from his fists and throw it like baseballs. Not everything they taught you in school is true."

Jack cocked his gun and placed in it is holster. He was well aware that he wouldnt be able to get along with the trainee Stanley assigned him. Oh well, this guy Matt better come packing.

Jack reread over the assignment. The objective was to extract two individuals that may stumble upon the ruins of Fafnir's father's house. Fáfnir was a dwarf gifted with a powerful arm and fearless soul. He guarded his father's house of glittering gold and flashing gems. When the gold was to be given to the gods, Fafnir refused to give. Fafnir's soul was lost into a dragon. Sigrud, the foster-son of Fafnir's brother, killed Fafnir's dragon with a sword named Gram. Gram was carved out of pure hatred. Sigrud's wife, father, grandfather, and friend were killed by Fafnir.

Little do the two people who have stumbled upon the mythic site know that, although Fafnir's dragon was slain, its cursed dragon corpse lay hidden under the massive pile of gold, waiting for its next "man of greed"

Jack whistled to the two men he was commanding. They turned to him.

"The two people down there are students. They do not know what is there and they definitly will react as human's do to gold. They will want it. If they touch it, they bring back a god damn dragon. Lets reach them before they reach it. Got it?"

They nodded at thier commander. Who began to prepare them for drop. The plane slowed to a a gliding pace as the three dove out of the plane. They pulled thier shoots, and slowly airdropped into a cloud of steam. The moist soaked them head to toe. As they finally recovered their vision, a village appeared underneathe them. They fell into the woods close by. They covered thier tracks, setting off liquid nitrogen bombs within the packs. They carried only what they could. At the last moment, Jack retrieved the dragon's tooth from his pakc and hurried off towards the top of the village. There, a vacant plain with two roads on each side was present. Nothing else.

"Nothing. Where's the entrance." stated Matt, pissed he;d so no action tonight with his fists or with a woman tonight.

Jack reread his own thoughts. His memory travelling a distance till he remembered the exact location. He walked off into the field and whistled for the company of his men.

"Matt, there. Light it up."

Matt closed his eyes, lifted his hand, and with an aggravated assault, launched his fist which turned into a flaming basketball at the ground. The damage caused on the vegetation reveiled a stone door. Nothing else. Jack smiled at Matt who slow clapped. With a small Nordic prayer, the center of faith and prayer was shown. Many years ago, a cultic temple stood on the field, and underneathe layed Fafnir, Sigmund the last one to enter these doors.

Matt lit his hands as the other too operated flashlights. The darkness along with the steam didnt make for a comforting place of prayer. Jack's nose perked. It was a new smell....

An epic smell...

He looked back at Pike, who had his guns strapped around his body like pimples on a teenager.

"You have those wooden bullets?" Pike nodded at Jack, who recieved a reply from Matt, "Wooden bullets."

Jack huffed knowing he;d never get through to this kid about how he isnt playing aorund with "physics" anymore. The distraction made Jack lose the smell, but he smelt something else now. It was a touch of cherry with a hint of roses. A woman, she was sweating bullets. Nervous. She was several yards to the left. The group followed Jack's nose to a nosy area. Rocks were still falling about, but something that call thier ears was the wimpering. They ran to it and caught a girl by suprise. She was shocked stared at all of them, tried to clwa her way away from them by moving back. Jack moved towards her

"We arent here to hurt you. We are simply looking for you and your friend. Are you okay?"

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Andrea wiped away the tears in her eyes with the palms of her hand, she was covered in a thick coat of gray dust and bruised up in several places. After the initial shock of the men jumping on her and surprising her, Andrea calmed down a bit and let her head fall against Jack's chest as she poured out her emotions onto his shirt. "It was horrible, I know we're not supposed to be in here, but my friend and I are students from Cambridge University, we came here to study the supposed gold buried here to write our thesis paper. My friend, she's an Anthropologist major, please you have to help her, we got separated after the rock cave in so I know she's all alone down in the cave. Please, I don't want anything to happen to her." The girl began to sob again as a fatigue ran over her, Andrea fell back to the ground from a moment and wiped her eyes again. "I'm sorry, I just never wanted to come down here in the first place. It was Elena's idea, not mine. Please you have to find her!"


"$%&@!" Elena kicked the rock wall that had collapsed in front of her and punched her hands together. "ANDREA! ANDREA! CAN YOU HEAR ME!" She called out into the gray caverns, but there was no sound but that of her own echo. Elena had no clue where she was in the cave, if there was a way out, or even Andrea had even survived the cave-in and if she hadn't then Elena was as good as dead anyways. The thought of Andrea not surviving was enough to put Elena into a depressed gaze at the rock wall. Taking a deep breath of the dank air around her she beat her flashlight against her leg, making sure that it could still turn on; it could. "At least I have that going for me." She said as she turned and looked down the cavern that traveled further down into the earth.

There was really know other way to go at this point but down, so gathering her courage Elena put two feet in front of her and began to head down the pathway. In retrospect this was sort of what she wanted, an adventure, something unexpected, but finding the cave had been enough, maybe even the cave-in if they had both stayed together and on the side of the rock wall where they could return to the surface. But not this, being trapped in the cave had not been part of the plan at all.

Elena continued down the dark stone corridor for what seemed like forever. The walls soon began to dry from their previous bluish-green color of dampness and coolness to a solid gray of rough stone and heat. She blinked and thought for a moment, it was getting warmer the further she went down through the cavern, as beads of sweat formed on her neck and her hair stuck to the back of her skin. She stretched out her collar a bit and rolled her sleeves up as the corridor began to widen into a larger room. The room was much like a larger hall that led into a much larger room in front of her, where a gold light illuminated from. In the first hall there were ancient wooden torches preserved by time and small wooden tables, there were even cups that seemed to resemble tankards crafted in the medieval or dark ages. Elena smiled, this was the discovery she was looking for, but the smile didn't stay for look as she was still looking for Andrea and a way out of the cave. Walking past the tables she started down the next corridor where the gold light illuminated from. Slowly, she ventured down the corridor and into an extensive room that made her eyes widen and drop into the back of her head.

"Its true...the treasure of the Vikings...its really true..."

In front of Elena were piles and piles of gold. There were coins, helmets, gold and silver swords, axes, hammers, shields, jewels, everything someone could imagine. This was more than a discovery, this would be enough so that she would never have to work another day in her life. She walked down to the gold, her heart racing at such an amazing find. Elena's hands were shacking as she reached out for a few of the coins, but as she did she stopped and drew back. "Andrea...Goddamn it." She turned away from the treasure, it was no use if she had it but her best friend wasn't even there to see it with her. The could have had it together, they could have went back to Cambridge famous. No, Andrea was a million times more important that gold and silver and off on the right of the vast hall, there was another exit. This was the the real discovery and this was what she had really come to look for. With a dash, Elena set off towards the exit before she heard voices coming down towards her.

"Hello? Is someone there!? Please! I need your help!"

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"It's going to be alright. We'll find your friend. Do you have anything that could help us find her? A scent...A-"

The scent. It was back. It was powerful. Straight potent. It almost gave him a blinding headache. His panic caught the attention fo the girl on his chest. Finally it hit him. The exact smell, and exactly what was causing it. He looked to his team abruptly to utter one thing,

"sulfuric acid."

Jack grabbed ahold of Andrea's hand and they lept to a dash down the cavarans. Hopefully they werent too late.


"I'm here child, I'm here."

Out from the dark appeared an old man. Elena barely recognized him by the candle light that caught his glasses. She realized it was the Head of the Anthropology department. He was in his nifty vest, leather overalls, black shoes, and an outfit finished with a bowtie. He looked at his young student, and gave her a snarl.

"You are walking away from the biggest mistake of your life. College tuition, becoming famous, and fulfilling your dreams. Throwing it away, and for what, an under acheiver you probably wont talk to in a year or so. This is why you arent top of the class. No sacrifices."

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"I'm here child, I'm here."

Elena looked boggled eyed at the figure in front of her. "The $%&@ are you doing here? Now I really am going insane. Professor Thornberg standing in front of me in the middle of a Scandinavian cave. Yeah this is definitely not happening. Sorry." She started to walk past him back up towards the cavern exit when he snarled back at her.

"You are walking away from the biggest mistake of your life. College tuition, becoming famous, and fulfilling your dreams. Throwing it away, and for what, an under acheiver you probably wont talk to in a year or so. This is why you arent top of the class. No sacrifices."

She stopped and looked back at him. There was really no denying that he was telling the truth. But she didn't want to believe it, she didn't want to believe she was that greedy, but God...the gold. "You don't really mean that, you old fart." She said to him, knowing all too well that it wasn't Thornberg at all. Elena wasn't that stupid, things went haywire in strange environments and this was one of those environments. But she walked back towards the gold, the coins glittering in her eyes as she reached out for a beautiful emerald. "Its so beautiful." Elena almost had her hand around the emerald when she stopped for a moment. "The emerald...its so beautiful...so...so...so beautiful..."

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A burst of fire slammed into the back of Professor Thornberg . The startling scream of Andrea met the bellowing sound of the figure of Thornberg turning into a shadow and evacuating into the cracks in the roof of the cavern. Andrea spotted her friend from across the opening. At the same time Jack looked at Matt and smacked him in the shoulder.

"Wood Matt. Wood. You kill a trickster with wood to the heart."

Pike motioned to his gun in the air, but they had already lost Matt. Who was well on his way past the two girls towards the gold. Jack approached the two girls, seeing if they were both okay.

"You were attacked by a trickster. A reminence of the god Loki. They cant kill you, but they sure as hell can make you kill yourself. Touching that gold would have made you-"


Pike's scream caught Jack's attention, who saw Pike pointing intently in the direction of the gold. Luke swerved already knowing what was happening.


But it was too late. The gullible, greedy trainee had already picked up the fatile coin. The coin glimmered and Matt's eyes widened. His mouth opened but no noise was heard. The 2 men were already moving the women out of the way as the essence of Matt was absorbed into the coin. From the toes up, his bones turned to dust and departed leaving only his clothes. The coin shined brightly and as Matt's final inches of life sprouted from his finger tips, the coin fell, hit the pile of gold and began to quake. The pile of gold slowly rumbled together, until from the top, a figure bursted. A head, then a neck, and finally a golden figure of a dragon erupted, screeching at its new born life. It stood at the size of a two floor house. Its tail shimmered with gold at its movement, armed with gemed spikes. Its roar erupted with fire, as it had absorbed Matt's power as well.

Fenrir's dragon has reawakened...As a golden, fire breathing dragon.

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Elena had jumped up immediately when the sounds of howling pain echoed through the cavern. She turned to watch as the Professor disintegrated into a pile of smoldering ash. Behind him came down a squadron of men, one who had burned the professor and with them was Andrea. Jumping away from the gold in sudden rush, Elena ran over to Andrea embracing her tightly. "Oh God Andrea, I thought you died in the cave-in, I'm so happy to know that you're okay. Are you okay?"

Nodding, Andrea buried her face deeper into Elena's shoulder and looked at her friend's tearing eyes. "Yeah, yeah I'm okay. A bit shaken up, but I'm okay. I thought you died too. These men helped me find you, they rescued me." She said pointing to Jack and his company.

Looking over, Elena let go of Andrea and pushed her hair out of her face. "Well I guess its my turn to thank you from the bottom of my heart sir. I figured we'd both be lost in this cafe forever. But I'm a bit confused at what all is going on. Your friend just made an image of my professor burst into flames. Care telling me what's going on?"

"You were attacked by a trickster. A reminence of the god Loki. They cant kill you, but they sure as hell can make you kill yourself. Touching that gold would have made you-"

"The god Loki? I don't get i-" But before Elena could finish her there was another thunderous explosion from in the gold pile as she and Andrea watched in horror at Matt as he began to dissolve into dust, out of the dust and out of the gold was a great rumbling and the most horrific figure came into being. The figure was a giant of a monster, a great golden belly and scales that sparkled in the gold light of the cave, it had red eyes that burned like the fires of hell, and claws that glistened like swords and most likely just as sharp. As the dragon Fafnir reached its head into the air, it spewed out a great torrent of fire into the roof of the cavern. "My God..." Was the only thing that Elena could say as her heart jumped from its chest and she knew they were all going to die.

"Elena! Elana! We have to get out of here! We have to get out of here!" Screamed Andrea as she let go of her friend's hand and began running towards the exit in the cavern, tripping over her feet as she went. But as soon as Andrea began to run, Fafnir turned its gruesome head and leaned back. Everything flashed before Elena in moments as she began to chase after her friend as fast as she could.

"No! Andrea! No! Don't! Don't! God!"

But it was too late, the dragon let loose a horrible stream of fire that stormed through the air to where Andrea was running, the young brown haired anthropologist looked wide eyed for one moment at the inferno coming towards her and looked back at Elena. "I'm sorry." She said with tears in her eyes before the inferno swept through her leaving nothing but a charred body in the wake.

"NO!" Elena jumped onto the body and held the ashed remains in her hands as tears formed in her eyes. "No Andrea! Its not supposed to happen like this! Its not supposed to be like this! Please, you're my friend, you can't die, we have to turn in our thesis, we have to graduate, we have to..." The girl buried her head into the ash and clenched her fists as she turned back to the dragon and gritted her teeth. "No." She growled. "This is my fault!" Elena looked up at the horrid beast. "This is MY FAULT! NO IT CAN'T HAPPEN LIKE THIS!" Her anger building up as she looked into the eyes of the dragon and the world began to grow clear...

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The dragon's eye's caught Elena's glare. The fire in its eyes glimmered off its golden face as felt the presense of another source of great power, and it was coming from inside this woman. The dragon's eyes clenched and from its abdomen, began to release the power it had obtained. The fire brewed within its very core, sparking up a trail of fire up its windpipe, into its cheecks where the faintest of burps would set water to steam. Yet, it powered its self for a full blast, and its head jerked for the power was so great.

Pike's reflexes caught wind of the blow going towards the woman. His heart hit a speed like never before as he began to think through what he had to do. He took off in a dash of super human speed in the direction of Elena. He breathed heavily as his blood spun around in his body, orbitting every muyscle powering it to an extent it never reached. With a leaping breathe, he took a dive full force at the woman.

At the same time, The head jerk from the dragon pressured the blast of an inferno so large, that from its position, it stretched the length of the cavern. Pike, however reached Elena to a degree where he was able to tackle her out of the way of the center of the blast. However, his way of motion caused him to cover her from the heat that did stretch outwards. His entire back was burnt to a degree to the bone. He layed in agony next to Elena. Jack watched from the other side of the blast, where he had to look over a stream of fire blazing through the center of the opening. The Dragon, seeing nothing its path, roared in triumph, and dismounted its gold. He stared heavily at Jack, and wagged his tail at the challenge.

Jack's fists clenched to the point of purple. His team was destroyed and more over he failed his mission. The two humans had suffered and he had noone to blame but himself. He ripped out hisd piustol from his holster and smacked it against the palm of his other hand and screamed as he unloaded a clip into the face of the dragon. He aimed at the gems in its eyes, but to no success. He continued his assualt as the dragon inched foward towards him. He took out his other handguns from his ankles and began to shoot as he ran sideways. He cursed words that didnt even make sense. He reloaded and watched as the dragon stalked him.

Pike looked to Elena, and attempted to lift himself, but he fell to his stomach before he could even reach his knees. He looked to where the exits had been, covered in a trail of fire.

"No hope," he said. "No hope."

He closed his eyes and took his gun out. Prepared to shoot the bloody thing that left him inches to death only so that he could hear the screams of his boss die...his friend die.

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"No hope," he said. "No hope."

Nothing made sense anymore as Elena stared into the fading eyes of the man who had rescued her from the raging inferno coming from the dragon's mouth. Her best friends was a charred ruin and a man who had just given his life for her. Elena closed her eyes as the tears began to roll down her face, but then she heard the sounds of bullets flying from her right and turned her head to see Jack attack attacking with everything he had from a few pistols. That was bravery, these men were giving their lives to protect Elena and Andrea and it was all Elena's fault that they had come down here in the first place. "No." She grabbed Pike's arm. "There's always hope."

Pushing the trooper off of her body, Elena stood up and looked at the dragon panting angrily. Her life was in ruins because of a greedy !@#$%^&* and this giant lizard, she couldn't even begin to wrap her head around it. It amounted to a horrible pain running through her head that began to run through the rest of her body. She just wanted it dead, nothing more she wanted to rip its head of and spray its blood on the gold, so angry, she couldn't concentrate as her eyes went red. Then there was a sudden weight in her right had as she looked down. As with the dust that Matt had evaporated into, a white dusty was forming inside her hand. Elena drew back for a moment at what was happening as a silver hilt began to solidify inside her palm, she clenched down at the dust vanished leaving only a cold metal hilt in her hand as the dust began to travel up the hilt and form a blade of hardened steel. Elena looked in shock at the sword and at what was happening, but it didn't matter, now she could help Jack, now she could take revenge on Andrea and Pike, now she could have the vengeance that she desired so much.

Letting go of her fear and weakness Elena screamed into the air and charged at the dragon the sword in the air as she ran. Fafnir turned its head at the scream and let out its own screech as Elena's sword came down onto his foot, but all that happened was a small clink. The girl looked in despair that the sword she had put so much faith in to deliver them from the dragon, that this sword was different from the gun, that it was a gift from a higher power that they weren't all just supposed to be killed. "No. You're supposed to be hope, you were supposed to give us hope!" The next thing Elena felt was a driving pain against her side as the dragon kicked into her with one of his clawed feet. She flew through the air and hit the ground rolling. Bleeding from her face, her ripped up arms, torso, and legs, Elena was barely able to pick herself back up as she used the sword as a cane. "No, you were supposed to give me hope!" She said as she gripped the hilt tighter as the sword began to shake. Elena tried to release it from her grip, but it was glued to her head as lightening began to jump from the sword and in a fluid motion jumped from the blade and into her arm, running through her body. "AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!" She grunted flinging her head back as the energy jumped through her body, but soon the pain vanished replaced by a welcoming energy of revenge, she could feel the power. Elena's arms began to bulge with toned muscle and it repeated across her body as she grew from five foot seven to about six foot three. As the energy faded, she didn't even look at how she had changed, instead with her new power she dashed off towards Fafnir once again, her sword in the air.

She knew that she had to get closer to the dragon's eyes or mouth to be effective and the gold piles provided that opportunity. Elena jumped onto the the golden piles, climbing up to the top trying to dodge, as best as she could the infernos from the beast's mouth. But as she reached the top of one of the gold piles, the great claws of Fafnir's arms came falling down towards her. There was no time and she would be smashed. Suddenly, the blade lit up in thunderous energy again as the lightening ran into Elena's figure and in a mythical quickness, she lifted the sword against the claws and all that sounded was a horrible clash of golden scales and steel blade, but Elena was still alive and she could still fight. Thrusting forward, she began to slash against the dragon, but to no avail, the blade only jumped off of its scales. Then as the dragon leaned back to let loose another inferno, Elena turned to another gold pile to her right. With a breath of hope and promise, she jumped into the air hoping to land on the other pile and as she was in the air, the energy swept over her from the sword and it seemed that the air above her was lighter than usual as she landed onto the golden pile. There, to Jack, to Pike, stood the warrior in front of the dragon's face, bravely wielding the sword with her transformed figure.

"There is hope...there is always hope." Elena gritted her teeth and held the sword with two hands, glaring at the dragon. "I'll give them hope."

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Jack looked on at the spectical above him. The very essense of a sword had come from this girl, and now it was thier only chance. He took a clip and shot it into the rocky ground. The hole was small but it had weakened the area around it. He dug for a moment, and then went to his pack. He took out the dragon's tooth, looked at it and smiled. He looked up to Elena, and lifted the tooth above his head.

"God I hope this works."

He slammed the tooth into the ground, and poured water on it. The ground lit up. It was shaking and the the area around the tooth began to glow a dark green. Spirit orbs began to rise from the cracks where the ground had shook. He dove out of the way as the spirit orbs exploded into a group of two dozen soldiers. They were Old Nordic Vikings. They were full armored, full equiped, and looking for an order. Jack looked at them, and pointed to the old dragon. He said in his nordic speech:

"Slay the dragon!"

The vikings grunted and began to shoot thier bows and cross bows. The dragon's charge at Elena was halted as its golden surface was smacked with arrows. The annoyance wasn't substancial, but Jack had hoped it was something. Jack himself fired his gun as he ran sideways to Pike. As the last bullet left the chamber, Jack slid to Pike and checked his pulse. Still alive. Jack smiled with relief and looked up to Elena.

"It's all up to you now."

He put another magazine into his gun and pointed at the dragon once more.

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Elena jumped into the air off the gold pile towards Fafnir's head, the sword singing through the air in front of her and came down against its gruesome head. Yet, as her sword met its skin, it only sparked as she delivered blade, after strike, after other bloody strike, never piercing its armor, never bringing Elena any closer to victory. "No why won't you work? Why can't you die!" She screaming bringing her sword on its head another time, but as she struck, Fafnir swatted her with his massive claws sending the girl flying through the air once again towards the ground. Her sword out of her hand and it disappearing into dust. As she fell, Elena could feel her body changing again, her power fading, her hope disappearing as she reverted back to her old self. Hitting the ground, she coughed up blood for a moment, looking at her fragile body and already missing the power that a greater force had given her to destroy the mythical beast. Fafnir stepped forward, screeching loudly, as Elena closed her eyes and waited for the end.

"Hope...You gave me hope." She wheezed before feeling the weight in her hand once again. "The sword?"

Suddenly the electrical energy returned to her body and the strength returned. The sword returned to its owner, it acted on her emotions, her anger, her hope, her dreams. Rolling out of the way as Fafnir's great clawed foot came against the ground, Elena looked up at the dragon. His scales were too much, to strong to hack away at, but could there be another way? Jumping off the ground, the girl ran towards the gold piles underneath the great belly of the dragon, in the midst of the great inferno from his mouth and the sweeping motion of his claws. Horrible screeches filled the air, as Elena clawed up the coins and the jewels coming up to face the dragon's face again. His eyes glowed red staring down at the warrior-girl, her heart skipped, she had one chance, only one chance to do the dragon in and she knew that if it failed, she would die along with Andrea and Pike. But it didn't matter, if she did die, then she would have gotten what she deserved for placing her friends in danger and if she lived, she would have retribution.

With a piercing scream, Elena lept into the air and as she did, threw the sword away from her. Her power fading, but she continued falling towards the face of the dragon. His great mouth opening and the flames forming in his mouth. She formed her hands as if she would hold the sword and hit into his face, her fists pounding into the middle of the dragon's head. He screeched as flames burst forth from the great jaws and then silence...

There out of Fafnir's head, the hilt of the sword formed in Elena's hands. He screamed as flames escaped his mouth, a great call to the gods in the sky, clawing at the walls with his hands and his fire baking the stones of the cavern. Elena shifted back and forth as the energy returned, she held steady, trying to drive the sword further into its head. Fafnir yelled and began to fall towards the ground, Elena holding to his head all the way until the great beast fell into the stone floor, gold and dust rising from the ground. When the dust cleared, Elena stood up from the ruins of the beast, still clutching the sword, the dragon slayer triumphant.

She took a deep breath and let out a yell looking into the sky. "Bring back my friends! Bring back what I lost! Bring back what you took away from me!"

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The smoke from Jack's guns still remained. He watched in satisfaciton is the dragon fell to the hands of a girl....er woman. He lowered his gun, and picked up Pike to his feet. His burnt body still warm.

"Come on bud, time to get you treated."

Pike gasped as he opened his eyes. He looked to the hill of golden coins and gems, and seemed to squint not at thier reflection but at Elena. As if she was some blinding light.

"Jack...its an angel."

Jack saw nothing, he saw a raging female who just slaughtered a dragon. Pretty epic, but nothing to be over melodramatic about. Yet, he realized he was alone, as the two dozen soldiers from the Viking Era knelt before Elena at the base of the pile. She was greated with only a few words. "valkyrja." Pike descibed how beautiful she looked. So perfect in her purple armor, with a silver breast plate. The eyes that could see into the soul of any man. The full wings of a Valkyrie. She seemed to glide over the place. Her hair slowly waving its way down the pile. Yet, all Jack could see was Elena in her blood stained clothing and the sword.

The 24 soldiers began to shine. With thier mission completed, they would be able to return to rest, but it seemed that these soldiers had found another mission. They're bodies distingrated into spirit orbs once more, and instead of return to the Earth, they found thier way to Elena's hand. With her emotion dwindling from anger, the sword as well evaporated into orbs. The gathering of orbs spilled into her fingertips, lighting up her entire hand. Then, upon her palm, ink began to spill out. An inscription of some sort was written upon a banner. The banner was surrounded by wings, and a sword not unlike the one she was just holding. The orbs slowly moved from her palm and began to make thier way to her center. There, they rested. Jack fireman carried Pike over to Elena.

"I'd ask if you are alright, but judging the current circumstances, I'm pretty sure the only way to describe your current state of mind is confused. So let me lend a machete to your interllectual thicket. Apparently you have been chosen by the gods to be the "chooser of the slain," A Valkyrie. The mark upon your hand is a summoning ritual. The inscription upon your hand reads "With Great Wrath." Congratulations, you are now a supernatural being. "

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This was all too much for the young girl of twenty years to handle, as she stood in the midst of the slain beast the sword disappeared into various orbs flying into her body, then the viking spectres disappears as well. She didn't know what was going on, though she had an idea that she wasn't the same person that had entered the cave an hour ago. Slowly, as the orbs filled her body, Elena's energy subsided and she began to return to normal and the fatigue of fighting caught up to her all at once as she fell back to the ground. She groaned holding her head as Jack carried Pike with him over to her.

"I'd ask if you are alright, but judging the current circumstances, I'm pretty sure the only way to describe your current state of mind is confused. So let me lend a machete to your interllectual thicket. Apparently you have been chosen by the gods to be the "chooser of the slain," A Valkyrie. The mark upon your hand is a summoning ritual. The inscription upon your hand reads "With Great Wrath." Congratulations, you are now a supernatural being."

"A Valkyrie? Me?" She started to laugh. "Ah, no sorry, I'm a student at Cambridge University, I don't want anything to do with this. I-" She looked at Andrea's charred body and clenched her hands tightly. "Great Wrath huh? I didn't expect this to come from just going on a treasure hunt in the mountains. But since you seem to have a grasp on the situation Jack, what am I supposed to do now. Now that I'm not even goddamned human anymore." She put her face in her palms. "Sorry the whole goddess-warrior thing doesn't really sit well with me. This is supposed to be a myth, but that power was so real and Andrea is dead, I know I'm not dreaming. But I don't know what I'm supposed to do now."

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The sound of clapping was heard from the darkness of the caverns. A figure of a tall man with a sharp, grey beard slowly came into view. His smirk could pinch your spine. His suit looked as if he was in the office. He looked as if he was doing his buisness. His teenager lookabout his face is what could throw you off. A grey bearded teenager, as if time wasnt on this man's agenda. He was tall, lean, and very pleased for himself.

Jack knew immediately when the man came into light what he was facing. A trickster. The actual face of one, too. He put a hand to Elena's chest and pushed her back as he himself staggered back with Pike on his shoulders. The trickster stopped his clapping, and looked at Jack, and Jack alone.

"What? Are you afraid of me? You have a Valkyrie next to you. You should be afraid of nothing of my kind of heritage. We look down to the choosers of death. They either pick you up or strike you down. I'd rather not be the latter. But I do have to see, what a show!" He went giddy and continued on talking to Elena, "I am very impressed it was so easy to bring about your presense. The gods will be very pleased with me."

"The confused look upon your face means you don't know. Which is good! Oh so very good! Your time will come. You are young and I do have to say it was a shame to have to rid you of your friend to start your journey. I do apologize for that. We just needed to. Do not worry, you will have safe passage back to the light! That rockfall was only one of my little tricks. Had to split you guys up is all! If it werent for Jack here, this would have been over much much sooner." He then glared, his smile gone, at Jack. "And to you, Jack. You almost spoiled the plans of the gods, again. You should really stop doing that. They are becoming...agitated...who knows what they'll do to you."

Jack chuckled, looked at the creature and said, "Go find out for me." From his pocket, a gun shot ripped a whole in his jeans. A bullet penetrating and smashing into the skull of the trickster. The wooden bullet smoked, and began to catch fire. It spread throughout the body of the beast. Slowly, it perished.

Jack and Elena looked down at the body. "A trickster accepts the powers of Loki to do his bidding on Earth. The thing is, if wood were every to penetrate your skin, you would slowly burn, as if a disease caught fire to oxygen in your blood vessels. Killing you off slowly, painfully, leaving you alive till the very end. The worst death for the greatest of powers."

He looked to Elena, and apologized one more for her friend's fate, but he reassured her that there was now a way out. He would get her help, and he started trugging along with Pike on his back.

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Nothing really made sense anymore, when Elena woke up in the morning she had been a sophomore at Cambridge University searching for Norse treasure with her best friend Andrea, now Andrea was dead, Elena had seen tricksters, supernatural humans, she had watched a man bring a dragon to life and at the end, she had been transformed into Valkyrie, nothing could be more strange. But the trickster had talked about even further things that made her head spin, that the gods had wanted this to happen to her and such which meant that she had always been a Valkyrie or she had been destined for this long before coming to Sweden and of course the supposed journey ahead.

They walked through the cavern, Jack carrying Pike, and Elena struggling with Andrea on her back, she wouldn't leave her friend in that cavern and as they came out into the afternoon light, Elena's energy vanished again as she felt down to her knees and drove her hands into the cool ground. She looked up at the sky and sighed as her eyes began to water.

"What if I don't want any of this Jack? What if I don't want to be a Valkyrie? What if this is too much for me? I'm not some hero Jack, I'm just a normal girl, I don't want to be anything different than myself." She put her hands over her eyes and cried. "Andrea wouldn't be dead if it weren't for me and for what, nothing, some destiny that doesn't even exist." She looked at him with beautiful golden eyes. "What am I supposed to do now? I can't be normal now..."

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"None of us asked for this. You think its bad now. Wait till your family doesnt want to see you anymore, all your dreams gone, everyone you love, either dies because of you or turns into something you must kill. Its horrible. Its a horrdi lifestyle..."

He stops Elena as they pass into the light of the outside. The opening that Elena and Andrea had made her way through saw some new lift spreading from the surrounding grounds where plants were once dead and trees were rotted. He looked down to her, and saw himself in her shoes five years ago. He repeated exactly what was told to him.

"The old you is no longer. Fate has taken you away from everything that you have known and thrown you into this mess. Hanging around in your past wont change it. Its time to stand up and face the change. Many have walked down the same path, if you chose to side with your old self, you'll find everything you know and love destroyed...and in the end, yourself. Take the powers fate has given you and begin anew."

He took a small shovel out of his backpack, and nodded to Andrea.

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With tears in her eyes, Elena continued to dig alone into the cold earth and once a large hole was created, she took Andrea in her arms one last time and held her tightly. "I'm sorry, I wish none of this would have ever happened. I hate everyone who did this to us, Gods or not, they're going to pay for killing you." A single tear dripped onto the charred remains of her friend as she placed her into the ground and began the horrible process of filling the hole back up with dirt. Finally once the tomb was finished, she knelt into the dirt and took a handful of earth into her hands. "She'll be okay and I will get my revenge." Elena stood up and looked at Jack. "My life's ruined and people are going to cry just like I did. But that's for another time, but I'm not the expert on the supernatural and I'm definitely not used to being a Valkyrie. So you're going to have to help me out a bit, like where are we going now?"

She put a hand on his shoulder and smiled. "We're in this for the long run now Jack and since I'm only twenty, you can lead the way. Valkyrie or not, immaturity and fear doesn't go away lightly."

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The long run. You wont enjoy it. Its a horrible run, but you will put creatures and monsters down just like you did with the dragon. you will save lives and hide the very essense of magic and myths to everyday people. With your help, you'll stop what has happened to you from happening to others.

The rumbles and sounds of a helicopter filled his head. His powers were developing to another height again. His head began to spin. He feel to his hands, almost dropping Pike. He placed him on hsi stomach on the ground and began to growl again. His hands began to shake as he rumbled through his pocket. He searched for a bag. There, he found it. A small little sack with a symbol. He opened it, barely being able to see. he pulled out a vial, and popped the cork. He fell to his back and soaked his mouth with the blue liquid within it. His eyes, ears and hands were on the brink of changing. His skin was on fire and he felt the pain going down his back. But the antidote did its job. His shaking stopped and it toned down. He layed there as Elena looked on in shock. His ears were ringing and he felt the wind gusting from the helicopter landing. The motion of the universe slowed. He blinked for the longest time, almost drifting to a sleep. Yet he awoke, just in time to see the agents appear taking Pike away. He jumped to his feet, rushed an arm around Elena and pointed to the helicopter.

He looked at her, and saw the look on her face. He turned to the pilot and tapped his soldier. As it took off, he sat there in a moment of silence. Then he realized he was going to have to address what had happened. The agents working on Pike in the back was something he kept his focus on. He had a healthy heartbeat. Something to be happy for. But he looked at Elena, and took the seat next to her.

"This is a day that i once experienced, except. Mine was much more horrible. I transformed into a beast, a monster. I became trapped in something i wasnt. I couldnt control anything. I was 7 when I killed my older brother, trapped my parents in the bathroom. When the night ended, I awoke to my father putting a shotgun to my head. I felt everything. My brother's blood entering my stomach, my claws digging into his ribs. I...I..."

He looked down at his hands. He hated his story. He wiped back his hair and looked at Elena,

"I joined a society that helped me. They gave me a purpose. I now use my powers at a controllable level to track and hunt. I'm this agents top dog, no pun intended, and I hope that you will accept my invitation to my team."

They slowly made thier way to a pad in Stockholm. They exited to find a very small pudgy man. Jack went up to him and shook his hand. He pointed to Elena

"Elena, Stanley. Stanley, Elena. Elena, this is Stan, my boss. He took me in. He'll be your boss as well. Stan, I want her examined, make sure she is fine and this...power isnt hurting her in anyway."

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Hearing the story only made Elena more depressed than she already was. She was a freak now, a 'Grade A' freak and she didn't want anything to do with anything anymore and as they drove on the helicopter she began to plan. Elena had to escape some how, even if she wasn't going to be able to go home, she couldn't end up joining up with more people like that, she didn't want to be adopted, she didn't want to be part of something greater than she was. She wasn't a hero, she didn't want to be a hero, she wanted to be normal. But for now, she would have to play along and when the chance came, she would run away and forget everything that had ever happened to her, she may have to start a new life, but she would start it with her own terms.

Getting out of the helicopter with Jack, she was taken up to Stanley and feigned a bright smile as she shook his hand. "Anything that you could do, I would be most thankful for. I've been through a lot lately, I just want to rest for a bit and know I'll be okay."

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Stanley nodded, and waddled away. Jack watched Pike go into the intensive care unit. He looked at Elena and didnt know wether to throw more on her. He had to just tell her where she was, maybe she'll just tune it out.

"This is one of the Agent's HQs. They're stationed all around the world. Disguised as office buildings, hospitals, schools, the likes. We provide training, care, and protection for all different types of people. Here."

He put his shoulder over her and walked her down a small, but long hallway. He walked down the hallway with her and opened the third door on the left. Inside was a small motel-style room. A bathroom, a bed, a tv, and a closet. Quaint, but not something you'd call home. He spun around the room and saw that it was...okay.

"So... This is your room for the weekend. Probably going to stay till Pike can be transfered. I'll go fetch you some clean clothes."

She walked inot the room as he walked into the doorway. He turned around,

"Do you need anything else?"

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Elena sat down on the bed after being led into the room by Jack. She pretended to try and not hear him speaking, her mind was anywhere but where he wanted it and to be honest, where she wanted it as well. Homesickness was already beginning to set in and she wanted to be alone. Everything he showed her, everything that had gone on, just didn't make any sense anymore. Walking further into the small room, the girl bit her lip trying not to cry again. She just had to get Jack out first, then she could cry all she wanted to.

"So... This is your room for the weekend. Probably going to stay till Pike can be transfered. I'll go fetch you some clean clothes."

"Yeah. It's okay. I'll be fine." She choked on the words.

"Do you need anything else?"

"No." She blinked. "I'll...I'll be okay." Elena turned back and waited for the door to shut before she bounded over to the bed and wrapped a pillow into her face. Instantly she began to pour out all of her emotions onto the pillow, everything she had, everything that had happened to her in the last day or so. "I want to go home. I just want to go home! Someone please! Take me h-h-home!" It was almost hysterical, but all feeling had disappeared from inside of her. She felt so empty that she almost wanted to die. "I want to see my mom, I want to see my dad! Please! I want to go home!"

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Jack's intense hearing could catch every mumbled word that spoken into that pillow. He remembered when he got hear and threw a fit just the same. The crash that this nightmare of his was nothing short of a painfilled reality and there was nothing he could do that would change that. Everyone was filled with doubt that they were barely even human anymore. Some even couldnt control themselves, thier powers too much for them to handle. They'd find anyway to drive the pain away, including ending thier own life. Jack rounded the corner, and leaned his head on the wall. Her voice still caught in his head. He listened in just to make sure she didnt make a fatal mistake.

She was too great to lose. The gods may have had a reason for making her the way she was, but there must be more to it. Just a small loss of control could bring her parents, her friends to fear her. They were better off knowing she was dead. At least she'd die with a good name on her shoulders. She'd be able to save people, maybe even drive the hate for herself away.

Yet, even Jack had his doubts. Was there even more than that the gods gifted her? Could the gods be so cruel as to flick a loved one away to drive her over the edge so that she may recieve more power? His leaning posture fell, and he sat on the wall. His only friend was in critical condition and he had more in this plate with this girl. It hurts so much to tell someone thier life has come to an end and they must sit back and choose another. The only thing was, he had a job to do...and that was to steer her away from the other choices.

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