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Malvinian intervention

Zoot Zoot

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The map spread before Premier Barney was that of the Antarctic.

his advisors pointed out that the island to the west of City 1 was currently in a state of anarchy and it would be internationally approved if we moved in a small force to bring control to the area.

Only Barney wasnt sure, but he decided to make it a Malvinian Protectorate and hope for the best, hoping the world wouldnt come down like a hammer on glass.

His plans for the Protectorate was to make it a self governing expansion of the Malvinianterritory, ownig no allegiance to the motherland, he even had his staff draw up a contract binding him to the promise the Malvinians wouldnt annex the territory, but await a legitimate government to come into play and hand control over to them.

a small garrison would be needed for polcing perposes for the Cities, 3000 men should be enough he thought as he signed the ordes to deploy.

Hearts and minds.

after the Capital had been secured he was to travel down and speak with the locals and get them to Elect a Govenor of the protectorate.

*24 hours later*

Malvinian Paratroopers landed on the island and began securing the city with no resistance, contruction of a small fort outside city limits to minimalise the military feel for the civilans.

now only time would tell.

*Public announcment*

As of the 22/10/09 the Island codenamed AL2-PH, which if you look at the map on your screens, is the large island to the west of City 1 in the Antarctic, has been brought under Malvinian Protectorate control for the safety of its Civilians and will do so until released by Premier Barney under the leadership of an aprooved regime.

Premier Barney has Signed a Clause, also attached, guaranteeing the Malvinian Government will not seize control over the land and claim it as "home turf" as Barney was quoted saying earlier today.


AL2-PH Protectorate Clause

I hearby Swear,

on the motherland.

on her men, women and children,

on the freedom of the nation and all within it.

The Sovereighty of AL2-PH will never be forcibly taken from the people and placed under Malvinian Law, fly Malvinan flags.

it shall foever remain a protectorate for the Malvinas and not a colony, or an overseas territory.

It will remain Protectorate of the Malvinian Government until such a time a sutible Government steps forward to request permission to claim it as their own Nation.

This I Swear

Premier Barney Stone

General Applause

Air Brigadeer Goering

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OOC: Seeing it was declared a Protectorate a simple pm to zoot zoot will cover it

OOC: Cent: macarthur has a earlier claim on the island than the protectorate action by zoot zoot.

Macarther: that white area is what I mean. It was the "Federation Protectorate" that I was explaining in the map thread, and pointed out by several other people in the map thread, that it WASN'T to be turned white.

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