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Jerkin Empire


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Jerkin Empire

I Hereby announce Jerkin Empire’s Declaration Of Existence.

We the government of JE Do Hereby Establish this Charter,


We the nations of Jerkin Empire, in order to form a more peaceful and fair alliance, do hereby establish this Charter for Jerkin Empire, hereby referred to as JE.

JE Charter

The purpose of JE is to preserve democracy, protect and serve its fellow nations, and promote fun above anything else.

Article 1 - Members

JE members are encouraged to get a job in the alliance or run for a government position, as long as there comfortable with it.

By joining JE you receive the protection of JE in exchange for your loyalty in times of need, be it war. An attack against one JE member is an attack against all of JE.

Additionally, all JE members are expected to be loyal to the alliance themselves and play nice with each other.

These are the responsibilities of all JE members:

• All nations must follow our simple rules.

• In times of war, JE members may be called upon to help defend your friends or family because, in JE, all our members are considered family.

• JE members are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards their fellow members in game and on our forums.

• JE members will also present a respectful manner to the International Community of CN:TE.

• You have to be in the white Team since are alliance is in the white sphere so please change your team color to white if you havent already.

• we have a free tech raiding policy but it is at your own risk.

• Before becoming a member you must make sure to include the oath in you're application.

As a JE member, you have the following rights:

• You have the right to use your nation's resources in any way you choose.

• You have the right to request military assistance if you are attacked and can’t protect yourself.

• You have the right to vote on issues that affect the alliance as whole.

• You have the right to vote in general elections.

• You have the right to leave the alliance at any time, providing you post a resignation message in the appropriate JE forum.

Article 2 - Government

Section 1

JE shall be governed by 3 Groups: The Emperor(1), King Jerk(1), Prince Jerk(1), and the Ministers of JE(5)

The Emperor,king Jerk, Prince Jerk, and the Minister's Of JE, will have ultimate authority in all matters. In the order above.

The Emperor Of JE– The Emperor of JE is the founder and will always be of such.

The King Jerk Of JE- The King Jerk is the Co-Founder and will always be of such.

The Prince Jerk Of JE- The Prince Jerk is the Lord Regent. The Emperor and King Jerk will appoint the Lord Regent at the start of every round.

The Minister's Of JE – Are appointed by the Emperor, and King Jerk and regulate the areas of education, foreign affairs, defence, war , and internal affairs to create a better JE alliance.

• Minister of War

• Minister of Foreign Affairs

• Minister of Education

• Minister of Internal Affairs

• Minister of Defence

Permanent Government – Is chosen by the Emperor/ King Jerk of JE.

Emperor/King Jerk May demote or take a position away from any of the permanent gov.

Section 2 – War

JE will only declare war in defense currently. To declare war the vote must be over 50% in the event of a tie the Minister of War , and Minister Of Defence will choose whether to declare or find peace another way.

The percentage is as follows:

• Minister of War = 20%

• Minister of Defence = 20%

• The Emperor= 20%

• King Jerk= 20%

• Prince Jerk= 20%

JE will do everything in its power to avoid war. However sometimes War is inevitable and will be dealt with as such. If this is the case nations will be given a set of instructions on what to do by the Minister of War.

In times of war, the alliance may call upon certain members to go to war, after the attacks. JE will do everything to make sure the alliance will prosper after war is declared.

You must comply with the orders given to you by the government as failure to do so may result in disbandment of the alliance.

Section 3 - Technology Raids

We have a free tech raiding policy but it will be at your own risk, you may not raid allies though.

Section 4 - Diplomatic Efforts

Should something occur and that the government should have to intervene, diplomatic efforts will be used to try and come across a solution to the problem. If the nation is unauthorized to attack they may face punishment. Should the time come that the nation involved cannot win, the alliance will try and help to the best of our abilities.

Article 5 - Charter Alterations:

This charter is subject to change. Should the charter be altered in any way it will require new ratification by the current Emperor/King Jerk and Minister's of JE.

Article 6 - Ratification:

The charter above is signed and ratified by the following people in Jerkin Empire

Emperor- Marcus The Great

King Jerk- Eddy

Prince Jerk- Cobrastrike

Signed by

Emperor- Marcus

King Jerk- Eddy

Prince Jerk- cobra strike

Minister of Defense- Swat63

Minister of War- Ad Fidem

Minister of Foreign Affairs- Katskip

Minister of Education- Ni431

Minister of Internal Affairs- Remington

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