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Little Big Announcement


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Today, Little Big Alliance has passed the 50,001 NS Barrier! Woohoo!


On this great day, I would like to make a few other announcements. In the wake of our 50,001 NS, we are having an IRC party, come check it out at #littlebig for Moon-Pies and Beer! Our Sack Princess, LadyZodiac is being deployed to Afghanistan for 2 months, we pray for her and hope she comes back in one piece. \o LadyZodiac o/

Recently, Little Big Alliance has signed a couple of PIAT's. We are trying to establish some foreign affairs, make lasting friendships, and make our mark in the world. If there is any alliance that would like to get to know us better, or learn more about us, please, sign up and establish an embassy at www.littlebigalliance.freeforums.org

Little Big Alliance would also like to congratulate Snickrot, our recently established Sack of Membership. He has done a wonderful job, I couldn't have asked for better!

I would also like to honor these original members of LBA, thanks so much!









El Boss


The Caesars


With that, I bid you adieu. If you have any questions for LBA, you can post them here, and I will answer as best I can.


King Deo Alias, Sack King and Founder of Little Big Alliance

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Did you just seriously make an announcement that you hit 50K NS total? What the hell? I mean, the other stuff relating to your treaties makes sense I guess. But hitting 50K NS means nothing and seriously makes you look dumb King Alias.

As usual, best of luck. I mean it but also as usual, I want to be brutally honest and let you know that I don't think LBA is going anyway. I urge you to prove me wrong in the next few months :)

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Seriously guys? I made an alliance about sacks and you expect me to care about the facts?

If you want to be taken seriously, then yes. If you want to be made fun of then I guess it doesn't matter. Touché good sir.

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Seriously guys? I made an alliance about sacks and you expect me to care about the facts?

That is a strangely good answer.

Congrats on your achievement, feasibly if someone who has been on Bob for awhile sees this announcement and enjoys it, you can make another one tomorrow about doubling and hitting 100k.

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I have advice for you. Whether you want it or not.

You should go out and join an established alliance, build up your nations, then break off with a few friends (who each have as much NS as your entire alliance does now), and start a new alliance.

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