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Territorries of Distopyan Crimea


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Over the past couple of weeks, we in the government have seen some governmental and cultural changes within the former Varangian territory. Cultures from surrounding nations have begun to influence the surrounding area within the protectorate, creating a very interesting map. We have posted this map on the internet for public viewing.


The Dark Blue is Slavorussian Influence, which mainly equates to cultural and language influence. Most citizens in that area feel they could go to Slavorussia and understand the language.

The Dark Grey is German Influence, which is very heavy closer to the borders, compared to other influence sectors. Since most of the Varangian citizens spoke Nordlandic or Old Norse, cultural influence was heavier.

The Purple is Dalmatian influence. Since Dalmatia is a melting pot of languages, or so this government has observed, this is only representative of how many Varangian emigrants/immigrants there are to that area.

The Green is Distopyan influence. Naturally, this influence sector is much larger than the others, since the entire territory is under Distopyan control. Most of the land closest to the borders of Crimea is heavy Distopyan influence, which includes the Caucasian Influence and southern Slavorussian influence.

The Pink is the Tintagylian city-states. These are small governments and tribal cities that have sprung up declaring themselves independent, but not internationally recognized as independent by anyone other than Crimea.

You may see that there is a line of little influence running through the territory. This is where other national influences are, mostly Austrian and Swedish with a small Scottish minority. Emigration rates from this area are rapid, so influence is dying in this area.

The Ministry of Territorial Claims has not claimed to be doing anything with this information. It is all reference and research material produced from census reports and letters to the capitol.

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