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The 2nd Acca Daccan National Ball

Acca Dacca

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You're cordially invited to the ball:

It is that time again, and you're on the list to join in celebration of Acca Daccan nationality and worldwide peace and prosperity. This ball is the second of the tri annual tradition, that Acca Dacca will share with the community. It will be hosted at the Tintagyl Hall estate in Honiara, Solomon Islands as a mark of respect of their nation's new growth and introduction to other nation's leaders in the world. It is also simply a place for dance and cheer where people can celebrate and cherish all the "good" things in life. A three day celebration including activities favoured by the Acca Daccan government will be undertaken.

Now, the name of our second ball is named "Au nom de la paix." This ball shall be a change for all leaders to mingle with one another, have fun, and enjoy the presence of the international community. We have alread held a ball for rejoicing and celebrating peace, now it is time to work for a peace with each other.

All leaders will arrive in Honiara at the Henderson International Airport, where the air will be cleared for all to arrive safely. There is enough room for around 1,000 guests to attend. We ask for all heads of state or government as well as thier family members to be present to interact with us and one another. Late visitors will be accepted. It will be one of the only times leaders can mingle and interact with one another at a pesronal level rather than in a room with a podium and 1000 chairs in front of you. Food being served at the ball will include this time: Penne with marinara, Jasmine Rice, Sautéed Chick peas, Chicken Tikka másala, and Beef Szechwan. As before, for vegetarians we have a wide variety of salads and tropical fruit.

We would be honored to have you all attend,


Ava Jones, Queen of Acca Dacca

Advisor to the Queen,

Michelle Donop.

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Upon receiving this letter from their neighbours, the old man decides that his assistant, Constance, should attend the ball. After all, she was the assistant to the late Madame Unicorn and may be able to get some information on this Daughter of the late Archeron Mykep.

"But... I mean, I don't really want to go.. I prefer to stay out of the limelight"

The old man turns to Constance and looks at her, his hands toying with his beloved pistol.

"Well m'dear, I'm afraid you have no choice in the matter. You will go, and I expect a thorough report on the other attendees when you return. We cannot afford to have this country subservient to anyone else in the pacific. I will not let it happen!"

Constance shrieks in fear and tears stream down her face, ruining her mascara.

"Fine, if it is for the good of *** ************, then I will attend this... Ball."

Constance turns on the heel of her foot, before looking back at the old man.

"You realise I'll need a raise in order for me to buy a dress and all the related accessories?"

The old man smiles and throws a roll of money at Constance. She catches it and smiles excitedly.

"Well, there you are. Enjoy yourself, but remember to bring back that information. I will let them know you're arriving immediately."


To: The head of Acca Dacca
From: ** ******* *****
Please expect the prompt arrival of a representative from the nation formerly known as Annihilation.

Thank you

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The several representatives that have come will make thier way into a large fantasticly lit ballroom. A dance floor will be surrounded by open tables for anyone to sit with anyone. A buffet if positioned inbetween pillars that align the east and west walls of the room. As they enter, there is a circluar stairway that makes its way to a second floor balcony. The balcony has several doors that can be used to discuss things more privately. A stage is placed on the north end, facing the enterance where a speaker was present.

Welcome all, and thank you for coming. Thank you for joining us in our beloved nation in hopes of keeping peace in this world. Our festivities will begin shortly, until then feel free to meet with any of my diplomats that are around the floor. Music will play for anyone who wants to taske advantage of the open floor. Before the buffet opens, we will have small snacks located on the tables. Sit with anyone, talk with anyone. Please take this time to discuss things openly or privately in the rooms on the second floor. Keys can be found on the stairwells opening on the 2nd floor.

Our Queen and Advisor will be present shortly. Please enjoy yourself until then.

The speaker would make this small speech everytime a new representative would come in.

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aeroDisparu Flight 001, which was carrying Lance Pikachurin, the King of Disparu, and Maylene Buizel-Pikachurin, the Queen of Disparu, quickly landed on the tarmac of Henderson International Airport. Lance and Maylene immediately accepted their invitation as soon as it arrived in the mailboxes of Chateau Jubilife. Despite the fact that he was extremely busy back home due to the election of a new government, Lance managed to make several excuses to reschedule them after the Ball.

A wave of nostalgia hit Lance as soon as he entered Tintagyl Hall. He had been here exactly one year ago, shortly after the official recognition of Disparu as a sovereign nation. It was here that talks of two of Disparu's most important treaties, the Good Neighbour Treaty and the Disparu-Acca Dacca Agreement, were started. This was also the place where he met John F. Kennedy before his tragic assassination at Texas.

Lance was wearing his regular navy blue suit and blank pants, as well as his signature spiky hat. Maylene was wearing a black/white dress, black boots and a white ribbon on her hair.

Tightly holding Maylene's hand, Lance stepped into the ballroom, glad that he was one of the first to arrive.

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Valeria Sangral looked nervously over at the seat next to her. There Lady Hannah sat twiddling her fingers as the Hanseatic flight began its decent to Henderson Airport in the city of Honiara. Both of the women looked a bit ragged, Valeria who had just returned from a long ordeal in New South Wales after having witnessed the assassination of the Welsh President right in front of her, while Hannah had just returned from Promised Land from problems that she even refused to share with Valeria. It was one of the reasons that both that the Foreign Minister and the Potentate would have rather stayed back in Apophis it seemed as though both of them had inherited Lady Tintagyl's problem of no matter where they went there was always a problem that needed to be solved. Sure, it was one of the reasons Sarah had become as famous as she did, but nevertheless, neither of them wanted to deal with it.

"And in addition to that, if they lecture once on the Dranaggian ordeal..." Hannah growled as she looked out the window at the city in the distance.

"I'm sure they wouldn't be as arrogant to bring politics into a ball. They want us to enjoy ourselves after all."

"Leaders are always arrogant Valeria, don't try to be naive I can see you trying to fool me as clear as day." Hannah smiled. "Just make sure you're not naive when we arrive. People like to exploit naivety, I've seen it happen far too many times."


"Precisely." The Potentate leaned back as the plane came to a rest on the ground and pushed herself out of the chair. "Well, there's no need to rush ourselves, if we're fashionably late, its just something we'll have to deal with. We'll just have to be extra stunning tonight." The two women laughed as they withdrew to separate quarters of the plane to change.


Walking with two Lillian Guards at their sides, Hannah and Valeria moved through the outer courtyards of Tintagyl Hall towards the main complex itself. Hannah wore her platinum hair down below her shoulders, free flowing, with a long black dress of silk crawling against the ground. Around her neck was the locket Sarah had given her, the beautiful silver locket shining against the night sky. Valeria wore a dazzling red dress, forming to her body, her yellow hair drawn up various strains of hair falling over her eyes, while the main grouping of her hair fell down her open back. Walking into the building they turned to the chamberlains and smiled. "Lady Hannah Asgeirsson and Lady Valeria Sangral, of the Hanseatic Commonwealth."

After being announce they walked onto the floor, diplomatic faces, and warriors underneath.

OOC: Again...mind the picture...I know its "unrealistic" :P...but that's who its based on.

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The stage lit up, and the music stopped for a moment. Ava in her little gown approached the microphone on the podium with such elegance, it seemed as if she was floating. Brilliant for her age, her advisor let her step out and make this address alone. The small figure of a woman blossomed out of her. Ava smiled a glowing smile at all who have attended. She closed her eyes, took a breathe, and began to speak,

"Thank you, each and everyone of you to come out her and recognize the existance of my nation and the values we cherish so much. Our mission for peace is never complete but the moment you all stepped in her meant that such an impossible goal as everlasting peace has some value to it. I'm not here to address peace, I do my own lectures on my time for that, but I do want to say that this world wouldnt be as beautiful or as promising if it werent for each and everyone of you. You make the difference in my life, the people around you, and the people aorund the world.

I hope that you all do talk to one another and get to know each other better. I'm told that drinking and dancing brings people together, on and off thier feet. I hope to share a drink with each of you the day I am able to. Every once and awhile, the people we lead forget that we are people too. This is your chance to be a person, and enjoy the company of others in your position of high stature at a not-so-serious level. I promise you that this doesnt have ot be an occasion where everything is diplomatic.

So have your drinks, and dance, and eat and be merry because you can and you should. Have a great time and peace be with you. I shall be at my table if you wish to speak.

Thank you.

She dismounted the podium to applauds. She made her way off stage to the left where she shook the hands of her Generals, Advisors, members of the Parliament and other authoritative figures of Acca Dacca. She smiled and laughed with them all. When she excused herself from that group, she sat at the table and put her hands over her lap as a man poured her a glass of water. She smiled up to him and worded 'thank you.' The music returned to everyone's ears with a slow violin song. She hummed to it as she awaited her guests to come see her. Her advisor joined her as did one of her friends from school who felt a little out of place, but Ava made her more than happy. Who wouldnt be with usch a charming dazzling smile that she possessed. Nonetheless, she only wished to use it to greet people, and hoped they would come over for a small chit-chat if anything.

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Vikram Kerala Varma slowly moved towards Ava Jones, the Queen of Acca Dacca and said, "A truly lovely ball, Your Highness. This is my first visit to your magnificent nation. Perhaps with the soon to be started Inter Asia Rail Network, I could visit here again! A toast to the Rail project and greater regional cooperation."

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Walking into the Ballroom as if it belonged to here, was the Queen Valkyrie outfitted in her Valkyrie light plate armour plus her short lance and shield. With the light step she walked into the room sweeping her gaze across everyone in attendance mentally noting those she knew and those that she didn't. It didn't take too long for her to notice the host of the ball standing off to the side in a small group.

Striding across the ballroom floor with a purpose, Queen Valkyrie Klein ignored any stares she might be receiving and focused on reaching Ava Jones. No one else seemed to reach Ava before her so the Queen Valkyrie found herself alone with Ava and her group. Placing a welcoming smile on her face the Queen Valkyrie stopped before Ava and knelt taking the other Queen's right hand and kissing it softly in greeting.

"It is an honour to meet another Queen your Highness. I offer you greetings from Helzan" spoke the Queen Valkyrie as stood up from her kneeling postion her eyes focused on Ava alone.

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She looked at Vikram Kerala Varma, and smiled away. She was happy the railroad was finished.

"Yes, and I hope that these new rails connect us and keep the Asian community a little closer together. We have worked together well on a great project. It was a feat to accomplish something of that magnitude. We will simply have to do something again to continue furthering our relations. I do hope you visit more."

She turned to Queen Valkarie.

"My Lady, please stand. It is possibly the most honurable thing that you have done but in this room we are of all equal stature. We are all Queens, Kings, Presidents, and titles of power here. We should respect one another as equals, and should carry that sense of respect outside of this room. Might I say you look brilliant in your armor. "

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After only a small delay, Amyante and Lu Gang arrived at the ball, in time to hear the speech Ava had prepared. Feeling glad that she hadn't ended up arriving late, she started to mingle with the politicians in order not to give the impression that she had arrived late, in the meantime showing the young boy with her around and pointing out some of the people she was allied with.

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James and Anzhelina had entered the ballroom, holding hands. James wore a rather simple suit, with the coat of arms of Caucasia on a necklace. His wife wore a sparkling black dress, her pregnant belly just visible to others, with matching black heels. Her blond hair was loose, cascading down to her mid back, and her bright blue eyes twinkled, seemingly to match her dress.

Now they approached Ava and those around her. James glanced at Varma and smiled, offering his hand. "Evening! It's been awhile. How have you been doing?" He then nodded to Ava and said, "A grand ball. I didn't have the honor of attending the first. Quite the place you have."

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