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There are 30,000+ nations on Planet Bob at any given point in time. The Corporation, at present, represents approximately 0.001 of them.

And we like it that way.

No, that isn't to say that we don't wish to grow (we're already growing at a steady and respectable pace). It isn't to say that we don't intend to be strong (we're already making three-day-old nations stronger than some who've been here three MONTHS). And it isn't to say that we don't want nations to join us (we actively recruit, but only the very best nations). In The Corporation you aren't just another Nation--you're an active part of a vibrant community...but not everyone gets to enter these hallowed chambers.

So what separates our member-nations from those of other Alliances? Attitude, mostly. Outlook. Perspective. Call it what you want, it always comes down to the same thing--our member-nations are ruled by true leaders.

True leaders understand and possess honor, integrity, diplomacy and intelligence. True leaders don't want a free ride--they want to work for what they get and learn to earn on their own merits. True leaders don't have to be bought. Other Alliances pay you to join; if we have to pay you, we don't want you.

That isn't to say you won't make money with The Corporation. On the contrary, our member-nations earn income MUCH faster than those who join other Alliances based on their "signing bonus". We teach our member-nations how to earn money, and we broker deals for them that allow them to make more on a single transaction than many Alliances are willing to pay as a one-time fee. These transactions take place with us as often as every 5 days or sooner. We expect our members to earn their keep, and in turn they enjoy the priveleges of a wealth-making formula that is unique on Planet Bob.

Of course everyone wants to make money, but that doesn't mean that everyone has that chance. There are characteristics we require, and "warning signs" that we look for. If u c4n r34d this at a glance...or if "WTF, Dude!" is a regular part of your everyday communication, you're not what we seek. If CyberNations is your flavor-of-the-month, but next week you'll be back to playing your Xbox, you're not the calibre of player we require. If you believe this is a war game, or you bore too easily...well, you belong with a different Alliance. We want LEADERS. We don't want whiners, thugs, candidates for ritalin or other little boys and girls. Go somewhere else and let the grownups play here.

If you're looking for an Alliance that will provide a challenge to you, an income for you, a job you can grow with and the serious opportunity to lead, The Corporation is the kind of place you want to hang your topcoat and fedora. If you're only looking for a quick cash payment, or maybe just the chance to go randomly blow people up--please sell your talents elsewhere. And for certain, if you're only interested in the highest bidder...well our bid on you is NADA.

For those who think they may be the quality types we know would work well within our system, please message MOAIS of the nation Libertaire here:

The Nation of Libertaire

We'll put you through a short process to see if you're our kind of candidate-nation. If you succeed, and wish to join us, you'll know you're something special on Planet Bob. If you don't, well--there are plenty of Alliances out there willing to pay you to be second-best.


MOAIS of the nation Libertaire

Chairman of The Corporation



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