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Kitex Weekly


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OOC: This will be updated from time to time, it may not be every week, depends on when I can get on here


Kitex Weekly


Today, Kitex and Zargathia signed an MDP with each nation being allowed to send a 200-soldier detachment to each other's nation. Secretary of Defense Rusa MacNell was quoted as saying "This MDP with Zargathia will make Kitex safer and will also give us more influence in the region. This is another great day for Kitex."



During the first quarter, the economy has experienced a total growth of about 5.1-5.3%. This is due to the increasing number of FTA's Kitex has gained and also the creation of new industries in the nation.


A total of 200 GIs from the newly formed 11th Infantry Division were sent to Zargathia to train and live there.


A new Marine Corps military base has finished being built and is located in Busan Province, in charge is Major General Luther Horten.


The Kitexian military has officially adopted Interceptor Body Armor as its official body armor.

They have also adopted the M16A3 as the official infantry weapon and the Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) as the official anti-tank weapon.


The Kitexian military is currently researching the M16A4 and the Improved Outer Tactical Vest and is also planning to establish Central Command. It will cover all of Kitex and the Malvinian protectorate and colony.

Special Forces may be sent to the Federation of Pravous Ingruo if diplomatic talks to end their naval blockade of Texas do not work, as the FPI has been deemed a "major threat to Kitexian economic interests within the region."


Today, the Conservative Lords party has won the Parliamentary elections and has the majority in both the Shiri and the Celestial. Here it the breakdown:


Conservative Lords: 60 seats

Liberal Workers: 30 seats

Green Party: 10 Seats


Conservative Lords: 120 seats

Liberal Workers: 100 seats

Green Party: 80 Seats

Conservative Lords spokeswoman Suzy Rena said today that her party would "begin to draft a bill increasing the defense budget by 10% and cut education by 5%."


Legion Inc. has finally completed their new company HQ, located in western Busan Province.


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An updated defense budget for the 2010-2011 FY is currently being debated in Parliament.

By Title

Operations and maintenance: $ 10 million

Military Personnel: $ 15 million

Procurement: $4 million

Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation: $10 million

Military Construction: $5 million

Family Housing: $3 million

Resolving and Management Funds: $3 million

By Service

Army: $15 million

Marine Corps: $10 million

Tank Corps: $5 million

Air Force: $7 million

Coast Guard: $3 million

The budget totals $50 million. This being 10% of the nation's annual GDP.

It seems that the Conservative Lords, having the majority in Parliament will push it through. Suprisingly, though, the Green Party will go with the CLs if they pass a law making the military have 5% of its vehicles be green-oriented by late May 2010.


In the ciry of Ganja in Busan Province, radical Christian and Satanist forces battled in the streets for about two hours. Around 150 people were involved, yet things calmed down when riot police were callled in. The fighting ended with 10 people suffering minor injuries.


In Oregon City, located in Fukoka Province, Kitexians protest the leaving of elements of the 11th Infantry Division and also the increase in defense spending that the Conservative Lords plan to pass through Parliament. They claim that the CLs are going to increase military spending so that they can prepare for a Major Regional Conflict (MRC) that the CLs will start.

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