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Alis Aquilae I°

Agostinho Neto

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ROMA - Italy launched a domestically made satellite into orbit for the first time today, prompting further details over Italy's nuclear ambitions. The Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (Italian Space Agency) said the launch of Alis Aquilae I° ("On an eagle's wings") research and telecom satellite is a major step in its space technology timed to coincide with the end of technology exportations and a major modernization of the military.

The long-range ballistic technology used to put satellites into orbit could also be used for launching warheads, although Italy says it has no plans to do so.

"Dear Italian nation, your children have placed the first indigenous satellite into orbit," General Junio Borghese said in a televised message, adding the launch was successful. The Agenzia Spaziale Italiana said Alis Aquilae I° was orbiting Bob "We have established communications with it and the necessary information has been received."

Sending Alis Aquilae I° into space is a message to the world that Italy is "very powerful and you have to deal with us in the right way," an Italian political analyst said.


Alis Aquilae I° in orbit around Bob

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