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The Vault

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Why the Vault?

* Potential for advancement. We will appoint a loyal member to the council mid-round, meaning you can go from brand new member to leader of the alliance very shortly.

* No drama. Leadership here likes each other fairly well. There will be no coups (...at least I hope not :unsure: ), angry rants, OWF confessions, crying/bawwing/sobbing/other synonyms for such things. We want a friendly, fun atmosphere in our humble home.

* Plenty of discussion. Just because we don't like drama in our alliance doesn't mean we don't like talking about everybody else's. We'll have lots of discussion about all the happenings this round and you're free to speak your mind (respectfully of course) about whatever you wish.

* Loyalty and respect to our members and allies. If we sign any treaties, we won't bail on our friends; no matter how large the opposing force is. Honor before Infra and all that good stuff. We shall endeavor to apply this attitude towards our general membership as well. If we could be the largest alliance or be the one with the most camaraderie/fun, the choice is obvious for us.

* I WANNA JOIN!!!!1!

Okay, first settle yourself down. Second, go to our forums, register, and fill out a short application. Boom, that's it you're done. Do whatever you want and have some fun.

Forums are here: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Vault100/

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