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Self Deportion


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Unknown location within Diberia. Underground Amazon Laboratory Facility 32B.

Alone in the darkness. Affected by the darkness. Loved within the darkness.

Over 200 cubical's were set up in what was once a long, empty half-circle opening, a carnivorous mouth to the unknown abyss in the far reaches of the massive mountain, deep in the bunker that was not theirs to own. In fact, Johnson Higgins had never gone father than ninety meters in, well, he didn't know how long its been since he was not where he is currently. Someone else delivered his food and repeat letters about winning the war against the Imperium. This week's 'Frontline News' announced a 'Tactical Retreat' and increased deployments of sniper regiments. Like Aperture had anymore troops left, much less funds to acquire more men; anyone with decent hacking skills could break the weak firewall and find out the Imperium's successes and mass Aperture Infantry surrenders. Johnson knew it would be only a matter of months, if even that, until the sounds of war were close and broken through the Rebellion's front lines.

But even as much he wanted the Imperium to defeat Aperture, he hoped that the reports were fact and they would conquer the stronger Imperium. Then, the huge ceiling speakers bellowed to life, destroying the uneasy and thoughtful silence hanging in the 'room'. But it was no room, even if it sounded like the old office building from his cubical. Warm memories drifted back to Johnson, his accidental yet wonderful child and...

"Enact Protocol Thirteen." Echoed White's inhuman, desensitized voice within the cavern of human construction and sweat. Many of the smaller conversations in the room stopped immediately a few seconds before the announcement, as if they could sense the coming darkness that would spew forth from the speaker. Nothing else ever was said through there, other than one time when a crazed man got a hold of the microphone and speaking of the Imperium as if it was a god-sent Saviour. Ha. Ha ha. Saviour's don't follow the footsteps of those that they vanquish, else how much better are they? Footsteps echoed through Johnson's head for a moment, immediately forcing him back to work before the footsteps walked on by. He did not notice it, but he stopped typing his research just before the voice calmly spoke those three words, reminding oneself of ghost stories and pale dead figures in the process of speaking. "Fool!" he thought. Such dilly dallying could mean Dead Life Torture until he only does work. Then the footsteps reached his back. Johnson couldn't think, so he rewrote his article from last week about "Improving the AKM for Large-scale Production", sitting on his right. There were no more footsteps. Johnson typed faster, activating his second screen full of data he was using with his current research. Then the metal-boot clad soldier with the Clan Gundran Armband of Membership continued walking on.

A sigh of relief escaped from his lips. They were called the Impressive Infantry, guardians of the most important assets of Aperture Laboratories and by far the most ruthless Aperture employees came; its no wonder why none of GTI's "Plushy Princes of Cash" troops never made very far into the Aperture Infantry. The roughness and spartan lifestyle most likely disgusted the pampered soldiers, so Aperture did what they do best do the good: they made the GTI soldiers the meat shields for the hardier, less skilled but survivalist Aperture Infantry. Johnson never had any rough experiences with the lot of 'em, with only close encounters and a single odd relationship, but nevertheless what glad of not needing to interact and bargain with them. Well, bargaining was an overstatement for the unlearned; they just threatened you until they killed you or got something valuable to give you more time. But only ever more time. Lucky for Johnson, his position meant he could use politics and underhanded justice to get rid of any foolish II troopers, if he needed to. And now that he thought of it, they weren't really that Impressive, at least appearances-wise, and he never saw them in battle. Ha! Perhaps they are really just big bullies? Johnson noticed that he was relaxed and sitting back, so he got back to 'work'.

"At least the next few hours were going to be interesting", thought Johnson, "Alas involving the deaths of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands." Perhaps it was more interesting than the usual 'All Personel Report to Factory B2', or 'Enact Protocol 7' (a rather weekly act; a trial run of the latest Brutality Intoxication Virus, watched by every researcher involved in order to make a better version). Perhaps it was quite rather important, killing off scores of people only doing what they were told and hired to do. Yet it was just another order, just another day, and just another order that he had done in the past, only to different people.

For how such a low, low number of innocent human beings erased from the face of the Earth without a single blink affect the Father of Diberia's Holocaust? It wasn't from desensitization, no, he yelled as much as the next man if someone dies in-front of his very eyes. It wasn't because of the enormous amount of funds he made every year, he couldn't use it himself anyway because Aperture would just hunt him down if he 'retired', apply Dead Life Torture, and make him once more a slave to Aperture. Why he wanted, no, needed to do it was a mystery, even to him. And he didn't believe that it was his own search for happiness.

Alone in the darkness. Affected by the darkness. Loved within the darkness.


"Am mine self good, great One?" Robert asks God.

"Nay." Says God.

"Am mine self evil, great One?" Robert asks once more.

"Nay." Says God.

"Then, thou Great Fearfulness, what is mine self?" He asks a final time.

"Thou are a Man who hates Crowds, Robert."

~The Third Book of King Robert, The Forefather Tome.


OOC: White's voice is supposed to be similar to the bodiless one in Der Riese in CoD:WaW. OOC comments are welcome.


-I never really painted a picture of Aperture Science before, and since I wish to start putting specialized effort into every single post of mine, giving them all purpose and 'juice', I decided to do this. Now, here is a spoiler for one, ONE reason for this RP.

Aperture, minus the majority of their employees, is running away to a far off location. To where, I will not tell right now (although another note of mine just rear-ended this one D: ). :)

-Already have the pre-approval with Shadowsage to RP things relating to his nation.

-The Forefather Tome is a book of religious significance in Diberia, more specifically the Gundrans. This 'religion' will be explained later. I've written down much, much information on paper, but I need to turn it into written form, as shown in this post.

-@Sarah, there will be traces of Aperture's recruitment campaign, but there will be no mention of how powerful they are, only that they offer big bucks to become a soldier. Although there may be a few recruiter's still around, attempting to recruit a few more people for the war effort. ;)

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OOC: NOT a gravedig because I'm going to use this thread for general Aperture Science activities (NOT Weyland-Yutani Corporation). This can mean statistics, story telling, etc.

For the sack of keeping time and letting people know how things are related, the current year is 1012 (twelve years after the start of Aperture's Diberian Operation), and the date is...well, different dates. I'll say "Current Day" when its today/that day. Just to be sure people are on the right track.

Oh, and the last RP post takes place about a IC year ago/3 months in RL ago (I'll normally go by the 1 year per month scale).

D: I was going to RP something, but I forgot what... :(

So this is a news thread now, and a thread where you can attempt to contact Aperture Science.

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OOC: Hmm, contact Aperture Science? Could you elaborate on that? like contact as in, purchase their services, or something like that?

OOC: Aperture most likely is not known by many; its known by the Imperium of Man (although not really talked about much, other than the soldiers involved in Diberia), but not by anyone else really. Unless you find a possibly still active Recruiter attempting to find more recruits...

ANYWAY, they arn't out there as mercenaries; rather, their goal is the large-scale destruction of mankind so it can start Man anew, getting rid of "useless 3rd World Countries" and "Poor People", and basically attempting to make a impossible perfect society. Thus, Aperture has been developing various biological weapons (primarily the Zombie disease). But they may provide their services - for a cost - if the price is right, and if it furthers their cause of eventual world destruction and renewal.

But everyone, know this: I may rid myself of Diberia and work on just this "justified evil" corporation.

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Clearence: Class Q or Above

Last Updated: October 13th, 1012

Main Document: Welcome

Attached Document(s): Statistics; Diberia Status

Recipient: Occult Pathfinder, 3rd Legion, Impressive Infantry Seargent.

----------Main Document----------

Welcome, new Inner Circle member! As a Class Q member, you are NOT GUARANTEED* protection, survival over your lesser and more expendable comrades, important positions, fun group activities, information on the most secret of documents within Aperture Science, and to meet The White Suit, CEO of Aperture Laboritories!

In the future, be prepared for additional letters coming your way! The next document should detail a brief history of Aperture, and an attached document on weapons we manufacture for our troops and infantry (along with where). And remember to eat at our chain stores!

*When we GUARANTEE something, we really mean that we DON'T GUARANTEE, and the same vice-versa.

----------Statistics Document----------

Last Updated: September 27th, 1012

Current Employees: 255 Inner Circle Members, 4000 Normal Members, 4300 Entree Members, 1249 International Contacts Members

Current Military: 564 Impressive Infantry forces primarially armed with AK108 Rifles, 1830 Aperture Infantry with various cheap & effective weapons, 19 Apache Helicopters, 50 Diberian Tanks [currently being scrapped due to uselessness]

Inter-Aperture Factions: 5000 Clan Gundran Members

----------Diberian Status Document----------

Mission: Reduce this nation to crumbling ashes as a test run of the Diberian Zombie Disease and Aperture forces & tactics.

Tactics Used: Initial Outbreak Brutality Intoxication Virus [notice: Data for producing this delicate virus has been either lost to the Imperium's onslaught or destroyed], effective but additional virus required production to effect Imperium troops and "hard" immune systems; mass produced cheap weapons and large numbers of soldiers to take & hold objectives [deemed expendable and nearly useless, although gaining some extra elite II Soldiers], semi-effective but needed more than one month's training; additional doses of Brutality Intoxication Virus MK2 thru MK4 used against survivors and enemy troops alike, quite effective & useful for additional testing of zombie viruses; [and finally] use of Large-scale Zombie Disease MK3 (LZK-3) to get rid of excess and zombies in Aperture's way.

Status of Mission: Completed.

Additional Notes: A Rebel group within the heart of Diberia was found and fought with for nearly a decade, but has been eliminated. Most of our Diberia-stationed troops were destroyed in the process, plus over 60% of personel.

Edited by JerreyRough
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Aperture's P.I.G. Vehicles

A video showing all of these is located

, and all of the vehicles below are in order as in that video.

Pictures and statistics will be avalible in the next few days.

Recon and Command Vehicle

Codename: Lead Coffin

Description: The Lead Coffin is a light vehicle made primarially for reconnaissance, equiped with computers, pinpoint lasers, binoculars, a satellite radio, two sniper rifles, "maximum" fuel, and sensor equipment; thus, it is also useful for commanders in the field.

Light Heavy Machine Gun Vehicle

Codename: Wild Boar

Description: The Wild Boar is a very fast vehicle capable of traversing both land and water, due to its watertight hull. It is equiped with a heavy machine gun turret for targeting aircraft, light vehicles, and infantry. This vehicle has seen much use in the Amazon rainforest because of its ability to easily traverse the numerous rivers, and thus was the most produced vehicle of the PIG line, with four divisions being created.

Medium Main Battle Tank

Codename: Pigbull

Description: The Bigbull is now the main attack tank for Aperture, alas only having two divisions being produced in total before the Imperium took the production facilities. Nevertheless, they have proven to be the most effective tank of the PIG line, with a great combination of speed, firepower, armor, and relativly cheap value to produce. Both of the Pigbull divisions are still up and running (...to their final base).

Heavy Assault Vehicle

Codename: N/A

Description: The Heavy Assault Vehicle is Aperture's answer for the Imperium's vehicles and heavy armor suits: it boasts a single cannon capable of impressive damage and a heavy layer of armor protects the vehicle from all sides. It is known to be a very destructive vehicle and hard to overcome, but its heavy weight means it gets caught in the jungle undergrowth and mud easily, forcing it to defensive or city fighting roles, else getting stuck. The vehicle often overheats as well. It is often taken out easily by Imperial aircraft.

Anti-Bunker Explosives Vehicle

Codename: Boom Box

Description: Perhaps the most useless unit in the P.I.G. line of vehicles, the Boom Box is equiped with two large cannons that have very destructive ammunition. While excellent at close range warfare, it is very costly and most vehicles are lost and destroyed before they are used effectivly, and thus are no longer produced.

Mobile Artillery Vehicle

Codename: N/A

Description: The Mobile Artillery Vehicle is the second most effective unit in the PIG line. The vehicle takes inspiration from the Wild Boar's mobility, alas not being water tight, and a powerful cannon for long range warfare. It has clamps to help keep the vehicle in place as it fires, but are easily retracted incase it needs to start moving very quickly. The vehicle is often used in Guerilla attacks, due to its accuracy and fast movement, but is not very armored and shares the Heavy Assault Vehicle's problem with overheating.


OOC: Note to self: expand on these vehicles more and make sure they are all possible. Consider them shenanigans until that point in time; I just wanted to get them done.

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