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Nagato the Great

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The peoples of the Nod/UMS protectorate in Africa have long been downtrodden and ignored. However, after long talks with representatives from each of these nations, we have finally become an independant nation, albeit without a standing army for the time being. Due to the protests of the UMS, we will not have a standing army, but we certainly hope to discuss this matter again in the future.

Currently, we have no definite leader, and elections will be held very soon. Mandalore is the north area of the protectorate, so we will have access to the Sea. We hope to coexist peacefully with the rest of Africa and the world, and become a major player in world politics.

We are open to questions from the nations of the world.

OOC: not the best, i know, but i'm at school and i want to get it finished so i don't run out of time :P

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OOC: Understandable.

IC: "If you have no definite leader, who was in negotiations with the Nation of Nod and the United Mechodamian States? And who is making this announcement?"

The negotiations were made by Alek Sigint, who rather than take control immediately has chosen instead to hold elections with various individuals. This announcement was written by Alek Sigint and is being broadcasted by the Mandalore National Radio, newly established from the former radio stations.

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