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The end of CN Radio


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HERE IS THE SERVER TUNE IN: http://lueradio.kyrosiris.com:8004

CN radio started January 2009, was pretty slow, came back again March 2009, saw a boost in activity due to the Karma War (Airme's show hit 299 listeners once).

However, all good things must come to an end. We were pretty much dead in the water anyway >_>

Tomorrow on Saturday, October 24th, at 9 PM EST (GMT -5), the final broadcast of CN Radio will begin. It will be hosted by me, and the guests will be whoever wants to come on skype and chat with us.

The show will end whenever I feel like it, probably around 2 AM EST.

However, I will still have the weekly bros show in #CN-Radio


What: CN Radio Final Broadcast

Who: Bros and Guests

When: Saturday, October 24th @ 9 PM EST (GMT -5 aka 2 AM GMT, or 4 hours before update)

Where: #CN-Radio on coldfront. You won't want to miss it, it will be amazing. I will also take requests here in this topic for those who cannot be on IRC. The radio information will be provided in this topic tomorrow, and edited into this post.

How to contact me: #CN-Radio on coldfront, highlight me, query me, I will respond. bros402 is my skype name, add me, tell me who you are in your add contact thing.

We do not have the CN Radio server anymore, so I will be DJing on the backup server with a max of 50 slots, so if anyone has a shoutcast server they could lend me for the night to use in case we have overflow, i'd appreciate it :P


bros, CN Radio Station Manager

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in this context, to be worried is to be distraught

to be distraught is to be troubled emotionally (emotions are things like sadness)

i don't know why i'm actually debating this with you, but you're wrong

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