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BARREL MODEL (slightly different from the 5x5)


So I was laying in bed last night and thinking about economics here on Bob and I had this idea and would like to run it by you guys and see what you think. It works like this.

10 persons

5 Sellers

5 Buyers

Seller 1 sends 50 tech to Buyer 1

Buyer 1 sends $3MIL to seller 2

Seller 2 sends 50 tech to Buyer 2

etc... Forms a complete circle

Seller Benefits $3MIL every 10 days for a total of $12MIL a month

Buyer Benefits 50 tech every 10 days for a total of 200 Tech a month

Step 2:

Tier two

-Includes same people just reorganized.

Seller Benefits with two tier $3MIL every 5 days for a total of $24MIL a Month

Buyer Benefits 400 tech a month

Step 3:

Buyers and sellers within the circle set up one normal tech deal of $3mil for 100 tech

Seller benefits total $27/30MIL a month

Buyer Benefits total 500/550 Tech a month

requierments. five open aid slots, buyers must be able to produce $4/4.5 MIL every 5 days Minimum.

What do you guys think? I am working on a diagram now, will post tonight.

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Ehrr whats new about 5slot deals? The whole FOK Cybernations lottery will excist out of 3mil/100t deals using a 5x5 slot deal methode... It's old :P

Buyer A

Buyer B

Buyer C

Buyer D

Buyer E

Seller 1

Seller 2

Seller 3

Seller 4

Seller 5

Buyer A sends 3mil to seller 1 + 2

Buyer B sends 3mil to seller 2 + 3

Buyer C sends 3mil to seller 3 + 4

Buyer D sends 3mil to seller 4 + 5

Buyer E sends 3mil to seller 5 + 1

Seller 1 sends 50tech to buyer B + C

Seller 2 sends 50tech to buyer C + D

Seller 3 sends 50tech to buyer D + E

Seller 4 sends 50tech to buyer E + A

Seller 5 sends 50tech to buyer A + B

If you wanne do 3mil/50t deals just change it a bit

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