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An Announcement from The Dark Brotherhood

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*As an eerie darkness sweeps across the land, a hooded figure dressed in all black steps out of the darkness, fire burning in his eyes...*


I come to you on behalf of The Night Mother, Sithis and The Black Hand. Today is a great day for The Dark Brotherhood. Two nights ago The Black Hand was informed that the Night Mother wanted to appoint us a Silencer. We were asked our thoughts and with overwhelming support agreed to appoint Shadow Walker of Darkwoods as the first of three Silencers. Silencers are the leaders of The Dark Brotherhood military. We congratulate him on this achievement. Our Government is now the following:

The Night Mother- Left_behind

Sithis- Nagini

The Black Hand:

Listener- Robert Specto

Speaker- Jayskate

Speaker- Naitsirk

Speaker- Vacant

Speaker- Vacant


Shadow Walker

I also have a few more Announcements, we do have an IRC channel at cn-brotherhood if you ever need us. And our Sanctuary is located here:

-The Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary-

That is it for now, till next time...

Robert Specto

Listener of The Dark Brotherhood

*The man steps back into the shadows and disappears from sight.*

Edit: Cant write...

Edited by Robert Specto
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