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Official Announcement from Kronos

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Synergia was formed 3 months ago with a unique concept for the basis of an alliance. They brought together some of the greatest economic minds this world has seen, and workd towards conquering one of the hardest issues in the world, trade swapping. For the last 3 months they experienced great success, growing their membership and community, and time treated them well. They created many ways for trade swapping to work and were on their way to finalizing the whole process.

However the trials and tribulations of other affairs eventually came to be and the leaders were pulled away. No longer able to dedicate the time necessary to grow and lead the alliance, they have decided to merge with Kronos, forming a single alliance - stronger than either was on their own.

I am excited for the future as two great alliances become one, and look forward to what lies infront of us.

P.S. - Kronos will continue protecting the AA of Synergia for 30 days

Signed for Kronos:

Heracles the Great - Harbinger of Light

Epiphanus - Harbinger of Light

White Majik - Harbinger of Light

Porkers - Harbinger of Prosperity

Masterof9Puppets - Harbinger of War

Signed for Synergia:

Rabidman - Founder

Kippa Tarxien - Founder

Hefe4711 - Founder

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Also, as another announcement from Kronos, Lazarus Long as stepped down from his position as Harbinger of Prosperity, and his vacant slot was filled by Porkers (aka Phetion).

o/ Porkers/Phetion

I look forward to getting to know our new members and working even more intimately with them ;)

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