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Lafayette Escadrille AAR & DoE

Fisher X

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After Action Report (AAR) - Round 7

LE ended a very fun round, led for a second time by roan (red baron/Janitor). As he hands the reigns of leadership to our great alliance to me, I accept the challenge. But first, a huge Salute! and call out to Fark. We had a super war and battle for position. They fought bravely and shared some really super recipes; which I have to admit caught us off guard. However, we have adjusted our alliance forum to support recipe sharing and testing, so we look forward to future wars if only for the new food preparation ideas we'll gain :)

Declaration of Existence (DoE) - Round 8

As stated, I will lead LE this round. I have been with LE since round 3 and with CN:TE since round 1. I've had the great pleasure of advising many LE Round Leaders, and look forward to a fun round. LE will be changing things up somewhat.

For round 8, LE will NOT be open to new, unknown members.

Good luck to all!


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